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  1. Indianapolis Wood were the "WOODCHUCKS"
  2. Aiden and Noah Warren PM Lucas and Andrew Davison Chesterton Graham and Cayden Rooks Columbus East
  3. Call me biased all you want! But he is certainly my pick.
  4. I am glad to see the two of you hold a high school senior to a higher standard than yourselves! To say the match was getting "chippy" would be fitting. The "chippyness" was certainly one sided. So to lean over and whisper a compliment and the end shows a lot more restraint than you and your hurt feelings. You had to create an account to call out a kid. Must be the courage of adult beverage consumption. I am trying to understand the huge amount of stalling, was that before the first 5 pointer or the second 5 pointer or the 3rd takedown in the first period?
  5. Exactly You are correct year after year after year. The day after the tournament we vow to never go back and the next year we are complaining like we didn't remember!!!!
  6. I am wondering if they will be there until midnight each night? Or will they shut the mats down for two hours for weigh ins? Make kids wait two or three hours in between matches?
  7. I am pretty sure those were FALCON feathers in his hat!!!
  8. I would be willing to bet there are a few guys moving weight classes.
  9. @Mattyb Finally a hashtag I can get behind #DontArgueWithTrolls
  10. Do you have a mouse in your pocket? "leave us alone" Are you referring to your multiple personalities, or your multiple screen names? That comment seems like a slip up to me. Just saying!
  11. You must be really excited!! You created a account a couple weeks ago! You have patiently waited to make your first post, typing it and then re-typing. Thinking to yourself this is it I am finally going to be relevant. Only to have it discredited within minutes of it going up. Now what should you do? Finally an epiphany I can say what WC did to PM last year at the state finals.Yes that is it, that will make me look like a tough guy.
  12. With County being next week hopefully they can put their money where your mouth is!
  13. Are you in the know as to why the changes have taken place? If not you probably should not speak on it. If so you are just a scum bag. Hopefully for your sake it is the former rather than the latter!!
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