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  1. IMrule


    Just a fan looking for a new shirt. I think that is right before the Holiday Classic at EMD!
  2. IMrule


    I want one, but do I have to drive all the way from Evansville to get one?
  3. IMrule


    Littell just lost 13-2
  4. IMrule


    Any ideas which juniors from Indiana are left?
  5. Eli Dickens and Matt Lee from MCWC have both advanced to the finals.
  6. What time does freestyle start on Friday 4/19?
  7. Anyone have a list of the qualifiers before freestyle state?
  8. The Pittsburgh Penguins have a cap of 14,000 season tickets to be sold every year.
  9. Try it at state for a couple years with a time limit. If it works like we hope, move it to SS.
  10. Yes that $2250 cap definitely made things interesting. Picked everyone that I wanted and was$1100 over and had to make some serious cuts. Thanks "MAT"-lab
  11. He lost to Dickens at 152 earlier in the season before he moved to 160.
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