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  1. Is Chad Red coming back next season?
  2. Elliott Rodgers finished his freshman year with 15 losses and a 4th place finish went on to be a 4 time place winner/State Champ
  3. I think the NWCA is hosting a national tournament for d3 unless that got canceled as well
  4. 2018 Semi finals Zach Melloh vs Blake Mulkey was the craziest most intense match of the whole tournament that year imo. Melloh wins 3-2 in utb. blake mulkey had the lead 2-1 and had Melloh in a front head lock trying to keep him down, then the ref hits him with a controversial stall call with 5 seconds left on the clock in the first set of 30 second tie-breakers which caused the match to go in to utb with the score of 2-2. Melloh manages to escape with about 15 seconds left on the clock and makes it to the finals beating mulkey 3-2. Boy did i feel coach Snyders anger from the stands that day.
  5. Demarcus was a stud on the mat sucks he never won state(3x qualifier 1x runner up)
  6. Spence Spencer from Lawrence North comes to mind
  7. Another Perry Meridian great Gill Journey c/o 93 he was a 3 time placer (3rd at 152, 2nd at 160, 2nd at 171)
  8. Does anyone know what sectional tournaments will be streamed? Any links? Thank you!
  9. I know that this may be a little off topic or maybe a question that shouldn’t be asked, but since it’s obvious Asa is at IU. May i ask what other schools tried to recruit him. Love the kid btw he’s definitely got a bright future and I believe will set the standard for future hoosiers!
  10. All thE Indiana guys looked amazing tonight!
  11. So who’s going to talk about Dorian Keys at Heavyweight pretty good performance in my opinion
  12. Amazing website good packaging and pretty fast shipping. I’ve ordered a couple of shoes from Wrestling Mart, and I’ve been satisfied each time!
  13. Its so satisfying seeing all 3 Lee Brothers on the roster
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