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  1. Wait for it..... https://www.ihsa.org/News-Media/Announcements/ihsa-board-announces-modified-schedule-for-2020-21-school-year
  2. Lots of info here and if you can't find what you need then Jason Wille, Sports information Director at the IHSAA, is VERY helpful. Jason can be reached at jwille@ihsaa.org https://ihsaa.org/Sport-Archives?url=https://ihsaa.org/archive/b-wrestling/b-wrestling.shtm
  3. RIP Danny.... I'll remember you as having a contagious smile and a fun personality
  4. 2020-21 High School Wrestling Rules Changes Address Weigh-In Procedures, Hair Length Restrictions By NFHS on April 28, 2020nfhs news Share Print As the result of a concerted effort to accommodate the growing number of female wrestlers, the 2020-21 high school wrestling rules changes are headlined by significant adjustments to weigh-in protocol and appropriate hair length requirements. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Wrestling Rules Committee met April 5-6 and recommended 11 rules changes to take effect next school ye
  5. You need to get your son licensed, too! Hit me up and I'll use one of the scholarships to pay for his license
  6. Evansville Central - Mike Lapadat retiring to Florida
  7. We'll set them up to pay for their license, invite them to the 5-6 meetings that we hold each year and assign them to a mentor(s) so that they can shadow and tag along to matches and work in from start to finish. Cheapest Saturday tournament I had all season was $250, and it's usually $65-$75 for a weeknight event. Pocket change to be made, plus you get in free and you get free food
  8. How about Jim Russell appearing to promote the recruitment of new officials?
  9. I know that the official was out of breath after the match at Gavit this week
  10. A very nice turnout for the rules interpretation meeting this afternoon. Thanks to all that attended, and as stated by Robert Faulkens, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jim Russell, Frankie Medvescek or myself throughout the season in regards to rules interpretations/questions. Thanks, Chuck B
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