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  1. I never said rankings mattered. I do think they matter though, because they get these kids exposure which helps with recruiting. I understand that the only rankings that matter, are the 8 men or women standing on the podium at the end of the season.
  2. What is the thought process behind freshman being ranked ahead of returning qualifiers and place winners? Never really understood this and was hoping someone else might be able to share the thought process here. Not a knock on the rankings, just a genuine question.
  3. Enjoyed watching this young man wrestle. He always showed class on the mat and that will translate in adulthood. Best of luck in college Brayden and I know you will be successful in the game of life.
  4. Very excited about the direction of wrestling in our state. Here are my uneducated predictions. 106- Moran vs Cernus...Moran by fall 113- Curtis vs Moran...Moran by decision 5-0 120- Watts vs Littell...Watts by decision 3-2 126- Garcia vs Mendez...Garcia by decision 7-2 132- Rooks vs Garcia...Garcia by fall 138- Rumph vs Rooks...Rooks by decision 6-5 145- Slivka vs Lee...Slivka by decision 2-1 152- Lee vs Rodgers...Lee by decision 5-1 160- South vs Slivka...Slivka by decision 3-2 170- Warren vs South...South by decision 10-8 182- Graber v
  5. Overall a great weekend of wrestling but the biggest rule change I would like to see happen is the college out of bounds rule tab state. I feel like there are too many judgment takedowns and would love to see that implemented there. AMEN!!
  6. WOW!!! What an incredible story. I hope this young man is able to overcome the odds this weekend and complete his vision quest. Regardless of the outcome, this young man is going to accomplish great things during his lifetime. Best of luck this weekend young man.
  7. Congratulations Silas!!! I know you must be one proud papa Eric. Continue on your mission and best of luck in your future endeavors.
  8. Anyone laughing or making jokes about anyone who is injured, let alone laying motionless, has some serious issues! I hope this young man is okay and is able to continue wrestling. Godspeed young man.
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