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  1. thejingram


    To help keep track I put together the HS entries. Does this list look right for Indiana guys? Did I miss anyone? HS Division: 106 Jacob Moran Tyler Conley Brodie Fogarty 113 Raymond Rioux Jesse Mendez 120 Asa Garcia Brock Peele 132 Drew Kreitzer Dawson Combest Zachary Larue Kris Rumph Ian Dembowski Manzona Bryant 138 Nathan Conley Tristan Ruhlman Jonathan Kervin 145 Bryce Kern Tristan Sellmer Kendall Coleman 152 Donnell Washington 160 Joseph Walker Diego Lemley Graham Calhoun 170 Dylan Mcanulty Carson Brewer 285 Mason Parris
  2. thejingram

    Goldman had enough time?

    Official: Goldman retires. Angel named coach Goldman Announces Retirement as Head Coach of IU Wrestling; Escobedo Named Program’s Eighth Head Coach
  3. thejingram

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    T-minus nine days...
  4. thejingram

    2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Here goes nothing. 125 Suriano 3 133 Gross 5 141 Eierman 2 149 Retherford 10 157 Nolf 9 165 Martinez 4 174 Hall 6 184 Nickal 8 197 Haught 1 285 Snyder 7 Team Champ: Penn State Score: 138.5
  5. thejingram


    As drawn, this is Escobedo's bracket. Lots of talent in this hypothetical bracket.
  6. thejingram

    2017 vs. 2018

    No. This is a real tournament!
  7. thejingram


    Hughes/Maurer seems like a likely final. That's a 2-1 match, all day.
  8. thejingram

