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Everything posted by Cosgrove

  1. I'll take Allred and brewer Moran to add into the 2018 champs
  2. We coach and watch our wrestlers kick ass hoping to go onto the next level to wrestle in college and maybe a few go and try making the U.S. world team and Olympics Indiana wrestling has not gone down at all
  3. Yes it is. Would have been tougher is cernus and the other Culver boy would have stuck around.
  4. Nope Indiana as a whole is not decreasing.
  5. God I remember seeing bracket of 65 78 kids in state bracket while being In vertical pairing. Good ole Indiana state fair grounds.
  6. This class will have a few more added to it within a year
  7. That's why the champion stands at the TOP of the podium and everyone else is below him.
  8. Hahaha who is the dude who took 6tg or 4th..... you remember the best. It is how it is.
  9. This reminds me of rants saying stuff just isnt fair.... I've coach rooms with only 20 kids and maybe 15 club kids. Now I am at a big program which is fun. If you look at posts above saying how some kids have got noticed from national tournaments.... seems like that is the stuff to do and keep working on the offseasons. Problem is with ALOT of programs and wrestlers "they ONLY wrestle during the season" those guys may succeed and maybe be a state qualifier but... a state champion is a LONG shot. I HATE classes wrestling. I look at Illinois their top class 3A is VERY competitive now 2A it is ran by just a frew programs and same with 1A same few programs. All that it does is allow more guys to get medals.... I can tell you now our state qualifiers can beat some of their 1A state champions.
  10. One single class one single champ wrestle backs in semi state and.... wrestle backs to 3rd place AFTER Friday night death match thats it.
  11. 1 class to RULE them all if anything just bring back wrestle backs at semi state and the matches AFTER Friday night death match
  12. I do not have a clue as to who that is after all the years. Zane is still too young only 1.5 years old.
  13. I'll be holding my son Zane back a year... well start school a year later
  14. Yeah will get decided by a takedown. As I said before one person was excited to get word he was in the state tournament and the other may have not been so happy to see the switch that took place.
  15. Can tell you right now one person got REALLY excited and the other wasnt as excited about this change. Going to be a battle forsure.
  16. Was 1-0 and headlock came through. Phew both badass dudes there
  17. Soooo are they changed or was it a error? I still cant see them so fir that I give a HUGE BOOOOOOOOO!!!
  18. Yeah we wont win this team race this year but... it is coming. The Dogs and The Region will be bringing this back in another year or two.
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