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Coach Wadkins

1st Round Draw: Calumet's Chris Traicoff Memorial Wrestling Invitational

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2016 Chris Traicoff Memorial Wrestling Invitational Pairings

@Calumet High School, Gary, Indiana

Saturday, December 10, 2016




Top Bracket                                                                        


#1) Portage vs. Lake Station                                                       


#8) Mishawaka vs. Westfield                                                      



#5) Lawrence North vs. Hanover Central                                         


#4) Lowell vs. Southmont                                                         



 Bottom Bracket       


#3) Crown Point vs. Calumet   


#6) Floyd Central vs. Valparaiso   



#7) Franklin vs. SB Riley


#2) Cathedral vs.  Munster




Factors taken into consideration in pairings were:

1) The most recent IHSWCA & Indiana Mat Team Rankings.

2) Early results from the 2016-17 season, thus far, as reported on Indiana Mat, Trackwrestling or other available media outlets.

3) Fairly separating the best teams, so that each team has the best chance of seeking their own level in the placement rounds.

4) Avoiding 1st round rematches from last year, with an effort to keep Conference, Sectional & Regional rivals apart for Round #1.


Care has been taken to avoid any Conference, Sectional or Regional match-ups in Round #1, if possible. If you are in town and would like to check weights on Friday night, contact me at jwadkins@lakeridgeschools.net and I will do my best to accommodate you and your team. Good luck with your meets this week, we'll see you all for a great day of wrestling on the 10th.

Edited by Coach Wadkins

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113: Peele fall

120: Poynter fall

126: Slivka MD

132: Bailey Dec

138: Melloh fall

13-12 Cathedral

Edited by throw45

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Best of luck to Mr. Stewart and the Cathedral wrestling community. The injury was devastating and certainly took the steam out of the dual meet. The decision to forfeit the remainder of the match and attend to the needs of the injured wrestler, as well as the rest of the team was the right one and was agreed upon by all parties, including the officials, Coach Vega and Portage wrestling, and the meet management. The reaction by the Cathedral Team was a testimony to their true family spirit!

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2016 Chris Traicoff Memorial Wrestling Invitational

at Calumet High School (Saturday, December 10, 2016)


Round 1: Championship Round

Portage-71, Lake Station-9                                                                    

Westfield-39, Mishawaka-30                                                                  


Lawrence North-48, Hanover Central-18                                              

Lowell-40, Southmont-36


Crown Point-64, Calumet-6

Floyd Central-72, Valparaiso-3


SB Riley-36, Franklin-32

Cathedral-62, Munster-16


Round 2: Championship Round

Portage-63, Westfield-5

Lowell-39, Lawrence North-30

Floyd Central-39, Crown Point-36

Cathedral-66, SB Riley-11


Round 2: Consolation Round

Mishawaka-73, Lake Station-3

Southmont-56, Hanover Central-22

Valparaiso-48, Calumet-27

Franklin-55, Munster-19


Round 3: Round-Robin

(1st-4th Place Pool)

Portage-57, Lowell-6

Cathedral-42, Floyd Central-24


(5th-8th Place Pool)

Westfield-34, Lawrence North-26

Crown Point-45, SB Riley-28


(9th-12th Place Pool)

Mishawaka-47, Southmont-18

Franklin-54, Valparaiso-24


(13th-16th Place Pool)

Hanover Central-47, Lake Station-22

Calumet-49, Munster-18


Round 4: Round-Robin

(1st-4th Place Pool)

Portage-53, Floyd Central-12

Cathedral-57, Lowell-20


(5th-8th Place Pool)

Crown Point-44, Westfield-24

Lawrence North-41, SB Riley-27


(9th-12th Place Pool)

Mishawaka-48, Valparaiso-29

Franklin-46, Southmont-34


(13th-16th Place Pool)

Calumet-45, Lake Station-18

Hanover Central-42, Munster-33


Round 5: Round-Robin

(1st-4th Place Pool)

Portage-66, Cathedral-13 (Forfeited last 7 weights)              

Lowell-37, Floyd Central-33


(5th-8th Place Pool)

Westfield-53, SB Riley-25

Lawrence North-41, Crown Point-29


(9th-12th Place Pool)

Mishawaka-40, Franklin-36

Southmont-41 Valparaiso-33


(13th-16th Place Pool)

Lake Station-36, Munster-30

Hanover Central-42, Calumet-24




1.) Portage (5-0)

2.) Cathedral (4-1)

3.) Lowell (3-2)

4.) Floyd Central (2-3)

5.) Crown Point (3-2) *TB (Most Points – 118)

6.) Westfield (3-2)  *(111)

7.) Lawrence North (3-2) *(108)

8.) SB Riley (1-4)

9.) Mishawaka (4-1)                                                                               

10.) Franklin (3-2)

11.) Southmont (2-3)

12.) Valparaiso (1-4)

13.) Hanover Central (3-2)                                    

14.) Calumet (2-3)

15.) Lake Station (1-4)

16.) Munster (0-5)

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Cathedral forfeited the rest of the matches Stewart's ankle injury looked pretty bad

Lowell looked like they won 3rd

Looks like he's in the lineup today at mooresville. Glad it wasn't serious.

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It was One of the young Stewart's he is out for the year

oh, ok, too bad.  I saw the one was in at 152 and assumed it was him since that's the weight it happened

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