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  1. Any word on what school KT Nelson is at? Is he still at Brownsburg?
  2. Personally i will no longer be taking my young nephew or my other 2 wrestlers to folks style state It sucks cause they just started wrestling last summer, but better safe then sorry.
  3. Red’s a bracket buster i got him winning
  4. Matt Gimson forfeited to Conner for 7th place.
  5. Congratulations to the Gimson brothers on becoming AAs at 133 at the NAIA Nationals. Potential 3rd place match between them im rooting for them to make it. What an amazing first year for them at Indiana Tech.
  6. Do you need to have a teaching license to be an assistant coach for a HS? And do you need a teaching license to be a head coach for a MS team?
  7. It would be so cool if you guys cover big off season tournaments like Central Regionals, fargo, flo nationals, and Disney Duals Just to name a few. I don't mean the whole tournaments i know that would be too much, im just talking about covering on the indiana wrestlers/teams
  8. If Illinois is up that high, indiana should be up there too in my opinion plus some of the region kids are up there in Illinois
  9. Skylour Turner, Cathedral/Warren Central (8th, 7th, 5th, 5th)
  10. I think i saw somewhere in The forums that it was a possible broken foot
  11. This was before the pairing show lol i was answering the question. I meant that noehre and Rodgers should be separated and on opposite sides of the brackets so we dont get that match in the semis but Instead as a potential finals rematch, do you get what I'm saying? But now that the brackets are out i see they are on opposite sides.
  12. He could potentially have: #9 Gabe Davin of Carmel (New Castle SS) #13 Gavin Layman of Chesterton (East Chicago SS) or SS#4 Brodie Porter of Eastern(greentown) (New Haven SS) All these wrestles finished 3rd and potentially draw in to Sollars who finished 2nd
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