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Everything posted by tyquhp13

  1. I'm not a fisher / hunter type of guy nor are my friends. State weekend has always been our guys weekend. I hope the kids still get to compete, just sad we'll not be able to attend. Thankfully technology might allow us to watch from other places.
  2. We have been having the same issue with sound. Contacted Track and one customer service agent told us to contact the IHSAA, then when I questioned that, another agent said they will contact event directors immediately. Hopefully that fixes things.
  3. I believe my aunt fainted in her seat after the throw. Will never forget it.
  4. If you go to columbus & euclid Iprefer the roast beef of Zel's
  5. I'm definitely biased. I Think Portage has a shot of winning this one from Hobart.
  6. Just a side note. At the Portage wrestling golf outing they have a scale and all alum have to weigh in and they give out a pig trophy for the person who gained the most weight.
  7. Graduated in 88' wrestled 135. Would wrestle 195 today, but wouldn't make it through the 1st period.
  8. Thanks for everything leroy. Enjoyed watching you on the mat as well as in the chair.
  9. Josh Warmick from Portage. Don't recall his JV record last year, but sectional and regional champ this year
  10. I can say that my boss does not like this discussion board. When he looks at my computer it is usually always up on one of my pages. He has come to know when wrestling season has started even though he doesn't even know what the sport is.
  11. Congrats Jacob, all the best for the future
  12. I'm just trying to get my posts up so I don't stay a regional qualifier forever.
  13. Has anyone looked at where the venues would be if it went to a class system? I'm not arguing either way I was just curious as to how far a 1A school would have to travel for each round, again just curious, I understand that wrestlers travel a lot anyway
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