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New team at Al Smith


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106- Cutting WeightHard (3X IHOP Champ, 10x Fargo AA, Committed to University of Tennessee

113- Flyweight Pinner (4x State champ MS,AL,TX, AK 6X State Qualifier, Committed to Oregon

120- Malcom Stunner ( 6x UWW Medalist Bio says he is from Lativa, uncommitted)

126- Sir Sticks-A-Lot ( Career Record 151-1 150 career Falls only lost in High School was to Flyweight Pinner at the Sunshine Open, Verbally Committed to Vanderbilt 4.75GPA/4

132- Louie LeftFoot ( Signed a MMA  contract at 12 years old, Committed to Last Chance U)

138- Maximus Gluteus ( 8x AAU National Champ, 4x Southeast Regional Champ, Committed to University of South Carolina)

145- Johnny Scramble (not much on bio page except he taught Bo Nickel everything he knows, Cael U wants him but uncommitted at this time)

152- Mark Stallsout (Career Record 145-93 either wins by fall or losses when he gets DQ'd for stalling "well that's what his coach says")

160- Void Forfeit' (Hometown Wilderness Michigan via Paris, France not too many other details Committed to Lake Mitchell University in Cadillac, MI)

170- Transfer Waiver ( waiting to be released by Brands brothers for violating NIL, Committed to Florida Gulf Coast) 

182- Blast Double  ( 2021 Russian State Champ at 45kg , Committed to Baylor)

195- Marcus Fish  (  had to do a lot of digging on him but doesn't look too impressive) only wins I could find were Forfeits in 2015 but did get pinned a lot

220- Jose' ( Hometown Port O' Verde, Belize never lost in Central America, Committed to University Wrestling School in Idaho ) must be a stud with just a First Name

285- Phil I'onlygetcaught (Career Record 286-7 only losses listed are getting caught in headlocks multiple D1 offers for Football and Wrestling waiting to see how much money he is offered from WWE) 


I can't wait to be in this seeding meeting in December, let's hope Steve and Fabian have extra security cause its going to get heated!!!!!!!!

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2 hours ago, MattM said:

Can Bishop Sycamore attend Connersville instead.  I feel it maybe our best shot at getting any coverage of that one.  

That be awesome to have them at the Spartan. I think the last few years they haven’t even had all the teams show up 

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