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  1. Due to a JV invite being canceled, Prairie Heights is exploring the possibility of finding a Varsity event on 11-21-20 to send our B squad to, or a JV invite in general. Numbers are expected to be high this season and we should have multiple kids at nearly every weight class. If you have openings or know of any events in the Northern part of the state, please let me know. We are willing to travel up to 1.5 hours. We are located in NE Indiana. Thanks, Brett Smith Prairie Heights Wrestling Head Coach bsmith@ph.k12.in.us
  2. We had a opening in our schedule for a JV Invite on 11-21-20. Looking for something in the Northern part of the state. Willing to travel up to 1 to 1.5 hours if needed. Thanks, Brett Smith bsmith@ph.k12.in.us
  3. Yep. I was looking at wrong bracket. Shepherd kid beat Ruhlman and then Bates at 223. Shepherd had a good day.
  4. Giannone also beat Ruhlman in semi's I believe too. Good weekend for that young man.
  5. Same as last year, no changes in Indiana
  6. Very proud of the commitment and work that Isiah has put in throughout his wrestling career. Best wishes and GO HOOOOSIERS!
  7. I guess I dont really understand how moving the sports to spring is going to help that much. Who is to stay that if it were to happen, that maybe things worsen during that spring season, when in reality maybe it would have been somewhat feasible to have a somewhat normal season during a traditional winter season? There is just too many what it's. I wouldnt jump the gun too soon on moving it just yet. I dont see this going away anytime soon. Regardless of what happens, I want us to be able to compete as safely possible.
  8. Fox Sports Radio, a couple weeks ago, was talking about how Power 5 conference schools play their "cupcakes" during football. The payout the cupcakes get, according to Fox Sports Radio, pretty much finances a majority of the sports that they carry.
  9. So, the NFHS wants to take opportunities away from kids? They are looking at reducing weight classes to off-set the number of forfeits? I don't get it. I don't like seeing forfeits, but I hate the idea of seeing less weight classes. This happened at our junior high conference a couple of years ago. Weight classes were cut by 3 or 4, and others classes were adjusted. Some schools didn't have numbers. Great it helps them. Other schools had great numbers, but now some of their kids are in between classes or sitting they may be out because they may be the back up, or they decide not to
  10. Prairie Heights Wrestling Club is still in the running for some free singlets from Barbarian Apparel, but we need some help! Head over to INSTAGRAM (@barbarianapparel), click on their STORY and then tap on Prairie Heights, or click the link below. We are basically in a Semi-State ticket round match right now and it's tied up going into the 3rd period. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated for our K-4 program. Please share the link on your social media pages and share with your kids as most have an Instagram account......THANK YOU! Brett Smith
  11. I feel that accumulating Indianamat Bananas is much like accumulating Schrute Bucks on The Office. Having said that, @Y2CJ41 what is the cash value of a single banana? 1 one-hundredth of a cent? Currently I have 24,700 bananas. Have we come to times during this Coronavirus pandemic that we start bartering goods for Indianamat Bananas? How many bananas for a pack of tp? Asking for a friend.
  12. I think the Barroquillo family tree just has 1 trunk, no branches @Barrq
  13. This Corona Virus stuff is starting to wear on me. I have been doing some thinking. Who would you have on your school's all star team (A and B squad) using the current weight classes? This is mine from Prairie Heights. Some of these guys competed at these weights, some were from back in the day at different weights. Having said that, I bumped a few into classes and had a few others cut. Let's see some of your teams. #CoronaCantBeatWrestling 106-Danny Hamm (103), 8th, 5th Jeff Baker (98), 2x Qualifer 113-Travis German (112) 2
  14. What about Harper vs. Carr in state finals? If I recall, ot to win it all. Also, wasn't it a rematch of the ot finals from the Al Smith?
  15. Just waiting on that Another website award now
  16. Who would have known that the Idaho High School Activities Association uses the same acronym as the the Indiana High School Athletic Association??
  17. Out of curiosity, has classing the individual state finals been proposed to the ihsaa? If so, how well, if at all, was it received?
  18. rookie78


    Isiah Levitz
  19. rookie78


    Isiah Levitz
  20. Am I the only one thinking that the best seats are in the corners of the mats Friday and Saturday? Best way to get them is by having kids place top 4 at Semi-State and then winning on Friday night. In all seriousness, when our kids are not competing, I enjoy sitting in the second level, sections 103-105, along the glass. Getting and saving seats is stressful. Everyone wants good seats. I don't mind saving seats, but if you are trying to save an entire section and you only have a handful people doing so, forget about it. Get everyone on the same page, have them show up, and go to w
  21. IndianaMat Hoosier PreSeason Open.....typically in September. Lots of hammers from all over the greater midwest, along with many other states
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