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  1. RaiderColfax

    2019 IHSAA Finals - Team points race

    Jacked up scoring is an understatement. A team could have two champs and place no one else will be higher then a team who places all 14 8th place. Seems legit right?
  2. RaiderColfax


    Amazon fire stick has a cool IHSAA tv app too
  3. RaiderColfax

    Replay Debate

    Nah that would make it interesting! One per team per round!
  4. RaiderColfax

    Who ya got?!

    Finals! 106-Crenus 113- moran 120- Littell 126- mendez 132- Garcia 138- rooks 145- mosconi 152- noehre 160- washington 170- south 182- brewer 195- Allred 220- Fowler heavies!! Cartwright
  5. RaiderColfax

    Mendez vs. Watts

    He didn’t run through watts the first time nor ran through Moran the way he did today.
  6. RaiderColfax

    Mendez vs. Watts

    Mendez is just on another level here, majors a returning state champ in the semis. And made it look so easy, I’m just in wow when I watch him wrestle. If Rioux can keep it under a major I’ll be surprised. Good luck to both under the lights!!
  7. RaiderColfax

    Replay Debate

    Not if you only give one per team, maybe even do it per round. But not per wrestler.
  8. RaiderColfax

    Replay Debate

    The problem I have, and seen a lot this year. Take the Conley/Rodgers match, they were in a similar position for about 10 seconds, no change and 2 was awarded to Rodgers which ultimately won him the match. My question is, if they didn’t change position how wasn’t that neutral or 2 given when it happened. I think video replay would clear that up greatly
  9. RaiderColfax

    Replay Debate

    I believe that’s where it falls to the 10-20 percent. There are assistant refs that will give their opinion but the head ref keeps it the same because and I quote “this is their mat” which I totally understand but everyone makes mistakes and can’t see everything. I think one video replay per team per state. Not per match. Let’s see what it does.
  10. RaiderColfax

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    I don’t even remember who I chose anymore 😂😂😂 I know I got DJ and Moran sooo
  11. RaiderColfax

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    Roberson is wrestling awesome right now. This one is going to be interesting. I remember seeing Roberson against cottey last year at the harvest and got stuck, then this year he closed the gap to a 7-2 loss. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a little closer or if he pulled it off. And nothing against cottey either because he is wrestling awesome as well, I just haven’t seen as much of him as I have of Roberson. Gonna be a great Saturday!
  12. RaiderColfax

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    But I’ll admit, brewer looked as if he was on another level last night. I still stand by what I said, but man, if brewer wrestled like that the next 3 matches, good luck to the one with the toes on the opposite line.
  13. RaiderColfax

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    Bettish vs boarman and south vs walker are the two I’m keyed in on.
  14. RaiderColfax

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    Wait wait wait. 22 pounds is a huge difference in technique, and strength?! Looks as if 22 pounds doesn’t affects Kyle Snyder or gable Stevenson. Anyone can be beat at any given match. And I feel a lot are over looking Laplace. He is a big 182 monster as well. And he too is hungry as well. Every kid is hungry, no matter who it is. Dont try and compare a tech in freestyle to another getting beat in folk style. And then say there is a difference in weight. There is a difference in style also. I hope the best for both kids and I hope it’s the best match we have ever seen.
  15. RaiderColfax

    The Indianamat meet and greet

    No one wants to see you. All hype behind this screen name 😂

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