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  1. Very exciting having a legend like Angel in the room! Don’t miss the opportunity kids to learn from one of the best wrestling to walk the land. Should be a good one! Super pumped!
  2. They are both phenomenal wrestlers all of Indiana has been lucky to witness. Period. Lee creditials are higher outside of IN b/c Parris was a great football player. Well not b/c... I should say that’s b/c that’s the way life is... Both guys I am glad to have met & spoke to. I think both kids compete in the future for an Olympic medal. Thanks for the memories fellas!
  3. Howe Harvey McMurray Welch All after South places 1st!
  4. 1st- Galka 2nd- Red 3rd- Micic 4th- Lloyd
  5. 1st- Mauer SR 2nd- Samuels 3rd- Hughes/Duckworth 4th- Mauer JR
  6. 1st- Cade Rooks 2nd- Kyle A 3rd- Cashe 4th- Salas
  7. Escobedo Lee Red Humphrey All after Rooks & Bailey finish 1st & 2nd...
  8. 1st- Howe 2nd- J. Tsirtsis 3rd- A. Tsirtsis 4th- Sandefur
  9. If you replace 3 cautions w/ the #17... I’ll take: 1st- Rypel SR 2nd- Rypel SO 3rd- Rypel JR 4th- Davison
  10. 1st- (Tough one) Lee SR 2nd- Howe JR 3rd- Linser (toss up again) 4tn- J. Lee
  11. 1st- Streck SR 2nd- Bernard 3rd- Chico 4th- Streck JR
  12. Man this one was wild! Couldn’t throw the guy Gavin McGinley in there!? His creditionals were solid, maybe not impressive as some of these folks, but dang... from my possible BIASED opinion, I think he beats 9 of these fellas. Here’s my top 4: 1st: J. Tsirtsis 2nd: A. Tsirtsis 3rd: Biddle 4th: Melloy
  13. Hey I know a lot about much of these guys except Kasten. But I think it’s Parris vs Parris guys. IHSAA gave sophomore Mason the better draw than JR Mason, but I don’t think that matters. Jake is a pal of mine, & I think he & everyone knows Mason Parris is the real deal. He’ll place multiple times on the NCAA platform, including a national championship, definite Olympic runs. 1st- Parris SR 2nd- Parris SO 3rd- Panko 4th- O’Brien/Day 5th- Parris JR -Real Talk P.S. Jake is #1 in all our hearts
  14. You woke up too early this morning. You must still be super sleepy. Combest says go back to bed bud.
  15. Pug, I think the wrestle backs are different than class wrestling b/c as I stated you can only wrestle back to get 3rd at best. I think the best competitors should get a chance to go to state. Just like I said I think if you lose Friday, you’re out. The best you can do is 3rd from losing Saturday morning. There’s a difference between wrestling back to beat that #1 guy in the state at bankers and being the best, then wrestling in a 1A class & winning state. Do you understand my point of view? You see kids at the time lose in the finals at semi state, then turn around & beat them
  16. I'm not all for the class wrestling. I understand the points made, I just don't believe in them. It's all about a person's point of view and how they feel. If I was on the other side of the fence, I see some good things from class wrestling. I mean how long was Mater Dei the top dogs..? Mater Dei is a perfect example! If we had class wrestling, they would've been in the smaller class every year dominating, & they could've also been dominating the larger class(es) as well. I believe it's the hard work & dedication you're willing to put into the sport that pays off. The dedication is nee
  17. Here are the 9 FW ticket round matches that cought my eye. A lot of talent out there in FW. 106- Todd vs Teusch 138- Gimson vs Rutter Moore vs Price 152- Maclin vs Stroud 160- Hicks vs Bratcher 170- Lone vs Minnick Rader vs Freidt 220- Hart vs Hare HVY- Parsons vs Jones There you go backtothemat.
  18. 106: Dalton vs Ross-EV Black vs Moseley-NC Oliver vs Ross-NC 113: Mark vs Hegedus-EC Light vs Diaz-EC 120: Hickman vs Peele-EC Egli vs Rioux-EV Cash vs Boe-EV Walendzak vs Rose-NC Stapleton vs Wagner-NC 126: Alexander vs Poynter-EC Johnson vs Smiley-NC 132: Craig vs Kreitzer-EV Mosconi vs Freiji-NC 138: Moore vs Mancera-NC Kitko/Walton vs Strueder-NC Risner vs Burdord-EC 145: Noehre vs Lohrey-NC Slivka vs Servies-NC Ball vs LaPlace-EC Ellis vs Turley-EC 152: Schrader/Miller vs Pollitt-EV Blubaugh vs Parkinson-EV Wagner vs Unseld-NC
  19. Columbus East final results: We brought 13 as stated above, 9 champs 1 runner up 1 third 2 fourths 13 advancers Looking forward to preparation for SS and getting better everyday. At a boys! Coach McGinley
  20. From a Cathedral alumni, IndianaWrestlingGuy... come on man. Idk who you are, I’m sure we're probably well acquainted or buddies, but think before you post man. Go Olympians! Coach T. McGinley
  21. Wrestling Scholar, Sorry I gotta give my guy some more re credit. Bailey has already faced Mitch Moore twice. He did lose both times, but it was only 5-3 at scholastic duals, & 2-1 at Grand River Rumble. So to say it's an easy decision for Mitch & Moore's too much for Bailey, I have to beg the differ. We're right there in his ballpark to beat him. Same w/ Zack Donanthan... we lost to him this year by one, he's one rank behind Moore. Good day.
  22. As far as Breyden's match I felt by the time Luigs had any control the time was out. Now of course my opinions are biased. But as far as Melloh's match... worst call I've ever seen. It passed 2012's Conor James vs Blake Rypel at Connersville. Not only once, but twice. The last takedown I looked at the clock & saw 2 seconds while he was on his back. So Rumph was probably head locked to his back at 4 seconds. Aside of that call, Zach should've been awarded 5 points for the head whip 20 seconds before that call. Rumph couldn't even move for OVER 5 seconds! What more evidence do you want of so
  23. Tony McGinley


    Anthony McGinley
  24. We have to be adults on here. These kids are reading this. That's pretty low to bring down a high schooler, especially when he's down. Grow up. And if you're not grown up & you're half as talented as either Fair or Littel, then have respect for your sport you've worked hard at, as if you were in their shoes. Do you wanna read "Karma" C'mon man
  25. Ben Stewart unbeaten for the Fighting Irish
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