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Posts posted by Y2CJ41

  1. Bishop Chatard HS (Indianapolis) is accepting applications for its Head Coach of Varsity Wrestling.  The program has a strong group of student-athletes committed to excellence.  The ideal coaching candidate should have varsity level coaching experience & the ability to positively motivate/direct our student-athletes.  Interested candidates should submit cover letter, resume/c.v., & 3 references to Mike Ford, Director of Athletics, Bishop Chatard HS, 5885 Crittenden Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220-2840 or by e-mail at mford@bishopchatard.org.  Position description requests & questions may be directed to Mike Ford at 317-251-1451 x2256.  Application deadline is Friday, October 2, 2020.

  2. Name Old School New School
    Tyler Jones Lawrence Central Warren Central
    Sergio Lemley Mount Carmel(IL) Chesterton
    Javen Estrada New Lenox(IL) Crown Point
    Blaze Garcia Avon Brownsburg
    Robert Major Downers Grove(IL) Carmel
    Ison Robinson Bolingbrook(IL) Fort Wayne Snider



    Here are some that are vetted and verified.

  3. 1 hour ago, navy80 said:

    Gavin Brown "only" beat Watson by one. If Brown is top five nationally, then kudos to Watson!


    In other IHPO news...


    Jesse Mendez seeded second.

    Preston Haines finishes 4th at 109. Good run for him.Evan Dickey with a solid tournament as well.

    129- Zeke doing what Zeke does.. WIN. I am really surprised that Zeke ONLY beat freshman Brady Ison 7-3. Ison is good but dang, didn't see that match closer than a tech or pin. Zeke with a 9-1 win over Sam Goin, 8-4 over S. Robinson Jr, and a 5-1 win over Illinois state runner up.

    174- Bryer Hall finishes 2nd. Sam Morril finishes 3rd.

    We don't seed, we separate....difference there. We group like credentials together and the program then bases seeds off of that. 


    1. State Champ/IHPO Champ
    2. State 2-3/IHPO2-4
    3. State 4-5
    4. State 6-8
    5. State qualifier
    6. Other


    If four state champs are in a bracket they will be randomly 1-4 seeds, if the next 3 are #2 criteria they will be 5-7 seeds.

  4. 1 minute ago, Kycats said:

    There are at least 4 kids in the portal that will make a run if not win if selected.  Three boys from the Cincinnati/Dayton area and one from Northern Kentucky.

    These are the ones added(aka PAID), note the Ohio kids are WAY better than a state qualifier material.


    148 Micah Hanau(11th) Michigan State 1st
    135 Mason Cantu(11th) Michigan State 2nd
    123 Hunter Borders(12th) Tennessee State 1st
    135 Austin Fietz(12th) Michigan State 1st
    135 Blain Christie(12th) Illinois State 3rd
    163 Nick Alvarez(11th) Ohio State Qualifier
    148 Gavin Brown(11th) Ohio State Qualifier
    185 Kael Wisler(11th) Michigan State 7th
    155 Luke York(12th) Michigan State 5th
    135 Caleb Cline(12th) Michigan State 7th
  5. 1 hour ago, Sig40 said:

    Joe I know you are probably super busy putting this event together, but a gorilla radio tonight with Reiser discussing brackets would be great. 

    or maybe Reiser and Brewer. Really just looking for some wrestling discussions. 

    We gotta wait until all the petitions are in.... there are some really good guys that are in the petition portal.

  6. If you are kicking yourself for not registering for this year's IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open, you will have one LAST chance to gain entry. Click the link below and fill out the form with your wrestler's information. We will accept up to 25 wrestlers during this process.  The process will only last until 10pm on Thursday September 3rd, so do this IMMEDIATELY!


    Criteria we will use to select wrestlers for the event include, but are not limited to: weight class need, state and national credentials, and extenuating circumstances.


    Due to this being a late registration, the fee will be $50 via a PayPal link you will be given once you are accepted into the event. You will have 24 hours to submit the payment, if you do not pay your spot will be given to the next available wrestler.


    You will receive a confirmation or denial by 12pm on Friday September 4th with more information on finishing your entry.


    Thank you

    Click here to fill out the petition.

    View full article

  7. 1 hour ago, Holden said:

    So...just to make sure I'm clear.  I need to be one of the two guests listed by at least one wrestler in each of the sessions that I am going to attend?  Will I need to pay every session?


    Sorry if you have answered this a million times.  I tried to read through everything, but couldn't find the answers specifically.

    Yes you need to be a guest for each session. If you are not you will not get that session's wrist band and not be let in.


    No you only have to pay once.

  8. 4 hours ago, gsmith58 said:


    Yes. I should have made it clear. I'm simply pointing out the budget constraints that many schools are under. I'm not justifying what any one school does or doesn't do under those constraints.


    I don't like it anymore than anyone here. And, I would agree that these circumstances can provide cover for decisions that have nothing to do with a virus.

    That makes sense. I feel schools that have thought about terminating programs have the perfect opportunity to do so at this time. While it might be 25% true, it's 75% true that they've been looking for the excuse for a while. All sports outside of football and basketball are ripe for the picking. We will see different looking athletic programs real soon and not in a good way. They will keep feeding the cash cows(football and basketball), while starving or cutting off the rest of the programs instead of what they should do and look at the expenses from the big sports. 


    The NCAA really needs to look at if a school really needs 85 scholarships for football. They could easily cut 20 scholarships and still have 3 deep on each side of the ball covered. However, the NCAA won't do that since football is a cash cow.

  9. 7 minutes ago, gsmith58 said:


    Sure. Perhaps my post wasn't clear. I'm not making a political statement and certainly I'm not blaming athletes or students in general. 


    I know you want your kids to wrestle, believe me I want my kid to wrestle. They've all worked incredibly hard. My post was an observation.
    Having worked at an institution I am keenly aware, having watched colleagues lose their jobs, that no one wants to go totally online and/or shut down programs. Most schools like mine are largely driven by tuition dollars. Shutting down would simply be a matter of public health.
    I will agree that students just want normal and who in their right mind would blame them. They're kids. That's what they are supposed to do. And, unfortunately, I think ultimately that is what they are going to do.
    I don't believe you can stop an 18 years old from being an 18 year old. And, in those circumstances you aren't going to stop an infectious virus from being an infectious virus. I have a difficult time seeing how that has anything to do with officials, lawsuits, or politics.
    I can't even begin to tell you how much we've done to try and protect and provide a normal and safe environment for our students, faculty, and staff. That can all go out the window with 'one' on or off-campus event. How and where do universities safely quarantine a large group of infected students? 
    We all want normal, but that's isn't where we are.

    I fully understand everything you have said, especially the large gatherings we are starting to see.


    However, I'm not sure I comprehend how these kids being kids will lead to programs being terminated. Are you basically saying that the gathering will lead to increased cases and thus a school being closed down to virtual learning, then that leading to sports being suspended or terminated? 

  10. 13 hours ago, gsmith58 said:


    Yep. A lot can be covered under that umbrella. 


    However, a large part of what happens to the schools/programs are in the hands of student athletes and the students in general. And, these are 18-20 year old kids that will do the things 18-20 year old kids do.



    Could you explain how the athletes are the reasons for programs to be dropped? I'm curious what the athletes at Iowa did to cause their programs to be dropped or at Stanford or at ODU for wrestling. 

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