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  1. warsawwrestling

    SWINfan Shoutout

    Same. Appreciate all the work you have put in!
  2. warsawwrestling

    Indiana Wrestlers in College?

    Doesn't have regional stars yet, but rest of season! https://sports.wabash.edu/documents/2019/2/24//2018_2019_Wabash_College_Wrestling_Statistics_2_24_19.pdf?id=2744
  3. warsawwrestling

    Holiday Weekend Upsets

    Don't they need 10 practices in to compete?
  4. warsawwrestling


    Are you guys hosting stall camp this year?
  5. warsawwrestling


    Watch out for them Little Giants!
  6. warsawwrestling

    NFHS Wrestling Rules Update

    I heard that Mrs. 3B was the one running the cradle!
  7. warsawwrestling

    Bremen RWO

    Hope you have my size!
  8. warsawwrestling

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Place top 8 from criteria, then take remaining 6-8 by criteria/write ins from each class and have a tournament to decide. I'll have to check with the powers to be but I'm sure we could host! Problem solved!
  9. warsawwrestling

    Brandon Streck of Merrillville commits to

    You wore one and he didn't ask....
  10. warsawwrestling

    No Brownsburg RWO Thursday, 3-29

    Sounds like a scary dude....as scary as a sloth!
  11. warsawwrestling

    Reece Lefever-Warren RTC 3/14!!!

    I know one of them brats!

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