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  1. Brayton Lee Article...

    Sunday I was at a meet in Brownsburg talking to a wrestler and his dad. I asked the wrestler if he knew who Brayton was and he said "Yes i was wanting to get his autograph." I called Brayton over and introduced the wrestler to him. Brayton could not have been nicer and talked with the young wrestler for a few minutes. CLASS ACT! ! Thanks Brayton
  2. Cathedral vs Perry

  3. NC SS Sneak Peek

    I will pay to referee this match!
  4. The referee is ALWAYS right!!
  5. Remember guys this is my home town and I have put the appropriate authorities on alert to keep a close watch on you two!!
  6. IHSWCA Middle School State

    I can answer the 1st question. The 2lb allowance is for the weight of the singlet and shoes combined. Wrestlers cutting weight is always going to happen. We had 5 scales working We weighed in all the wrestlers in about 45 minutes ( skin check, medical paperwork and weight check) the "regular way" all the extra clothes and bags,( and space for these items) wrestlers changing out of their singlets would have taken at least 3x's as long making the tournament last that much longer. Glad overall it was a good day for you
  7. Outstanding job men. I was nice to see the Indiana kids there with all the smiles on their faces. Great job coaches and parents you can be very proud of your young men. As officials we talk in great length among ourselves about the teams, the coaches and the wrestlers on all the teams. I saw some very bad sportsmanship from some of the wrestlers,coaches and parents. But I did not see that with any of the Indiana teams. I also did not hear of any issues regarding an Indiana team. Every one involved with these teams should be very proud of young men. Again great job. Dan Feser