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  1. Falcon06

    Notable wins and upsets 12-8

    Rooks bumped up.
  2. Falcon06

    Notable wins and upsets 12-8

    Perry over Columbus East 42-20
  3. Falcon06

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    I got a little nervous for him when he was hitting that tilt after the semi-finals last year! 😮
  4. Falcon06

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    I watched this from my comfy couch with my son and had an awesome time. Thanks bcsc TV for the awesome stream. I love how you guys do this. I've watched this dual streamed the past 3 years and it's awesome. Great wrestling. Nelsons duck under got me on my feet. Carson Brewer looked like a monster. Asa vs Drake was fun to watch. Rioux vs Lawhead was a good one too.
  5. Falcon06

    2018 Al Smith

    This is going to be awesome.
  6. Come out tonight to watch the Falcon's battle it out for an elusive varsity spot. Wrestling starts @ 6:00 PM in the main gym at PMHS. 401 W Meridian School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46217
  7. Falcon06

    Friday night surprises

    160 - Brooks Davis over Diego Lemley 9-0
  8. Falcon06

    Year round wrestling hurting the sport?

    I think it would be interesting to see how many state qualifiers are 2 or 3 sport athletes. Also what classifies someone as a "year round" wrestler? We have kids, let use Noah Warren for example, who I would consider a year round wrestler and he has played football every year while growing up. He still has time to go to Disney Duels and a lot of national tournaments and also many camps in the off season. When football hits its during the short time that we are not practicing much or starting conditioning for pre-season. He doesn't miss much at all. I guess what i'm wondering is can you still be considered a year round wrestler if you play a sport during the summer? I think it would be more difficult for baseball players and kids who run track because that's during the heavy part of our club season.
  9. Falcon06

    Freshman/Sophomore State

    I watched some awesome matches here last year. I’m looking forward to it. Southport is a great place to watch wrestling.
  10. Falcon06

    Cathedral vs Perry

    JV starts at 6:00PM. Announcements/Entrances for both teams should start between 6:45-7:00.
  11. Falcon06

    Cathedral vs Perry

    No injuries on our end. We will be running on all cylinders. It’s going to be an exciting night.
  12. Falcon06

    Team state notable wins and upsets

    Great dual meet. Super exciting. If Warren won it would have came down to criteria- and that would have made it 8 matches pm to 6 burg. Ended up being 7 matches to 7. Burg had a misconduct in the match and I’m not sure how that would have figured in in the criteria if it came down to that. Congrats to Brownsburg for another state championship. We’re going to enjoy the holidays and get back on the grind. We’ve got big duals coming up against Cathedral and a rematch against Brownsburg in a few weeks. We’re gonna keep working hard and getting better. Awesome day of wrestling to all teams involved.
  13. I have seen a lot of teams starting up Varsity 2 teams. I know this has helped with retention at Perry especially with seniors. In the past we would see some seniors drop after wrestle off's when they didn't make V1. With the addition of the V2 team they still get matches at a high level. I know this doesn't account for 1000 extra wrestlers but I do believe it retains seniors we would have lost. We have quite a few seniors wrestling on our V2 squad this year.
  14. Falcon06

    Favorite Coach's Quote/Saying

    "Just imagine your house is on fire! Your mom, baby sister and new puppy are on the second floor! If you don't get off bottom they aren't going to make it! MOVE!!!" - Coach Tonte
  15. Falcon06


    Top 4 team scores heading into the semi’s.

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