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  1. Penn High School is seeking a head high school assistant wrestling coach. Potential candidates will be expected to be heavily involved in our nationally-recognized club (also a paid position). Prior experience with the ISWA/USAW is a plus. If interested, immediately contact Brad Harper bharper@phm.k12.in.us
  2. Or at least serve as a shining example of how utterly preposterous our no wrestleback-having state series is.
  3. Laplace has two losses by a combined 1 point. Very hard to run a takedown clinic on him.
  4. Noah Brown can’t go, Laplace back in. Seems discussion-worthy.
  5. @UncleJimmy I’m admittedly very easy to rile. 😂😬
  6. Love you brother, but I couldn’t disagree more. Just because Penn didn’t win half the weights like when Kory was there doesn’t mean it’s a weak regional. Wawasse is up. Culver is up. Mishawaka is up. Penn is a little down. Well see Saturday, but I think the Penn Regional is gonna surprise you with its qualifiers.
  7. Donahue dec. Laplace 1-1 UTB excellent match.
  8. “You never know when you’re going to need your worst kid to win a (team) state title.” ~Henry Wilk
  9. Congrats, David, from the Penn coaches. Great kid, hard worker. Purdue is getting the bargain!
  10. So what's the bigger issue: a coach wrongly begging for a call, or officials being easily influenced by the coach in the corner rather than what's going on in front of them?
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