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Everything posted by Jayruss

  1. Jayruss

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    How the hell do I get a flo arena link to flo nationals? This mess is turrrrrrible, I hate flo arena!
  2. Jayruss

    Scholastic Duals

    Found it, Littell over Rundell is huge for the national rankings.
  3. Jayruss

    Scholastic Duals

    Couldn’t find it with that link.
  4. Jayruss

    Class of 2021

    I agree, sorta a logjam all around, and can wind up as the best who never won it. Kid is an amazing wrestler, just is in a tough spot.
  5. Jayruss

    2019 IndianaMat Disney Duals

    I am interested, but I am 17 years past my eligibility and have the weight of a heavy, but the cardio of a 600lb man. Let me know if I make the cut.
  6. Jayruss

    All Indiana College Lineup

    That would be a top 10 team, easily.
  7. Jayruss

    Brock Hudkins

    My thoughts exactly. Going to take Moran awhile to put on good weight. This lineup is shaking up. Seems like we will be backlogged from 33-49, wonder how this will shape up.
  8. Jayruss

    NCAA Brackets are released

  9. Jayruss

    Brock Hudkins

    Thought he was 133?
  10. Jayruss

    The 2019 top semistate was...

    Par for the course.
  11. Remember Coon’s size gave Snyder trouble and Gable seems to be much bigger.
  12. Jayruss

    Asa Garcia

    @TeamGarcia just saw a pic of Asa with Moran. Curious to know if Asa has ever trained with Moran before?
  13. Jayruss

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    I have my Columbo hat on now. I am going with Brandon James. I believe he won a tourney at IU last year, 22 makes sense as far as age. And the shot at the IU guys just knowing big moves ala James vs Joe Lee.
  14. Jayruss

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    I am guessing Brandon James, or Nathan Boston? They seem to fit the bill, as far as wrestling competition.
  15. Jayruss

    Last Year vs This Years Champs

    @TeamGarcia makes some valid points. I initially gave Mendez the nod, but now I am back to being unsure on this one. Asa is battle tested and I forgot the caliber of opponents he lost to.
  16. Jayruss

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    Dear lord man, you are really drumming up some smack talk.
  17. Jayruss

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    He had one state title because he left his senior year to train at Penn State.
  18. Jayruss

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    I love how we dismiss who Lee’s 2 losses were to. #1 in the country Chad Red and #1 in the country Micic. He pretty much buzzsawed everyone else in his way. Not saying he was better than Mendez his frosh year, but there could be a valid argument made in his favor.
  19. Jayruss

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    Unlike Mendez, Lee wrestled the #1 ranked wrestler in the country at his weight. Not a fair comparison.
  20. Jayruss

    Last Year vs This Years Champs

    I think Sr. Slivka beats Jr. South. He’s a gamer!
  21. Jayruss

    Last Year vs This Years Champs

    Some great matchups. 106. Moran 5-3 113. Moran 8-2. 120. Littell 14-4 puts on a clinic. 126. Hate to say it Mendez 9-2. 132. Garcia 4-2. 138. Rooks 4-3 TB. 145. Lee 10-2. 152. Lee Tech. 160. Slivka 3-2 tb 170. South 7-1. 182. Brewer 5-2 195. Match of the day Allred 6-4. 220. Parris by unfortunate decapitation quick tech. 285. Porkorney by fall.
  22. Jayruss

    Impact freshman

    What in the heck is going on at Crown Point?
  23. Jayruss

    Freshmen Class

    I don’t know about the depth of this class, but it is amazing at the top with Seltzer and Mendez.

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