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  1. Ig seeing clark vs eirman makes me feel better as a wrestling fan lol. No hate to eirman
  2. What kind of ish is that in an OT match! Reminds me of surianos loss a few years back against fix
  3. That call against Red was BS! That all i have to say. First off who wants to end a match like that. Second of rivera wasn’t attempting a takedown at all he was bull rushing him out of bounds!
  4. I’d hate to see it happen but that is also my prediction. Looking at micic vs hart i defiantly saw a size different i love micic as a wrestler but he’s way to small for 141, it was to fast of a jump from 57kg to 141. Good luck to him though!
  5. I really hope Chad Red gets hot and upsets rivera/eirman that would be insane if we got a lee vs red final. I think hudkins and penola can be surprise AA. I can also see Lucas placing 6-8th. At 285
  6. So i Chad Red wont place to 8 after losing in To Filius of Purde 10-6 in OT. Can he still Qualify for NCAA’s?
  7. Congratulations to Elijah Anthony of Frankfort. After 3 years of being a qualifier he finally got it done as a senior so happy for him tought match against Brady Ison, but Elijah was determined and never let his foot off the gas!
  8. Is it to late to become a referee for this season?
  9. Yes, Clarke is a transfer from American University & cut down from 149. He’s pretty big but his conditioning doesn’t look so good he barely made it out against Red. But a W’s a W ig.
  10. Will they be live streaming like last year?
  11. Elliott Rodgers finished his freshman year with 15 losses and a 4th place finish went on to be a 4 time place winner/State Champ
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