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  1. I think you are exactly right Mason had the 3rd place finish as a freshman to where Lee was beat it the ticket round to a dang good kid in Austin Bethal but that is the difference. Mason and Lee are both deserving of the award but Mason has the edge!!!
  2. Connor Graber captures 1st title in his high schools history and he wrestled lights out! Jordan Raider from Peru was exciting in every match that kid had something to prove!
  3. From the couple of camps I attended. Dante was a happy fun loving kid he was always smiling, and joking around. Its truly sad for praying for Tony and the whole Latora family they lost an amazing young man.
  4. So looking at it Joe correct me if I missed anyone but it looks like from the Fort Wayne semistate we have DII Blake Glogouski-Fairfield Nick Crume-Jimtown Kyle Jolas-Huntington North DIII Owen Doster-New Haven Connor Brummett-Dekalb Riley Lafever-Carroll NAIA Sawyer Miller-South Adams Erique Early-Snider Looks like we are doing good in the college ranks from the Fort Wayne area
  5. I went to your camp with a few younger wrestlers and Breyden was helping along with Hayden Lee and they were both excellent with the little kids and I instantly began rooting for him he was a class act and it made me happy to see him finally stand atop the podium he deserved it!
  6. I vote Parris! Joe Lee will more than likely forgo his senior year. And B. Lee is amazing also but based off of records both should finish there senior year with only one hs loss Parris lost his freshman season in the semifinals to a senior and the eventual champ so he will more than likely finish with 3 titles and a 3rd place to where B. Lee has one loss being the ticket round of semistate to a sophomore in Bethel who was a 4 time state qualifier so Lee will more than likely finish with 3 titles either way both young men are special but Mason edges it!
  7. Congrats on getting multiple guys out I love to see this happen to schools it really shows the dedication of the kids,parents, and the coaching staff getting people to by in to their program good luck next week! Congrats on getting multiple guys out I love to see this happen to schools it really shows the dedication of the kids,parents, and the coaching staff getting people to by in to their program good luck next week!
  8. That's what I am thinking Joe never said a bad thing about Gunner! He simply stated that in the last 2 years Evan Ellis has beat him therefore not making it a lock I mean I don't care if they have wrestled 100 times and Gunner has won 75 of them it still means you can't make him a lock! So why try to spin it like all poor Avon we never get any love and Joe is being mean because he showed facts that he was beaten in the off season I mean come on
  9. and have to add in Garrett Pepple and Connor Knapp those 4 are the best the county has had and all
  10. This year was so much better than last years event! It seemed like the seating was a lot easier to have teams fans sitting together and not as spread out. Thanks to all involved in making this event happen
  11. Nick also keep an eye on Reece Wicker from Churubusco hes a freshman at 220 could make some noise in the conference plus having a wrestling partner like Kilgore is going to help push him and vice versa
  12. I remember I went to a duel at Fremont when I was in middle school in the 2000 and they came out to a country boy can survive by Hank Williams Jr. Probably the best warm up song from a team filled with a bunch of corn feed farm kids! I'll never forget it
  13. I think Davis and Williams will be a must see match, and hopefully we get to see it. I am going with Blake baised on the fact that he has had great practice partners in the form of his brothers, and nobody pushes you harder in the room then a sibling rivalry. Either way I think it will be one of the best HWT matches this year and both of them are great wrestlers.
  14. Also Adam Chalfant from Winchester was another freak of a man in high school, and went on to have a pretty good hwt career for the Hoosiers
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