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  1. I’m impressed by the guys in the top 17 with 65+ qualifiers and keep their winning percentage high
  2. It is pretty simple but as I get older my memory is not as good as it used to be. It’s nice to see it in one place and in bracket form.
  3. This was the first Al Smith I’ve missed in a long time. So I was only able to watch the finals and a few select FaceTime matches. A couple of issues I’ve had in the past is just simply inconsistent calls with stalling; from ref to ref and match to match. Also I think some refs don’t recognize hand fighting and/or fighting for position. Just because there hasn’t been a shot in a minute doesn’t mean anyone is stalling.
  4. Looks like Chesterton is forfeiting 106, 113, 220 & 285. Kinda surprising
  5. Gable wrestled on Friday. If Cassar is injured (or not) Gable will probably be the favorite.
  6. IU tweeted “Congrats to future Hoosier @nicholasbolivar who beat the #2 wrestler in the country at 132lb!”
  7. Diaz lost to Martin Cruz at the semi state. He hasn’t wrestled Moran this year. But this should still be a good first round match.
  8. Many of the region schools have been closed Monday, Tuesday and have already been called off for Wednesday and Thursday.
  9. As I’m reading this thread this was the first question I had as well. Maybe they had enough “qualifying weigh-ins” other than the ones they had to forfeit?
  10. Looks like some of the brackets are different from the show and track? I noticed 106 and 220. Anyone else notice?
  11. Since the brackets topic is locked. It looks like some of the brackets are different on track from the show.
  12. Some region schools have already cancelled school for tomorrow. Not sure if they can practice tomorrow or not. According to the Hammond Times: Lake Station Schools, River Forest, Hobart and Hammond schools. I’m sure there will be more.
  13. #16 David Taylor lost today. Collin Taylor of Crown Point beat him first round
  14. Will the finals be wrestled by themselves? Or will you they be wrestled at the same time as the 3-4 place matches?
  15. No. The Shelbyville champion will get a forfeit first round of regionals and be a semi state qualifier
  16. When will the sectional brackets get released? There are only a few that I have seen that are released nevermind looks like they are up now
  17. I don’t understand how these are illegal but the large bulky knee brace that covers the entire knee is legal.
  18. Did they give a reason for making them illegal? If you watch any college dual you’ll see at least a couple of them.
  19. Maybe Moreno bumps up and wrestles Triana. Moreno wrestled 120 at the county but Triana did not wrestle. Hopefully Triana is still not injured?
  20. I think the majority of the time the best wrestlers usually get out of sectionals but this is a great point. Depending on if a wrestler ends up on the top or bottom bracket could determine if he’s a semi state qualifier.
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