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  1. I called two weeks ago. They had one left. It was in a corner, and it was $4000...................It was an easy pass.
  2. Registration is open on Trackwrestling.com. Come win your belt! Flyer attached. Belt to champion in each weight class Medals to 2nd and 3rd Ribbons to 4th, 5th, and 6th Open to all states. Indy Folkstyle Belt Championship 2020 (1).pdf
  3. Cutting weight is a part of the sport for me. If they do go to a mat side weigh in we are still wrestling. Make the adjustments, and move on. I agree that logistics will be difficult, but if you just step on a scale when you check in for your first match of the day it could work. Might add an hour to a big tournament. Not saying I like the idea. I just think it is the only way to eliminate weight cutting IF that is a goal.
  4. We have those 3 teaching openings at Southport HS. Also trying to add to our Staff in the wrestling program. Shoot me an email or a text if you are interested. These positions will go fast!!! You need to reach out ASAP!!! Nick Skinner 765-278-7010 askinner@perryschools.org
  5. Southport's RWO will be cancelled for tonight and next week.
  6. Looks like we will have Franklin Central and Beech Grove in the room today. A few others have been in. Come in and roll.
  7. Southport High School is currently hiring for 2 Math and 1 Science position. Southport Middle School is hiring for Project Lead the Way Both the High School and the Middle School are hiring for a Guidance Counselor Plenty of Elementary Teaching positions available Looking to expand our staff. Former Purdue wrestlers at the High School (Nick Skinner and Sean Schmaltz). Former Warren Central placer at the Middle School (Dez Goddard). Former Southport H.S. Head Coach and current Administrator at the Middle School (Dave Walpole). This program is on the rise. Come help us grow. Extremely dedicated volunteers. Contact Head Coach if interested Nick Skinner askinner@perryschools.org 765-278-7010
  8. Come get some live in at Southport!!! A program on the rise. Former Purdue Wrestlers Nick Skinner and Sean Schmaltz will be here rolling on the mats with you. We had about 30 kids last week. Plenty of talent in the room for everyone. We wrestle in three separate 20 minute spurts. A lot of like, and situational wrestling. Focusing on Freestyle and Greco right now. Enter door 9 of Southport High School. The wrestling room is at the bottom of the ramp on the left. Come get some work in! Thursdays through Greco State. 6:30 - 8pm
  9. NO practice tonight. 6-7-2018. Taking team to Columbus East.
  10. Southport will be hosting an open live wrestling room every Thursday over the summer. 5:30 to 7pm. Enter door 9. Wrestling room is at the bottom of the ramp. Middle school and High School welcome. First one will be May 31st. No wrestling on July 5th. Last will be July 26th. Hope to see you there.
  11. SOUTHPORT will be running an OPEN live wrestling opportunity on Thursday nights. 5:30 - 7. Enter door 9. Wrestling room is at the bottom of the ramp. Only night we won't roll is July 5th.
  12. Sorry to hear about this Kyle. I lost my dad in July. I know the pain. Prayers from Nick Skinner, Sean Schmaltz, and Southport wrestling.
  13. Southport would be interested in hosting in the future. Get in contact with me if you are looking for a large Indianapolis site. Can put 6 mats down in one gym with enough space for all spectators and wrestlers to be in the stands. Ask anyone that was at Fresh/Soph. State last year. It turned out really well. Huge thanks to Mark Durham and Southport Administration!
  14. How old does a kid have to be before they can take the test? I have some high school kids that want to do it. Told them I didn't know if there was an age requirement.
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