    2017 vs. 2018

    Here's a list of champions (displays best on desktop) from the last seven years with the current weight classes plus 2011 with the old weights (I may have misspelled a name or school) As mentioned, the weight class changes make it challenging to create a 16-person bracket. The old 130-135-140 weight classes now are 132-138 and in the upper weights the old 189-215 is now 182-195-220. Taking the last seven, you can run them through an 8-man bracket with the top seed getting a bye. Someone with far more knowledge would have to seed them. Weight Class 106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285 2018 Jacob Moran, Portage (Jr., 34-2) Brayden Curtis, Yorktown (Jr., 40-0) Hunter Watts, Jimtown (Jr., 44-1) Asa Garcia, Avon (Jr., 39-4) Graham Rooks, Columbus East (Sr., 48-0) Kris Rumph, Portage (Sr., 32-4) Jordan Slivka, Cathedral (Jr., 43-3) Brayton Lee, Brownsburg (Sr., 34-0) Nick South, Columbus East (Jr., 48-1) Noah Warren, Perry Meridian (Sr., 46-1) Conner Graber, Northridge (Sr., 48-1) Lucas Davison, Chesterton (Sr., 52-0) Mason Parris, Lawrenceburg (Sr., 47-0) Eli Pokorney, Chesterton (Jr., 42-0) 2017 Brayden Curtis, Yorktown (So., 43-0) Alec Viduya, Roncalli (Fr., 47-2) Cayden Rooks, Columbus East (So., 46-1) Alec White, New Palestine (Sr., 39-1) Breyden Bailey, Cathedral (Sr., 42-1) Brendan Black, Hobart (Sr., 30-1) Brayton Lee, Brownsburg (Jr., 46-0) Joe Lee, Mater Dei (Jr., 36-0) Brad Laughlin, Yorktown (Sr., 46-1) Eli Stock, Monrovia (Sr., 41-2) Jacob Gray, Delta (Sr., 42-2) Andrew Davison, Chesterton (Sr., 42-0) Mason Parris, Lawrenceburg (Sr., 47-0) Evan Ellis, Eastern (Sr., 46-0) 2016 Asa Garcia, Avon (Fr., 36-6) Colton Cummings, Lowell (Jr., 46-0) Drew HIldebrandt, Penn (Sr., 46-1) Brock Hudkins, Danville (Sr., 47-0) Chad Red, New Palestine (Sr., 44-0) Brayton Lee, Brownsburg (So., 43-0) Joe Lee, Mater Dei (So., 32-2) Trent Pruitt, Warren Central (Jr., 45-2) Jacob Covaciu, Merriville (Sr., 42-0) Drew Hughes, Lowell (Sr., 47-0) Blake Rypel, Cathedral (Sr., 45-0) Jake Kleimola, Lake Central (Sr., 43-1) Mason Parris, Lawrenceburg (Sr., 47-0) Shawn Streck, Merrillville (Sr., 45-0) 2015 Colton Cummings, Lowell (So., 45-1) Garrett Pepple, East Noble (Sr., 46-0) Brock Hudkins, Danville (Jr., 33-0) Chad Red, New Palestine (Jr., 47-0) Nick Lee, Mater Dei (So., 35-0) Tommy Cash, Lawrence North (Sr., 45-2) Jacob Covaciu, Merriville (Jr., 44-1) Tommy Forte, Mishawaka (Sr., 37-0) Drew Hughes, Lowell (Jr., 44-0) Dylan Lydy, Ben Davis (Sr., 46-0) Chase Osborn, Penn (Sr., 39-0) Blake Rypel, Cathedral (Jr., 46-0) Kobe Woods, Penn (Jr., 44-0) Shawn Streck, Merrillville (Sr., 45-0) 2014 Jeremiah Reitz, Griffith (Fr., 45-1) DJ Smith, Franklin Community (Sr., 39-1) Chad Red, New Palestine (So., 44-0) Stevan Micic, Hanover Central (Sr., 42-0) Deondre Wilson, Warren Central (Sr., 39-0) Tommy Cash, Lawrence North (Sr., 45-2) Cody LeCount, Perry Meridian (Sr., 44-0) Brendon Kelley, Evansville Central (Sr., 50-0) Rhett Hiestand, Yorktown (Sr., 47-2) Jacob Stevenson, Franklin Community (Jr., 40-1) Damien Chambers, Edgewood (Sr., 44-1) Katrell Moss, Warren Central (Sr., 31-2) Gelen Robinson, Lake Central (Sr., 52-0) Wesley Bernard, Cathedral (Sr., 49-0) 2013 Chad Red, New Palestine (Fr., 48-0) Stevan Micic, Hanover Central (Jr., 48-0) Deondre Wilson, Warren Central (Jr., 38-0) Nick Crume, Jimtown (Sr., 38-0) Cody LeCount, Perry Meridian (Jr., 40-0) Tommy Forte, Mishawaka (So., 46-0) Neal Malloy, Danville (Sr., 43-0) Josh Farrell, Greenfield Central (Sr., 48-0) Riley McClurg, Perry Meridian (Sr., 37-3) Bobby Steveson, Merriville (So., 39-0) Matt Hurford, Culver Community (Sr., 47-0) Mitch Sliga, Fishers (Sr., 49-0) Gelen Robinson, Lake Central (Sr., 52-0) Donte Winfield, Perry Meridian (Sr., 41-2) 2012 Stevan Micic, Hanover Central (So., 47-0) Jarred Brooks, Warsaw (Sr., 35-0) Paul Petrov, Hanover Central (Sr., 47-0) Kyle Ayersman, Lake Central (Sr., 52-0) Jared McKinley, Perry Meridian (Sr., 48-1) Devon Jackson, Yorktown (Sr., 52-0) Jason Tsirtsis, Crown Point (Sr., 42-0) Isaiah Bradley, Muncie South (Jr., 44-0) Brian Harvey, Cathedral (Sr., 47-0) Sean Mappes, Center Grove (Sr. 46-0) Tanner Lynde, Delphi (Sr., 52-0) Mitch Sliga, Fishers (Jr., 49-0) Tyler Kral, Crown Point (Sr., 41-2) Abraham Hall, Bremen (Sr., 50-0)
  9. thejingram

    State predictions?

    I think the team title comes from one of these teams. This is just one guy's opinion and teams are listed alphabetically. Brownsburg (7 qualifiers) - All seven of their qualifiers should score points. If everything goes their way, I can see champs at 106, 126, 138, 152 and 182 and they run away with the team title. Cathedral (10 qualifiers) - Cathedral has the numbers and quality. They are the pre-tournament favorite for the team title. They'll enter contenders at 106, 120, 132, 138, 145 and 285. I look for 7-8 of their guys to get to Saturday. Interestingly, I don't know if they'll walk away with any individual champions or walk away with multiples. Their depth and quality likely wins out, barring some team winning 4-5 weights or some unexpected results Friday night. Chesterton (6 qualifiers) - Another team that has the potential for four champs: 160, 182, 195, 285. They'll need bonus points from those four, plus some surprise points from their other two qualifiers (which requires topping a SS champ and a once-beaten wrestler Friday night) AND some Friday night upsets in the lower weights. This is my long-shot team title contender. They have a ton of quality, but less quantity. Columbus East (8 qualifiers) - Columbus East has the potential for four champs: 126, 132, 138, 160. If you win four individual titles, you're in the hunt. Chances are they won't win all four of those weights, so their team title hopes rest on the four additional qualifiers (who have tough draws). Portage (9 qualifiers) - Several point scorers in this group. If everything goes their way, they could put five in the finals. They have some tricky draws, but this is a top five team with the potential for more.

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