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  1. Same. Appreciate all the work you have put in!
  2. Doesn't have regional stars yet, but rest of season! https://sports.wabash.edu/documents/2019/2/24//2018_2019_Wabash_College_Wrestling_Statistics_2_24_19.pdf?id=2744
  3. Don't they need 10 practices in to compete?
  4. Are you guys hosting stall camp this year?
  5. Watch out for them Little Giants!
  6. I heard that Mrs. 3B was the one running the cradle!
  7. Place top 8 from criteria, then take remaining 6-8 by criteria/write ins from each class and have a tournament to decide. I'll have to check with the powers to be but I'm sure we could host! Problem solved!
  8. Sounds like a scary dude....as scary as a sloth!
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