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  1. Brown boys

    New Uniforms

    Exactly, singlets are FOR wrestling. Sometimes we confuse change with progress. JMO
  2. Brown boys

    New Uniforms

    Your shorts are too loose. JMO. Would like to see uniformity across the state either MMA style or compression not both.
  3. Brown boys

    Culver Academy

  4. Brown boys

    Culver Academy

    Anyone know what teams are wrestling and how they will be pooled at Culver this Saturday? Asking for a friend....
  5. Brown boys

    New Uniforms

    I have seen the compression short versions, which I thought were the only legal ones, and the MMA style that are way too loose. Definitely needs to be reigned in and redefined for some teams. I was not there but was told that a referee made a kid go change due to his shorts being too baggy a few weekends ago.
  6. Brown boys

    Depth of 126

    Semi State wrestle backs will always be a discussion however if you have ever had a kid make it through the ticket round...well there are no words!! Atmosphere is indescribable!!! Wait, wasn't this about the depth at 126?? DEEEEEP!!
  7. Brown boys


    Dakota Ball 145 lb from Southmont.
  8. Brown boys

    Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Great quality and was able to watch on Youtube that night!!! Thanks.
  9. Lets hear the potential match ups and your team thoughts....
  10. 145 lb kid to watch is Dakota Ball from Southmont.

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