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  1. Way to go Sam!!! So proud of your hard work!! You will fit in nicely at U of I!!! We love you to the moon & back, Uncle John & Aunt Donna
  2. Yeah Logan!!! What a great school and it looks like their wrestling team is adding a stud wrestler. We remember watching Logan wrestle when he was a kid. Always excited, always talking wrestling and always hanging out with coaches. He was very mature for his age. While other kids were running around between matches, Logan was talking wrestling with either a coach or parent. We admired Logan then and now! Logan is a fighter!!! In it to win it!!! We enjoyed wrestling with him at Cathedral. Theres no doubt Logan has the passion for the sport and will do big things at the next level and we wil
  3. Tell me exactly how you come to this conclusion?
  4. I think that while we are sitting during breaks & intermission, they should use that big tele-tron hanging down in the center to either show random pictures of past champions, etc. or do wrestling trivia. I know the crowd would be very entertained!!!!
  5. I also think the big telethon should show pictures of wrestlers during the breaks. Schools can submit pictures from their wrestlers, or past champions and they can do a slide show while we are waiting for the finals!!!
  6. Yes!!! Great promotion for INDIANAMAT!!! And I am sure my son would volunteer to be the gorilla!!!! Let’s do this!!!!!
  7. Yes!!! The INDIANAMAT gorilla!!! Great promotion for INDIANAMAT!!! I’m sure my son would volunteer!!!! Let’s do it!!!
  8. Justice, it has been a joy watching you wrestle. You were so much fun to watch!! You taught my son Jordan a thing or two back in the day!! I know your next journey will be amazing!!!! You have a great attitude, wonderful family and we wish nothing but the best for you! love, Donna & John Slivka
  9. Hi, Jordan’s mom here. Had a front row seat and just a good old fashion fly-swatting match. Wish the match would have continued. Oh well, I hope we see that kid again!!! Jordan should have been wrestling for 3rd!!! Not complaint tho!!! It was a fun day watching all the INDIANA boys! We did good!
  10. Hopefully we will see some of our INDIANA boys wrestling at this tournament this Sunday, February 9th at the University of Indianapolis.
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