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  1. Lucas Davison with a win over Rasheed of PSU. Great weekend for him!
  2. Ahhh I see, so you don’t think Lucas is that good. To each their own.
  3. Why the confused @Disco? Im a huge fan of Lucas, so i am happy for his win. Lol
  4. Lucas Davison beat #2 Brunner tonight in the dual! Purdue won 21-13.
  5. Michigan state vs Michigan is always barn burners in any sport they play. These two schools hate each other and they definitely come ready with exception to the few occasions
  6. Omg now it’s the way the schools are classed. Just take the loss. They both wrestled awesome
  7. Is there a list of teams that declined the 3A invite? I’m just curious
  8. I agree with most except for 135, 182, and heavyweight. I think cash being a two timer at that weight gives him the edge. Carson was a machine last year. And Streck is prolly one of the best Indiana heavyweights of all time. (In high school)
  9. Lucas Davison is wrestling at 197, in the quarters he will be wrestling Brunner.
  10. And I’ve always hated people being critical on refs that have been doing this for YEARS.
  11. As an outsider, not rooting for any team just there watching wrestling, I thought the officiating was like any typical officiating at any other tourney. There were some head scratching calls, but I’ve seen those same calls at every tourney, it being here in the region or down in central Indiana. Nobody is perfect but those officials I thought did a helluva job. The only call I will always hate a ref make is double stalling. I absolutely hate that call especially in a heavyweight match, someone is pushing the pace, someone is making attempts. You will never see me agree with a double stall call.
  12. http://www.ihsaa.org/Officials/Licensing/tabid/572/Default.aspx By all means if you can do a better job go apply.
  13. I think imma venture out to the old al smith tomorrow and see what it’s all about. Never been to the al smith
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