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    ISWA Chairman Vote Keith Davison

    Just as a side note, current chairman Louis Rosbottom has been sent the same questions and has not responded. Here is the live hangout with Keith Davison and his written responses to the questions. Davison ISWA Chairman.pdf
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    IHPO matchups

    Random draw and they put different team names
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    ISWA Chairman Vote Keith Davison

    It’s sensible that people who only know me as a coach might think that I might be biting off more than I could chew with the ISWA Chairman role. I’ve also picked up vibes that some of the existing board members are bothered that my supporters and I believe that I could come in with no ISWA board experience and be an effective leader. Please know that I have a lot of respect and appreciation for our existing board for the countless and often thankless hours of work that they continue to put into the organization to help keep it going. On the other hand know that I have extensive volunteer leadership experience and would allocate the time that’s needed to get acclimated to the role and its responsibilities as well as assess what we do and how we do it before trying to prioritize what we should focus our efforts on improving. I’m not aiming to or promising that I’d fix “all of the problems.” I am not concerned about commitment significant amounts of my time to our cause. I have served the board as a coach of national teams for the past 6 years and have been generous with my time preparing for and traveling to these tournaments. My cumulative time that I’ve committed to these exceeds three months. I am currently president of our wrestling club and plan to reduce my involvement on that front to offset the added responsibilities of ISWA chair. From my vantage point it seems we have many capable board members in place and I wouldn’t intend to take effective people and processes and change them. However I do expect that feathers will be ruffled as we re-focus and make changes to our board as we move to being more wrestling centric as we work to be national wrestling power. Should I be voted in I will actively solicit and welcome thoughts and suggestions as to how we can improve as an organization.
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    I think Coach Davison is a pretty intelligent guy who would have an army of supporters behind him.
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    Girls H.S. Wrestling

    I absolutely agree. Southport was one of the schools I have been mentioning. I used to watch the Boys State Wrestling Championships there in the 70's perfect place.
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    Girls H.S. Wrestling

    Southport would be interested in hosting in the future. Get in contact with me if you are looking for a large Indianapolis site. Can put 6 mats down in one gym with enough space for all spectators and wrestlers to be in the stands. Ask anyone that was at Fresh/Soph. State last year. It turned out really well. Huge thanks to Mark Durham and Southport Administration!