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  1. Franklin Community
  2. Those of us who AREN’T smarter than you are just grateful for the work you put into accumulating all this data and putting into a format that allows us to get the info on the various teams. Thank you.
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  8. Franklin Community
  9. He didn’t have his guitar. And if he had, there’s always the risk of him belting out Sweet Home Alabama . . .
  10. At a home meet earlier this season, Franklin Community’s announcer had trouble with the audio for the Star Spangled Banner. Not missing a beat, Coach Hasseman went over, grabbed the mic, went to center mat and with hand over heart led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance . . .
  11. Franklin Community
  12. Mooresville 285 Riley McCubbins 31-0 Monrovia, State Ranked #6 Jalen Comer 27-6 Mooresville, State Ranked #10 Manny Cheam 30-2 Franklin, State Ranked #13 Garrett Curtis 30-3 Whiteland, State Ranked #17
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