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  1. I doubt that was the issue. Wyoming Sem. Is one of the top prep schools for wrestling in the country, so it seems likely this was an opportunity move. No knock on Culver but that's a different level.
  2. I agree about not wanting to be in the position to make that call, but I felt like Zain had reached a point of limited progression. Not that retherford wasn't continuing to work, but it appears Yanni makes it his move. Maybe the other angle shows it differently but from my estimation it was Yanni's points. That's always going to be an issue when so much is dependent on a referees opinion.
  3. Agreed. Big Tens will be crazy again at 133 and 141 next year. Gross may land at 141, I think he cut a lot at 133. He will be interesting at either weight. Top 5 guys in both weights are 2 TDs better in neutral but his top game is on another level with only Spencer Lee being close. Gross has surely benefited from the 4 point nf as much as anyone, and I don't anticipate that will change much after the year off.
  4. Another really strong showing by the Indiana boys! Congrats to Mendez, and all the guys. This following IN getting 30% of the junior world team and 20% of the cadet pan am team, and an overall great performance at both the open and wtt. This is the golden age of IN wrestling.
  5. Great info, thanks Y2. Should be a great weekend for Indiana wrestling fans!
  6. Does anyone have contact information for Indiana Pride? Couldn't leave a message at the phone # I found and I've been unable to track down an email address. Thanks in advance.
  7. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6456301-silas-allred-wins-a-cadet-freestyle-championship-at-flonationals
  8. No doubt, floarena is the poopy flavored lollipop of the bracket world. Getting to it is no picnic either. That said I love the video and for the last year or so the streaming has been good. You have to keep in mind Flo doesn't promote wrestling they just sell folkstyle/freestyle crack to those already addicted. Addicts are willing to endure great pains to get their fix. Flo is testing your fortitude with floarena
  9. Powerline, like Thor, I'm failing to follow your logic path. I'll just say congrats to Red and Lee for their second straight AA (both 2 for 2) finishes at 141! Which was a very good weight this year as well.
  10. https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/press-releases/espns-record-setting-ncaa-wrestling-championship-coverage-reaches-millions-of-viewers/ There was a 40% increase with online viewership. The total number of households on the TV broadcast were still pretty small. Interesting to see some of the southern cities represented in the top 8. Maybe they just leave the TV on ESPN all day, or there is growth in interest in places like Birmingham.
  11. 141 definitely wasn't tougher 1-6 than 133. You could make the argument that 141 was better 1-16, but 133 was pretty dog gone good this year.
  12. Those are some excellent ideas to enhance both numbers of kids and the overall quality of experience they have with the sport. Here are a couple of thoughts I'd add: The first idea would be indirect recruitment via increased interest in the meets. Reach out to non-sports departments like the band director, art teacher, drama/theatre club, and cheer coach (I know this is technically a sport). Getting the pep band to perform at matches adds energy and excitement as well as putting additional parents and friends in the stands. Drama club for lightning up the mat, creating showy entranc
  13. Juxtapose the officiating in Cael's match vs Stoll Parris. These are officials at the same tournament. I know you are supposed to adjust to the way the match is being called, but with that much variable on how stalling is called it can be tough on the athletes. I believe stalling should be called on guys who dont open up on their feet or refuse to make any offensive effort. (Pushing a guy out of bounds after he just turns to face from an escape isn't the precursor to offense its jobbing the rules)
  14. Perry wanted that count, but Hughes appeared to have a wrist. Drew hanging on at the beginning of the 2nd was quite a feat. Not many wrestlers stay on top there.
  15. He is definitely less than 100%. He techs that kid in 2 periods 3 weeks ago. Micic was the clear #1 all year it's just a shame he isn't fully healthy right now.
  16. I know Parris deserved a couple of those stall calls, but that was silly. Stoll didn't take 1 shot, never attempted to turn, only pushes, and is rewarded with 4 points. That is just encouraging ugly no offense wrestling.
  17. Did you see Y2 sitting matside smiling as big as the sky when OK St choose down in the second?
  18. Saw Y2 sitting matside on 5. He was grinning ear to ear when OK St chooses down on Drew Hughes. Needless to say it was a huge mistake.
  19. Fair point, but its representative of zero growth. If a guy is ranked 12th in his freshman year one would expect the progression is to 2 or 3 time AA, not 4 time qualifier. That said he looks the best he's been in years and primed for a deep run. Hopefully it turns into an AA Sr season.
  20. That's spot on. I think the current local tourney formats are a turnoff. Trying to squeeze HS thru K wrestlers into one gym(s) and making kids wait all day to wrestle twice is turning kids away not growing the sport. I understand local clubs have to generate revenue and this has always been the model but maybe we need to explore other options. Volunteers put countess hours in to make these tourneys go, and not one of them intentionally makes kids wait for 5 hours between matches. Unfortunately it still happens and will continue to happen under the current system. Wouldn't that volunt
  21. Awesome finish! Congrats to National Champion Darden Schurg!
  22. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6394462-an-outsiders-take-on-the-big-ten-championships An interesting take from a wrestling neophyte. I think he hits on a lot of what's good (skill level, athleticism and competitiveness) about the sport and some of what's bad (singlets, etc...). Red really impressed the writer with athletic ability, determination and showmanship. As much as myself and many others on the board love the way Nick Lee takes care of business in a workmanlike fashion and when he wins he acts like he's been there, this doesn't move the fan needle. We need to recogniz
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