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  1. GrecoCoach

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    #1 - Matside Weigh Ins - This would eventually eliminate improper weight cutting and the weight management plan. And the added bonus of not having to wake up quite as early every Saturday will help keep some kids in the sport longer. #2 - Step Out (1 pt) - I would make it 2 feet out gives the opponent a point. 1 foot really shrinks the wrestling area and does the opposite of the college out of bounds rule. Also, 1 foot out is still technically in bounds. Make it both feet out. #3 - Stalling - First one is a warning. Every one after that gives opponent choice of position. If refs aren't "giving" points and they are earned/chosen instead, then they will be more likely to call it. If a wrestler is called for it on top and bottom wrestler chooses neutral or top, then 1 point is awarded for either. This also eliminates the dreaded (and lazy) "double stalling" call from refs (except for the warnings, which I'm okay with at times). This takes the match result out of the ref's hands and gets rid of the end of match stalling call (or no call) that decides the match. #4 - Five Match Limit - If a match ends in the first period, then it doesn't count towards the 5 match limit (similar to the thinking behind forfeits don't count). This would allow for bigger brackets with fewer limit problems. It will still happen, but a lot less often.
  2. Another addition: DIII - Alexander Strueder - UW Platteville - 149 - FR - 13-14 - Fishers High School
  3. None of this can happen until the IHSAA changes its philosophy on classes. Right now, the IHSAA only sees sports as Team (classed) or Individual (no classes). The only way to change this is to partner with other individual sports and make our case. Best case scenario is to convince the IHSAA to add a 3rd category: Team (football, basketball, etc.) Group Individual (cross country, swimming, etc.) 1v1 Individual (wrestling, tennis, ?any others?) Cross country has 100 individuals racing against everyone at once, so the top 8 are the 8 best. Wrestling (and tennis) have head-to-head match-ups that eliminate individuals before they can compete against everyone, so a true top 8 isn't possible. This is an argument for wrestlebacks, too, but that is a different discussion. Using cross country as an example will help because Commissioner Bobby Cox has that coaching in his background.
  4. GrecoCoach

    Most anticipated match Friday Night all time?

    Danny Williams of Warren Central (senior year) was still recovering from an injury and defaulted to 4th at Semi State. I think he was ranked 1st and wrestled #2 on Friday night on his way to winning the state title. I don't remember the year.
  5. GrecoCoach

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Thanks for the info. I guess I should have entered my email on the form 🤷‍♂️
  6. GrecoCoach

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    How does someone edit (or even see) their picks that have been submitted?
  7. GrecoCoach

    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    This is a total guess, but maybe the difference is that Carmel High School self reported the violation to the IHSAA? Punishments are usual lower if it is self reported as opposed to trying to hide it from them. Again, I don’t know anything about you or your situation, so this is just a guess not meant to be a personal attack. If the situations aren’t exactly the same, then the punishments probably won’t be either.
  8. GrecoCoach

    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    Has nobody learned not to bash people (especially high school kids) until the whole story comes out? I’ve been searching for info most of the day but have only found one vague article and a bunch of people on here ready to execute them. It all seems strange to me because some of these duals were from early December. Who knew about these for most of the season and waited to report it until until the right before sectionals? By everyone’s comments here, that person also put all these kids’ lives in danger for a couple months for not reporting it sooner. The article I read did state that Carmel’s Athletic Dept self reported the violations to the IHSAA as soon as they learned of it. But there was no info on how they were told. I’m going to choose to wait on my judgement and what an appropriate punishment would be until more info comes to light.
  9. GrecoCoach

    An Idea to Think About.

    I'm only chiming in because you're talking about the school where I coached... Fishers High School is difficult to compare because of it's relatively short history. It began as a high school in 2006. Our first 2 years were rough without seniors and only a couple of experienced wrestlers. Building a program is also difficult without any alumni, especially ones who are parents helping with the youth program. But we did have success before, during, and after Mitch: 2007 - x 2008 - x 2009 - Brad Farrell 5th, Patrick Lux SQ 2010 - Mitch 3rd 2011 - Mitch 3rd 2012 - Mitch 1st, Jordan Lile SQ 2013 - Mitch 1st, Seth Riley 4th, Jordan Lile SQ 2014 - Jordan Lile 8th (with torn ACL), Lance Syverson SQ 2015 - Alexander Strueder SQ, Mason Gaines SQ 2016 - x (new head coach) 2017 - x 2018 - Alexander Strueder SQ (new head coach) 2019 - TBD (another new head coach) So probably the bigger factor in the lack of sustained success following Mich was the coaching turnover (4 different head coaches in the last 5 years). I guess that's my fault.
  10. GrecoCoach

    An Idea to Think About.

    It’s spelled Harreld. Don’t want you to get thrown on your head. 🤣
  11. GrecoCoach

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Fishers High School Old Coach - Jason Cook New Coach - Frank Ingalls (School board approved tonight) Congrats Coach Ingalls!
  12. GrecoCoach

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    I heard Hobart, but not official.
  13. GrecoCoach

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Fishers High School looking for new head wrestling coach https://www.applitrack.com/hamiltonse/onlineapp/
  14. GrecoCoach

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Hamilton Southeastern old coach - Kyle Poyer new coach - Courtney Duncan Congrats Coach Duncan!
  15. GrecoCoach

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    That's probably enough for light weights. But for many mid to upper weights it is more necessary to be well prepared for other attacks in situations where shots don't work.

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