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  1. Watch out for them mighty Bombers and Kougars! Good Luck to ALL! 🤼
  2. GOOD LUCK to ALL my Wrestling Peeps! Return with a Full “Brinks!”
  3. I personally believe that was a BS call. I feel bad for this young man but can say I became more of a fan of him and his coaches for having class by not throwing a fit and taking it as a bad break, unlike someone did earlier before this match.
  4. Great Job was done by all involved. Keep up the good work and what an enjoyable broadcast it was. I highly recommend going back and listening to this, if you haven’t had the chance already. I look forward to next year! Thanks again to Indianamat and to the IHSAA for allowing us wrestling enthusiasts enjoy, listen, and watch the sport we all love wrestling. Until next season peace to ALL. http://www.ihsaa.org/dnn/Sports/Boys/Wrestling/2017-18/StateTournament/tabid/2090/Default.aspx#37132273-state-finals
  5. Kankakee Valley
  6. Bomber

    Kankakee Valley vs. Winamac

    Kankakee Valley
  7. Bomber

    Kankakee Valley vs. Wheeler

    Kankakee Valley
  8. Bomber

    Kankakee Valley vs. Griffith

    Kankakee Valley
  9. Bomber

    Kankakee Valley vs. Munster

    Kankakee Valley
  10. Perry Meridian
  11. Bomber

    Kankakee Valley vs. Andrean

    Kankakee Valley
  12. Kankakee Valley
  13. Kankakee Valley
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