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  1. I should’ve read the 2nd page before replying. Question answered.
  2. Umm, didn’t you say Shelton was better without them even wrestling?
  3. Just spare some time to practice your bag skills
  4. We were sitting second row center stage for that one and I can remember the look on Samuels face when Rickie picked up that single...a little grin...like it’s on now. Then throughout the match they would smile...they knew they were putting on a show. Great match and show of support for the effort the big guys gave!
  5. Watched the video multiple times.... and timed the arm motion to the wrestlers motion and it seemed he timed it well in our entire rooms OPINION. We had all 4 matches up and the only other whistle blowing was a mat away...so watching the ref and his arm motion should equate to the start of the match....or refs shouldn’t do it at all!?!
  6. Shout out to BJ at Bellmont...top 5 for matches and one of the best winning %. I was a dumb basketball/baseball player and he coached me up my first year of wrestling as a soph. I wasn’t the typical “born to wrestle” Bellmont kid, but I did alright and helped the team to a 21-0 1991 record our senior year. It had its ups and downs compared to what it took to “play” b-ball but I learned so many life lessons and love the sport! Thx BJ!!!
  7. It can be cyclical....I remember a day Bellmont and Snider would have the tightest duals...fun and exciting! Carroll....well back in those days would win a couple matches and not come close to winning the dual. Things change and evolve and reinvent....hence the current dynamic!
  8. Just challenge HeavyHandz to a sprint
  9. Only correction for Leo would be Veach at 113 and not 106. Thanks for the rankings.
  10. I think I saw 2 gears from Red his first match! First gear when he was taken to his back and then another gear after he went back to his feet!
  11. What was chilling...was a little group behind Lee s dad started chanting...Lets go Lee...and about the third time all the sudden the whole house was chanting it.
  12. Because he hadn't been taken down all year AND they didn't even award it.
  13. The big question is....what time do you have to get in line for the final session to get a good seat
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