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  1. Individual tournament, not dual tournament
  2. Southport HS 9AM EST No weigh-ins/4mats Enter Door 9 Contact Coach Nick Skinner at 765-278-7010
  3. I know that the official was out of breath after the match at Gavit this week
  4. A very nice turnout for the rules interpretation meeting this afternoon. Thanks to all that attended, and as stated by Robert Faulkens, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jim Russell, Frankie Medvescek or myself throughout the season in regards to rules interpretations/questions. Thanks, Chuck B
  5. Thanks Coach.... now can we get you in the stripes full time?
  6. Nice showing for Indiana wrestlers, coaches and officials. Thanks Coach Behling for organizing a great event! Chuck B
  7. He quit cold turkey several years ago. For the record, that one was taken with two weapons.... started with a .44 mag and finished with a bow at close range
  8. I had Crown Point at home against Valpo a few years back... green would have been red and red would have been green. I made Crown Point red to match their uniforms and they were Home on the scoreboard. rule 3.1.13 😁
  9. Yep,Mike Lapointe. Currently teaching at IU-N. My niece currently has him for a class. For the record, the 10 point Buck on the wall of his office was donated by me LaPointe, Michael S Campus NW, IN Affiliation Faculty Department Iusm-Northwest-Gary, Biology Address MARRAM 328 Phone (219) 980-7106 Email mslapoin@iun.edu
  10. Works a lot better with Chrome than with other Browsers
  11. The licensing period for the current 2018-19 season will begin in early September Although many of the dates may already be filled, there are always schools that reschedule events, add new events and/or are late to get their officials. There are also many cancellations or conflicts that pop up during the season, so there are always matches to be had. I suggest getting your license ASAP and then hooking up with a senior official so that you can shadow them and get right in the mix. Never too late to get licensed!
  12. cbarnett


    5 pts..... 3NF + 1NF (for the infraction) and 1 penalty (for the infraction)
  13. Hey Adam... I will email you with some info so you can get involved in your local official's associations and get rolling! Chuck Barnett, IHSAA Rules Interpreter
  14. Congrats Coach! Perhaps we can coax you to the dark side and wearing the stripes now!
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