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Everything posted by cbarnett

  1. cbarnett

    a few questions

    I had Crown Point at home against Valpo a few years back... green would have been red and red would have been green. I made Crown Point red to match their uniforms and they were Home on the scoreboard. rule 3.1.13 😁
  2. cbarnett

    Looking for an old smart ref....

    Yep,Mike Lapointe. Currently teaching at IU-N. My niece currently has him for a class. For the record, the 10 point Buck on the wall of his office was donated by me LaPointe, Michael S Campus NW, IN Affiliation Faculty Department Iusm-Northwest-Gary, Biology Address MARRAM 328 Phone (219) 980-7106 Email mslapoin@iun.edu
  3. cbarnett

    My IHSAA Site

    Works a lot better with Chrome than with other Browsers
  4. cbarnett

    Becoming a licensed IHSAA Referee

    The licensing period for the current 2018-19 season will begin in early September Although many of the dates may already be filled, there are always schools that reschedule events, add new events and/or are late to get their officials. There are also many cancellations or conflicts that pop up during the season, so there are always matches to be had. I suggest getting your license ASAP and then hooking up with a senior official so that you can shadow them and get right in the mix. Never too late to get licensed!
  5. cbarnett


    5 pts..... 3NF + 1NF (for the infraction) and 1 penalty (for the infraction)
  6. Hey Adam... I will email you with some info so you can get involved in your local official's associations and get rolling! Chuck Barnett, IHSAA Rules Interpreter
  7. cbarnett

    Jared Williams

    Congrats Coach! Perhaps we can coax you to the dark side and wearing the stripes now!
  8. cbarnett

    RIP Jim Beeson

    James W. BeesonFlat Rock - James W. (Jim) Beeson, of Flat Rock, formerly of Beech Grove, died Easter Sunday April 1, 2018 at dawn. Jim was a member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Edinburgh, Indiana and formerly of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Beech Grove. Jim was born November 8, 1946 in Beech Grove to George and Pauline Beeson who preceded him in death. His wife Kathleen (Kay) Beeson, daughter Anne M. (Ned) Endris, his three infant siblings Katherine A. Beeson, Geoffrey A. Beeson, George P. Beeson, and adult brother Charles M. Beeson also preceded him in death. Jim and his beloved wife Kay were married on December 30, 1966 at St. James Catholic Church. This loving marriage of 51 years produced 15 children. He is survived by his brother Richard J. (Dick) Beeson, children Gregory (Julie) Beeson, Joseph Beeson, Michael (Cara) Beeson, Mary (Mark) Schober, Patrick Beeson, Phillip Beeson, Bernadette Ball, Rita (Chad) Stuck, Lucia (Phil) Garber, Thomas (Heather) Beeson, John Paul Beeson, David (Katelyn) Beeson, Stephen Beeson, Dominic (Kaylyn) Beeson. He is also survived by 38 grandchildren with one on the way.Jim had a deep faith that sustained and nurtured him throughout his life. He loved his wife, children, and grandchildren deeply with his huge heart and humorous personality. He loved to tell stories over the years to his children, grandchildren, family and friends. He worked for ATT formerly Indiana Bell for 38 years. He served honorably in the U.S. Army Signal Corp from 1966 to 1969. He spent many years officiating wrestling and football and was inducted into the IHSAA Hall of Fame with his brother Dick. He lived his retirement years in peace with his wife Kay on his river home surrounded constantly by children and grandchildren.Visitation will be held Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at the Daniel F. O'Riley Funeral Home, 6107 S. East St. (US Hwy 31 South) from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. A Mass of Christian Burial will be at Holy Name Catholic Church in Beech Grove on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 10:00 am.In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Catholic Youth Organization of Indianapolis. Visit www.OrileyFuneralHome.com where you may express online condolences to the family.
  9. cbarnett

    Prayers for Jim Beeson -- long time IHSAA official

    Update............ Jim passed peacefully at 7:45AM on this Easter morning. A very fitting time to be called home for this very spiritual family man of 15 children, 7 of who were by his side this morning. Jim lost his wife and a daughter in the past year, and his 14 living children and plethora of grandchildren will cherish his memory. More details regarding his service will be forthcoming. Rest in peace old buddy!
  10. cbarnett

    Prayers for Jim Beeson -- long time IHSAA official

    A great family man, a great official, and an even better friend! Prayers to you and your family Jim
  11. cbarnett

    Possible ISWA matchups

    Doubled down and broke the bank
  12. cbarnett

    Weigh-in on a Monday question

    Before the question gets asked.... Holidays (such as MLK on Jan 15) do not count either. If you wrestled on Saturday, could not practice on Sunday due to IHSAA rules, had no school on the Monday holiday (but could still practice) and had a match on Tuesday, there is no additional weight allowance
  13. cbarnett

    Cathedral vs Perry

    Mike Reiser has a face made for radio
  14. cbarnett

    Bumping up a weight

    You are correct.... 148.1 or more
  15. Greenwood Middle School wrestling coach and IHSAA Official Tim Welch will be hosting a meeting/clinic at Greenwood MS on Monday January 8 at 7:00PM EST. Enter Door 8 on the south side of the building. Coach Welch is going to provide a summary of the rules, and especially the new rules as it applies to the out of bounds and uniform changes. This will be very informative and beneficial to coaches, especially the MS coaches that may otherwise not have access to some of the paperwork and electronic releases that are available to high school programs. Hope to see as many of you as possible in attendance! For more information contact Tim Welch at 317-797-5971 or twelch78@live.com
  16. cbarnett

    2018 IHSAA deadline for 6 qualifying weigh-ins

    Sorry, but that is a question that the IHSAA has to answer (or another knowledgeable coach), as we don't get any info on that topic Chuck Barnett, IHSAA 009350
  17. cbarnett

    Leg Turk nearfall

    I guess I’d preface it with the standard referee’s answer... “it’s usually not a black and white answer and I’d have to see the particular match/situation to comment” That being said, the question would be was he neutral and could he defend? Note: this response was typed from a cold deer stand Chuck Barnett, IHSAA Interpreter
  18. cbarnett

    How Difficult Is License Exam

    Open book test, Part I test, with no time limitation, and you are required to score 75% to become licensed. 100 questions. To renew every year you only need to pay your annual dues of $67. If, however, you apply for the sectional, you need to take the Part II test every year in December and score at least 90%. It is also 100 questions. Chuck Barnett IHSAA #009350
  19. cbarnett

    Grabbing the head

    By application, that is not illegal. There are, however, several things that you could do to make it illegal
  20. cbarnett

    Article on Harrison wrestling coach change

    Good luck Coach VanDerAa in your new endeavor
  21. cbarnett

    2017 Head Coaching Changes

    Terre Haute North new coach = Beau Pingleton
  22. cbarnett

    2017 Head Coaching Changes

    Northview new head coach = Tony Sanabria
  23. cbarnett

    Attempting to return to the mat?

    Casebook: Page 87 Section 6 Stalling 5-H In the advantage position, it is stalling when staying behind your opponent while on your feet, making no attempt to bring the opponent to the mat
  24. cbarnett

    Becoming a licensed IHSAA Referee

    Per my conversation with Assistant Commissioner Sandra Walter, they no longer offer probationary licenses, so you must be at least 18 years old AND out of high school.

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