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Posts posted by Y2CJ41

  1. 2 minutes ago, base said:

    Sectional and Regional sites should really figure out a way to livestream matches - even more so if parents cannot attend.  These kids have worked their last 4 years for a shot.  I know we mostly focus on the high-end, often year-round wrestlers - but with today's technology and all the videos you can see every day on facebook or youtube, you can't tell me that a high school can't figure out how to put up 3 or maybe 4 livestreams.


    Let's put the kids and their families before the money.  Free livestreams will let grandma and grandpa watch Junior wrestle his senior year

    Almost every school possible has been streaming their matches this year. Sectional and regional will be no different. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, TripleB said:

    Sectional and Regional schools that are allowing no fans or putting severe restrictions on fans should not be allowed to host. 


    2 spectators per wrestler is reasonable and should be a requirement by the IHSAA to host a sectional or regional. 

    To piggyback on the great one's response.


    Sectional, regional, and semi-state are determined by the host schools/county. Some places will allow fans others will not. 


    State will be determined by the IHSAA and probably more importantly Marion County DOH. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Southern Side said:

    It would be smart for the wrestlers that have a shot at going deep in the State tournament not to wrestle in the conference tournaments a week before State Series starts.  Example Cole Ross,  why should he take the risk of being around someone that is positive at SIAC when he has a shot to win the State Title.  Mater Dei should send their reserve team to SIAC and let those wrestlers season be done after the SIAC.  It would be less people you would have to worry about being around a close contact if someone would get it.  Same goes for the other SIAC teams that have good wrestlers. JMO.

    The take that risk by attending school or practicing with teammates also.

  4. First off we have to be very thankful we are having a season. It doesn't look promising for the states that have moved their seasons and we are extremely lucky here. I wasn't sure we would get through a month of the football season. I wasn't sure we would get through a month of the wrestling season, but here we are. 


    We all want fans at our events to cheer on the kids. This year has been really weird without fans in the stands. Last night was our first home meet with fans and it felt different and nice to have to people yelling and screaming. 


    With everything else going on in this world our kids having wrestling is even more important. Be appreciative of the efforts of the administrations from the IHSAA to local schools for working with us during this time. Our kids are having a season and it is looks good that we will complete it. That is something many states may not be able to say.

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