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  1. EHS 25 East Noble 49 EHS 48 West Noble 47 EHS 72 White Pigeon 9 EHS 30 Garrett 63 EHS 48 Goshen 42 3rd place finish as a team
  2. Eastside 45 Fremont 27 Eastside 33 Angola 66 Eastside 27 Churubusco 63 Eastside 42 Woodlan 46 Eastside 45 Central Noble 33
  3. 75 Cody Collins (L/dec) Gabe Miller 5-1 80 Aydian Davis (L/pin) Jayden Marshell 85 Ameer Ahmed (L/pin) Keegan Schlabach 90 LL by FF 95 LL by FF 102 Briar Munsey (maj.) Kaleb Lounsberry 110 Chayse Hulbert (pin) Dakota Brashear 117 Tanner Wicker (pin) Brendon Sepriono 125 EHS by FF 132 Timmery Rutter (L/pin) Caedan Caballero 140 Carson Days (pin) Ashton Hall 150 Dax Holman (pin) Kaleb Eash 160 LL by FF 175 EHS by FF 195 EHS by FF 220 Matthew Jacobs (pin) Isaac Hays HWT DBL FF Score: 52-39 Eastside
  4. ehscoachdavis

    Prayers for Eastside wrestler

    Today we had an injury occurbto one of our freshman wrestlers. He was transported to the hospital by EMS with a hip injury. Please pray for him, his family and teammates.
  5. 75 Cody Collins win FF 80 Aymen Ahmed win FF 85 Ameer Ahmed win FF 90 B. Kauffman (FF) over Aydian Davis (pin) 95 Austin Chupp (FF) Win FF 102 Briar Munsey over Joseph Senn (pin) 110 Jaron Avila (FF) over Thadden Feichter (pin) 117 Tanner Wicker over Carl Bontrager (pin) 125 Braxton Campbell (FF) over Ashton Bendel (pin) 132 Carson Days over Jordan Templeman (pin) 140 Hunter Mercer over C. Schroeder (pin) 150 Dax Holman win FF 160 dbl FF 175 Tate Kissinger win FF 195 Jacob Smith win FF 220 Matthew Jacobs win FF HWT dbl FF Score: 66-24 Eastside
  6. 75 Cody Collins over Issac Moore (pin) 80 Aymen Ahmed over Shane Wood (Dec. OT) 85 Ameer Ahmed Win FF 90 Aydian Davis Win FF 95 Maleek Meyers (WV) Win FF 102 Briar Munsey over Christian Nowars (maj.) 110 Thadden Feichter Win FF 117 Tanner Wicker over Ronnie Raley (pin) 125 Tyler Bartle (WV) over Ashton Bendel (pin) 132 Carson Days over Cedric Bontrager (dec.) 140 Anthony Stevens (WV) over Hunter Mercer (pin) 150 Dax Holman over Jordan Salter (pin) 160 Riley Vilet (WV) win FF 175 Andrew Johnson (WV) over Tate Kissinger (pin) 195 Jacob Smith win FF 220 Matthew Jacobs win FF HWT dbl. FF score 58-30 Eastside
  7. ehscoachdavis

    Favorite Excuses

    Made the drive for nothing!
  8. ehscoachdavis

    Favorite Excuses

    Had a kid weigh out the night before 1-1.5 under weight. Check weight before leaving for tournament the following day he’s 2 pounds over. Said he had some “water.” We find out later “water” means a hamburger for dinner and eggs for breakfast! Same tournament, had a kid overweight by .1 and had a bunch of family travel to this tournament. We find out he ate a foot long sub and plenty of peanut m&m’s after practice!
  9. Eastside 72 Central Noble 41 Eastside 22 East Noble 78 Eastside 47 Carroll 61 Eastside 50 Garrett 54 Eastside 60 Central Noble 39 Eastside by forfeit White Pigeon Eastside 13 Dekalb 72 Eastside 41 Garrett 67 9 place finish at the West Noble Invite Overall record: 10-7
  10. Eastside 19 Prairie Heights 79
  11. ehscoachdavis

    Eastside vs Woodlan

    Eastside 73 Woodlan 29
  12. ehscoachdavis

    Eastside vs Fremont

    Eastside 87 Fremont 18
  13. Eastside 57 Churubsco 34
  14. ehscoachdavis

    Eastside vs Angola

    Eastside 63 Angola 51
  15. Eastside 61 Lakeland 43

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