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  1. I am pretty sure those were FALCON feathers in his hat!!!
  2. I would be willing to bet there are a few guys moving weight classes.
  3. @Mattyb Finally a hashtag I can get behind #DontArgueWithTrolls
  4. Do you have a mouse in your pocket? "leave us alone" Are you referring to your multiple personalities, or your multiple screen names? That comment seems like a slip up to me. Just saying!
  5. You must be really excited!! You created a account a couple weeks ago! You have patiently waited to make your first post, typing it and then re-typing. Thinking to yourself this is it I am finally going to be relevant. Only to have it discredited within minutes of it going up. Now what should you do? Finally an epiphany I can say what WC did to PM last year at the state finals.Yes that is it, that will make me look like a tough guy.
  6. With County being next week hopefully they can put their money where your mouth is!
  7. Are you in the know as to why the changes have taken place? If not you probably should not speak on it. If so you are just a scum bag. Hopefully for your sake it is the former rather than the latter!!
  8. We don't have wrestlebacks!! I thinks Faulkens is okay with doing his own thing.
  9. For some strange reason the ref told Jarod Clayton who weighed in at like 168 he couldn't go 170 he had to go 182. Once we had someone report who was deemed not allowed we had to forfeit. Lets just say the officiating left something to be desired!!
  10. I stand corrected I forgot we are pinning at 113 in a real world scenario the score would be 44-23. Roncalli only losing 3 is correct. I don't want to at all help Avon but the little Garcia is winning at 113 that is not a toss up.
  11. ????? This is a counting game and you lose!!!! I think we pin at 195 with a cradle but the prediction was a decision based on results.
  12. I think we pin at 195 with a cradle and win at 170
  13. According to County results that either were wrestled matches or educated guesses based on results. The score would be PM35-R26 I edited your Avon post with PM guys. I think if we wrestled Roncalli in a dual PM wins 41-20
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