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  1. RaiderColfax

    USAW Folkstyle Nationals

    DJ Washington also places 3rd at 170. Wrestled under twisters.
  2. 4. Valencia and hall is gonna be a great one again. The way Valencia put it on Lewis was just brutal.
  3. RaiderColfax

    Chad Red

    I think what he is trying to say is if Red was seeded higher he would’ve went further in the championship bracket instead of facing the #1 seed in the round of 32. I believe he could’ve made quarters or semis if he didn’t pull yianni second round. So it that sense seeding does matter.
  4. RaiderColfax

    NCAA Championships - Day 1

    I agree. When they were interviewing brands and he was staying in front of him to get the interview. This is go time, wait until a break for the coaches and give a little time for the wrestlers after a grueling win.
  5. RaiderColfax

    NCAA Brackets are released

    And I don’t know what happened there on the quote lol
  6. RaiderColfax

    NCAA Brackets are released

    If nick has a lead after 1 it’s over. Would love to see Nick up 4-1 or 4-2 after the first period.
  7. I’m a grown a$$ man and I wouldn’t even want to wrestle him. I use grown man very loosely btw
  8. RaiderColfax

    NCAA Brackets are released

    McKenna controlled the first no doubt. But lees pace was non stop. That’s what gassed McKenna. McKenna took one shot in the second and lee got out of position and got down 5-1 but Lee was controlling it from the second on.
  9. RaiderColfax

    NCAA Brackets are released

    But it’s still very hard for opponents to win at the rec hall lol
  10. RaiderColfax

    NCAA Brackets are released

    Ohh I stand corrected! I thought it was at the rec hall. And you’re still not understanding me saying it was an impressive win. See. I just thought it was at the rec hall. I stand corrected.
  11. RaiderColfax

    Purdue Year 5 under Ersland

    One compared to Washington, south, Cornwell, and Covaciu transfered to IU. I’d say they have their share of the recruiting from Indiana going to IU rather than Purdue.
  12. RaiderColfax

    NCAA Brackets are released

    I’m still impressed by the win, I didn’t say I wasn’t. He controlled the entire match at the rec hall, but in the big tens McKenna controlled.
  13. RaiderColfax

    Purdue Year 5 under Ersland

    Its going to be harder on Purdue now with instate recruiting with Angel bringing a lot of the talent to IU
  14. RaiderColfax

    NCAA Brackets are released

    It’s also extremely hard to win in the Rec hall as an opponent. Look at all the huge wins over ranked opponents for PSU in the rec hall this year. I think that might’ve played big in the Lee/McKenna match.
  15. RaiderColfax

    All Indiana College Lineup

    How that lineup sits we have 8 D1 qualifiers. Could someone keep track of points at the NCAAs to see what they would score?!

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