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  1. Koontz is a beast, he is my pick at the top of the podium for 32.
  2. Sean McMurray would’ve ran through this bracket...
  3. It’s insane to watch him with my own eyes to be developed by Eric Keith into just a stud. Literally came in the room and Keith saw something in him and said he was going to be a champ. Sophomore year goes out against red in the semis and battles for a bit before getting pinned, goes up against black who is another seasoned wrestler and finishes second and senior year the kid was just a monster blowing through people with his blast double. What’s funny was in high school he didn’t understand top and bottom. Shoot he didn’t even know how to properly ride someone his senior year. But he is just s
  4. Ahhh talking about one of my favorite wrestlers to ever watch develops into an absolute stud! I think Kris could place pretty high, give him a coach that will work on his little mistakes and he could be fighting for a natty. The kid has all the ability in the world to be a champ
  5. It also lets those small school kids get more matches in. I get the level of competition for some of these schools is greatly lowered than those of the bigger schools. But it’s high school, I’m all for giving every opportunity to kids to go further in wrestling and education.
  6. well they put a thumping on culver(68-12 and cathedral(40-16) in 2018. So I don’t know if that was the reason lol but DCC always has a great squad every year. I just can’t remember if that’s the tourney portage couldn’t go to because of a team from 300 miles out or not.
  7. Well for instance, Portage couldn’t attend the DCC super duals the following year I believe it was, because DCC had a team outside of our 300 mile rule come. With the possibility of a match up portage couldn’t attend. I really think it was DCC but don’t quote me lol
  8. I’m just wondering though, would a 2nd class be helpful to these smaller schools for that reason?
  9. Portage wrestled at DCC in 2015-16 winning the dual 41-22 if I remember right.
  10. Would it benefit these smaller school wrestlers for more scholarships offers if Indiana were to have a 2 class system? I agree I think saying ‘Indiana state champ’ sounds great, but if it’s going to benefit a kids chances of getting a scholarship I’m for it.
  11. I believe they can’t wrestle a team outside of 300 miles as well. So if you travel 100 miles you can’t wrestle a team from Florida. I think that is a terrible rule.
  12. I remember like it was yesterday. Took down the mighty mater dei. Then come one match short or winning a team state title
  13. Correction, portage beat MD in ‘04 then lost to LN in the semis. Give us some credit for being the first team ever to beat MD in the team state dual format lmao
  14. Agree with @Mattyb. Shoot some people who never won a state title thought my brother would get smoked his senior year by a couple kids. There is a reason why these kids are state champs and some of them highly ranked in the country. I think it’s silly to say one state champ would smoke another. I don’t find this thread silly, I enjoy the what if scenarios and the discussion on why someone chose that outcome.
  15. Didn’t that ‘03 st Paris team feature dustin and cp schlatter, Cameron doggett and David Erwin? Geez that’s a squad right there.
  16. Dickens NOR slivka smoke either one. They are both great wrestlers. Dickens would control neutral game, slivka would control the top game. The kid was down by 5 to my buddy DJ at state and came back to win because of his brutal top game. It’s really a toss up. Dickens could win 5 and slivka could win 5 in 10 matches.
  17. I believe it would be a great match, but I’m a fan of Viduya’ style. Matt’s heavy hands could be the difference though.
  18. 106 Cernus 113 Moran. Haven’t we seen this result? 120 Zeke 126 Mendez 132 Mendez. Great match up, the one everyone would pay for. Garcia is one of the best to come through Indiana, but Mendez is a hammer. I think the pace might be too much for Garcia, but Garcia has surprised me a lot. His top position was stellar last year. Could he hold down Mendez? 138 Rooks 145 Viduya 152 Rodgers 160 Dickens. This one would be interesting because slivka was amazing in top position last year. 170 South 182 Brewer this one also would be interesting also.
  19. Maybe, but do you know what is said to a wrestler when it’s just him, the coaches, and the medical personal? Because I don’t. Maybe there are some that I’ve met that have, but I would never know. I’m too busy focusing on my wrestler rather than what the opposing coach is saying.
  20. I’ve never met a coach that will allow a kid to injury default just to get to the finals. The look our what’s best for their kid. Now I’m not saying there is t a coach out there that would just take the injury default when their kid is fine. But again if it’s serious and they can’t wrestle then forfeit.
  21. I hate to see any wrestler injured, but here is my thoughts on the matter. Was the injury caused on an illegal move? If yes, and that wrestler injury defaults out of that match but can wrestle later after taking a Tylenol or something of that nature I’m fine with it, I’d rather see a match rather than a forfeit at state. If something is broke then I totally agree with the wrestler not going, but if something is strained and he can wrestle through it later then so be it. It happened with my brother and Tyler Willis in the finals in 2010. Willis was injured on an illegal move in the semis, you c
  22. 1. No matter who we think is going to win the team title, cathedral will be right there to win another. 2. I bet Mendez and he lost the bet, so now he has to wear a shirt of my choice around a wrestling tourney this year 3. Silas is freaking awesome. All around great kid, can’t wait to see him go do great things at the next level. 4. Joe Walker is a freak of nature going through the brutal part of the bracket and winning state. Hats off to the kid and hopefully the injury isn’t as serious as we all think!
  23. We always talk, if we place 2nd or 3rd in a semi state, we want to draw into the Fort Wayne semi state lol
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