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  2. The 2019 State First Timers!

    How about Blake Boarman taking 3rd on a leg that will need surgery? He'll have some great wrestlers to get past, but as well as he wrestled on a bum leg today, I could be convinced he might have won it this year if 100% healthy. Key word might.
  3. Team Scores

    For the record, I am neutral. So please don't beat up the messenger. This is for all you Mathletes out there. *** Official Team Scores: Cathedral 108, Brownsburg 100.5 If the Melloh-Mulkey match went the other way, Brownsburg gets 2nd (12pts for 2nd+ 2pt advancement in that match) & assuming Cathedral gets 3rd (9pts for 3rd). Plus, Snyder wouldn't have gotten the 3-point team penalty. So BB gets 8 more points & Cath gets 5 fewer points. Hypothetical team scores: Cathedral 103, Brownsburg 108.5
  4. B Lee class act

    As I was leaving “The Bank” tonight, which was during the 170 final, I saw Brayton in the hallway with about 5 younger kids talking with them and letting them hold his Medal and put around there necks.... I thought to myself how awesome that was only a few minutes after he had received his Medal.... I think with the example of this fine young man leading the way, the state of Indiana wrestling is in very good shape!!!
  5. most impressive TODAY??

    Kris Rumph was a takedown machine tonight! Was glad to see him and his quickness back in offensive mode. Very impressive weekend!
  6. Team Scores

    damn that's impressive
  7. The 2019 State First Timers!

    Montgomery,Mahan and Brewer will all contend next year.. and Trizton carson is set for surgery in 2 weeks on his shoulder that kept coming out all season and 4x at semi state.. he too if healthy will contend next year and that's a promise.
  8. Team Scores

    This year's IHSAA program says the record was 105.5 -- 2016 Warren Central. I just checked & Warren had 2 pins in that Friday session so the stupid no-Friday-night-bonus-points rule lowered the points from 109.5 to 105.5. And now Cathedral holds the record at 108.
  9. Region?!?

    Mason majors him...He's might slow mason down at first.. but once that pressure mounts the constant attacks willl add up and the the size will become a factor..They always say if you got 2 guys with equal skill set that's when the natural advantages will come into play..mason 12-4 would be my guess...but I could be wrong it could be closer but there's only 1 outcome I could see.. as that's mason winning 10 out of 10 matches.. and this is no knock on Davison because he beat a animal in Penola 3x this year but there's a big difference in Penola and mason.. It's a bummer that Penola didn't get to face Davison in the finals that was the true title match at 195.
  10. With this year in the books, it’s 365 days (or so) until the next state finals! There are a lot of underclasmen I was impressed with but I went ahead and made a quick list of some guys I think should be early season favorites, who haven’t won it yet, for next year! Logan bailey (gave Moran his toughest match and won 3rd place 8-0) Manzona Bryant (again gave the champ his toughest match and dominated for 3rd) DJ Washington JR (he teched the guy in his 5th place match and it took Lee the longest to tech him...) Silas Allred (has been dominant all year and every other placer this year was a Senior) what underclassmen studs am I missing??
  11. Melloh and Mulkey

    Wow just watched the match again. Mulkey literally just brought him to the mat. So he even improved his position what an awful call
  12. Cathedral on FIRE

    As much as it pains me to say this congrats Cathedral! Y'all brought it as usual.
  13. Cathedral on FIRE

    Lol nah the old country buffet after our 5th place finish soothed my soul that year ?... but in saying that NC lost 4 times to the hands of EMD from 94-01...and it wasn't fun any of those times I promise lol..But emd beat everybody back then, so I don't dwell on it... the aura of invincibility they had back then was strong.. their fans also were a great weapon too.. you couldn't hear yourself think once they got going.. they def represented to the fullest!
  14. Cathedral on FIRE

  15. Cathedral on FIRE

    Wow!!!! Can Jordan win a match because he knows how to win? Jordan did exactly what he had to do!!!!!
  16. Graber / Walton

    Yessir... and what about kasper.. you know Indiana is loaded when NATIONALLY ranked kid gets 6th... similar to Kobe woods.. ranked nationally then losing twice at state.
  17. Cathedral on FIRE

    So did hearing Maurer on the broadcast tonight haunt you? ha ha
  18. Graber / Walton

    I'd put Walton right alongside Ty Mills in that category
  19. Cathedral on FIRE

    Trust me us new castle alum know the wrath of Goebels Mater dei lol.. beat us bk 2 bk years for the state title when both teams were ranked nationally..and did I mention in 01' team state when we got 5th they beat us by the largest deficit in tourney history..66-3 and we weren't no scrubs with 5 state qualifiers and 10 ss qualifiers and they rag dolled us.. but im lln our defense it was one of the best teams in Indiana history .. mauer teched me and it was humbling to say the least lol.. and new castle and cathedral also have a rivalry history
  20. Today
  21. Graber / Walton

    Agreed - surprised me how well Graber did. Congratulations
  22. Graber / Walton

    I was in awe how many times Graber got in on Walton legs in the final period.. and he avoided the most dreaded chin whip since Dustin Nosko..Graber was the poster child of emptying the gas tank..Walton has been so fun the last few years to watch and he's one of the better guys not to win a title in recent years..3 straight semi finals appearances like Mappes but came up short.. regardless I def be following both of these fine wrestlers college careers.
  23. Sam Fair’s Singlet

    It was one of the Perry Meridian Freestyle/Greco singlets. McClurg wore his on the opposite side in 2013 when he won.
  24. most impressive TODAY??

    Yes, and ironically, it was a Merrillville kid.
  25. Melloh and Mulkey

    Personally don’t care where the ref went to HS. bit I agree with the opinion that it was a poor call. I just want to see the kids decide the outcome on the mat. Call stalemate if you don’t like it and stand them back up
  26. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Poor call. It was a rollthrough he never settled flat IMO
  27. Melloh and Mulkey

    Exactly, there’s no way to prevent it fully or know for certain, but I believe if we can take any measure to prevent bias we should
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