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Jayruss had idea of showing a seeded bracket from last 16 years of state champions. Had to combine some weights. Seeding based on

  1. Winning pct - shows dominance that season
  2. Grade - gives advantage to more experience
  3. Number of state titles - advantage to continued success (last number on each line)
  4. Season wins

** Mason Parris on here 3 times!  But he might have to wrestle himself in 2nd round :D


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    Hey I know a lot about much of these guys except Kasten. But I think it’s Parris vs Parris guys. IHSAA gave sophomore Mason the better draw than JR Mason, but I don’t think that matters. Jake is a pal of mine, & I think he & everyone knows Mason Parris is the real deal. He’ll place multiple times on the NCAA platform, including a national championship, definite Olympic runs. 

1st- Parris SR

2nd- Parris SO

3rd- Panko

4th- O’Brien/Day

5th- Parris JR

-Real Talk 

P.S. Jake is #1 in all our hearts 

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