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  1. Lafayette Jeff just redid everything, you may want to check with them.
  2. With the limited attendance will it be aired on track or somewhere else?
  3. Getting in and finding a seat is a whole problem within its own. They have 3000 people herded in there like cattle preventing them from going to find a seat. Another 3 to 5000 people standing on the opposite side of security waiting for them to release the 1st group so they can get through security. You surely don't wanna be in that 1st group with a child Or elderly because the child will just get Trampled. Friday when they released everybody to get through the 1st gate to only get stopped by ticket processing there was about a 5 year old boy who was ran over By 3 other people who wasn't eve
  4. Max weight 110? When will the page be updated? No preregistration only at the door?
  5. Yes. 105.9 My bash will have coverage at about noon.
  6. I'm not doing anyone justice either. It just a stab in the dark. I was only 50% when you asked about conference.
  7. 106: Baldwin Peru Stapleton Mac Flood Nm Fowler Cass 113: Sturgill Peru Brooks Wabash Holloway Roch Kinney Mac 120: Higgins Wabash Burrous Cass Swango Roch Sailors Peru 126: Stroud Man Long Wabash Schulte Peru Albright Cass 132: Long Wabash Legg Peru Burlingame Man Bockover Mac 138: Fletcher Peru Fennell Nm Barnett Wabash Bernhardt Cass 138- I can see this going 100 different ways. ***** 145: France Man Baber Peru Sick
  8. TRC FINALS 106: Baldwin Peru ✔ 113: Sturgill Peru✔ 120: Higgins wabash ✔ 126: Stroud Manchester 132: B.Brooks Wabash✔ 138: Barnett Wabash 145: France Manchester 152: Goodwin Wabash 160: Carandante Wabash 170: Zapata Wabash 182: Constable Peru✔ 195: Moore Manchester 220: Warmuth Wabash✔ 285: Kamphues Manchester ✔ -‐-------------------------------------------------- WABASH WINS CONFERENCE. I Knew I wasn't perfect but I did get a few right I guess. This is why I dont play pick ems
  9. I agree this will be the biggest match over the next 3 weeks. I'm give Sturgill the advantage do to the last match. It was a landslide before the pin.
  10. TRC 106: Baldwin ,Peru 113: Sturgill, Peru 120: Higgin, wabash 126: Long wabash 132: B Brooks wabash 138: Stroud Man 145: ????? 152 : McKinley Mac 160: Prater Rod 170: ???? 182: Constable Peru 195: ??? 220: Warmuth Wabash 285: Kamphues Man No clue on 45/70/95 Everyone I have listed I'm fairly certain will win, I have been wrong before though.
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