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  1. I'm very honored (& a bit scared) at being chosen to serve as the next Chairman for ISWA. Thank you for your support...or perhaps your patience as I work to earn it.
  2. It’s sensible that people who only know me as a coach might think that I might be biting off more than I could chew with the ISWA Chairman role. I’ve also picked up vibes that some of the existing board members are bothered that my supporters and I believe that I could come in with no ISWA board experience and be an effective leader. Please know that I have a lot of respect and appreciation for our existing board for the countless and often thankless hours of work that they continue to put into the organization to help keep it going. On the other hand know that I have extensive volunteer leadership experience and would allocate the time that’s needed to get acclimated to the role and its responsibilities as well as assess what we do and how we do it before trying to prioritize what we should focus our efforts on improving. I’m not aiming to or promising that I’d fix “all of the problems.” I am not concerned about commitment significant amounts of my time to our cause. I have served the board as a coach of national teams for the past 6 years and have been generous with my time preparing for and traveling to these tournaments. My cumulative time that I’ve committed to these exceeds three months. I am currently president of our wrestling club and plan to reduce my involvement on that front to offset the added responsibilities of ISWA chair. From my vantage point it seems we have many capable board members in place and I wouldn’t intend to take effective people and processes and change them. However I do expect that feathers will be ruffled as we re-focus and make changes to our board as we move to being more wrestling centric as we work to be national wrestling power. Should I be voted in I will actively solicit and welcome thoughts and suggestions as to how we can improve as an organization.
  3. Should you wish to reach Robert Samuels, text me...bro. Illinois providing any details as to who they're sending to Fight Club?
  4. We have 4 in now: Mishawaka, Portage, Lake Central & Chesterton. Room for 4 more! If interested call Keith Davison ASAP @ 219/617-0034
  5. Thus far we've got Chesterton, Portage and Mishawaka committed and a few others on the fence. Room for 5 more with it being first-come, first-served!
  6. CHESTERTON FREESTYLE DUALS Saturday, April 11th 2015 LOCATION Chesterton High School 2125 South 11th Street Chesterton IN 46304 Use Entrance #31 @ northeast corner of school CONTACT Keith Davison Phone: 219-617-0034 E-mail: keith.davison@ampf.com ONE AGE DIVISION Grades 7th-12th MODIFIED WEIGHTS (honor system weigh-in) 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 180, 200, 285 A maximum of 8 teams will be permitted We will have 2- 4 team pools which will wrestled all 3 teams in pool then advance to 2- 4 team brackets TOP 2 TEAMS HERE ADVANCE TO FINAL AT CARMEL NEXT DAY, SAME PRICE AND FORMAT REGISTRATION Interested teams should contact Keith Davison to register their team. Registration will open on Monday, March 2nd and must be secured by payment of $150 Checks payable to Duneland Wrestling Club should be sent to 501 Hunters Court Chesterton, IN 46304 All wrestlers must have their USAW cards to participate. AWARDS Medals awarded to first, second, and third place teams SPECTATOR FEE $3.00 per person - $8.00 per family No cooler fee ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Concessions available on site Singlets, headgear and mouth guards mandatory **USAW cards must be purchased before tournament – no cards sold onsite!!**
  7. Team's shaping up! Coach Skinner saw your comment about check-in on Monday. Is our camp Monday, Tues and Weds or just Tues Weds? Greco weigh-ins are Wednesday night. Those wrestling both styles weigh in just once? Here's meet agenda: http://www.themat.com/events/2013_Schoolboy_Duals_Registration.pdf
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