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  2. PURDUEdad

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  3. With an automatic bathroom mute, please . . .
  4. Franklin Community
  5. In 2001, Franklin’s senior Aaron Clark (48-0) defeated sophomore Macke (39-3) 4-3 to win the 103 lb. state championship. The next week at team state, Macke defeated Clark 10-9. I’m not sure, but my guess is that Macke’s 3 losses might have all been to Clark, at state, semi-state and the Holiday Classic. If so, I bet they were all close. Macke was so close to being a multiple state winner . . .
  6. My guess would be Y2 and TripleB, discussing whether New Haven or Evansville is the stronger semi-state . . .
  7. I doubt that it is that uncommon. Just this year at the Traicoff, Portage defeated Mishawaka 45-36, with only one match not being a pin. Both are obviously quality programs that were evidently just pounding out the bonus points that day.
  8. Franklin Community
  9. Franklin Community
  10. Franklin Community
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