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Everything posted by rookie78

  1. Bring that trophy up North.....good luck AC!
  2. Sorry to hear this. I didn't know the young man, but please know that Prairie Heights Wrestling is praying for healing and comfort at this most difficult time.
  3. rookie78


    Kaleb Lounsbury
  4. Prairie Heights has one girl this year at 160-170. Would love to get more out
  5. I feel that I should be paid to view the content.
  6. Think this has been put on a time or two before somewhere, but asking for some help. We have a pretty good size team this year, 41-42 kids and usually average 30+ kids. Our wrestling room is decent sized and holds 1 full mat and 2/3rds of another. Wondering your wrestling room size (number of mats it holds) and roster size. Not sure if it would ever happen in my lifetime, but would love to get a larger room at Prairie Heights. If it helps, our enrollment is around 430 kids at the HS. Thanks for your help.
  7. Beau Brabender (spelling is probably wrong) appears to be at Mishawaka, previously at Northridge i believe
  8. Anyone else feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve, or is it just me?
  9. Anyone have an opening on Jan. 15th, 2022? I am looking for something within and 1.5 hours or so of NE Indiana. I would be interested in either a JV event or even a Varsity event for my JV/V2. We should be a fairly competitive JV/V2 squad, filling all 14 weight classes. Please let me know if you have anything available. Thanks, Brett Smith Prairie Heights Wrestling Head Coach bsmith@ph.k12.in.us
  10. Prairie Heights School Farm....one of Indiana's largest school farms which covers about 150 acres of the 230 acre school campus. We could host in open-air, with plenty of seating and ample parking available!
  11. Condolences from Prairie Heights Wrestling
  12. Any JV events on Jan. 15th, 2022? Looking primarily within an 1-1.5 hours of Lagrange/Steuben Counties (Northeast Indiana). Prairie Heights has a opening and would be interested in finding a event on that date. We will a competitive jv squad with 20ish kids. Thanks, Brett Smith Prairie Heights Wrestling Head Coach
  13. Is saying matrooms likes saying states? Wrestling Room.........State!
  14. Just want to know what you would prefer for video/stats/etc. We really have only used Track to some degree. Obviously Matboss is a little on the salty side. Our football program uses Hudl. Is Matboss worth the price? Thanks
  15. Can't wait for the seeding meeting: who are your losses to?
  16. Our deepest sympathies, From Prairie Heights Wrestling
  17. Thoughts and prayers from Prairie Heights Wrestling.
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