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  1. I'm not sure all the seniors would even want another year. They were prepared to finish off their college careers and graduate. It doesn't seem very appealing to have to remain in school, train another full year, keep cutting weight, and battle through another season. And a few may just want to move on to the Olympic styles. Postponing until May would be cool for fans, but they are probably not going to be able to practice much at all with the campuses shut down. It would be difficult to make weight and wrestle their best with that much time off. It's really a no-win scenario.
  2. Schoolboy National Duals? Are they still hosted here in Indiana? I know the kids are younger, but it's still quite big with a lot of talent from across the nation.
  3. That's awesome! How many years ago was this proposed? I'm assuming this is a bylaw change, so when is the next chance for an AD to propose this?
  4. I complete agree with that reasoning for our travel restrictions. The top teams would go to the big national tournaments and draw in more of our studs from nearby communities. The rich would get richer. However, I have a big problem with the IHSAA restricting the travel of schools outside of Indiana. Why do they get to dictate travel for teams from other states? If a really good team from Iowa wants to spend the time and money to compete at the Mater Dei Classic, and their school and state association allow it, then who is that hurting from Indiana?
  5. I'm curious what the percentages are for other IHSAA individual sports. For example, I wonder if the state qualifiers for cross country or track are more evenly distributed than us for small, medium, and large schools. Or, maybe, they have a similar distribution as ours. If I have a little free time, I'll look into it. I'm just not that passionate about this topic one way or the other. I enjoy our single-class tournament, but I would also enjoy a classed tournament. There are probably a lot of people like me who would be fine with either.
  6. Schools vs Population are 2 very extreme stats that neither represent wrestling very well. I'd be more interested in seeing the percentages based on participation. The weight certification data would be one way to get the number of wrestlers per school. There are very small schools with lots of wrestlers that overall do quite well. And there are very large schools with very few wrestlers that overall don't do so well. The number of wrestlers in the room is going to have a big impact on the success for that school. Anyone know who has access to that data? Just nee
  7. Can we get this match shown on the big screen between the placement matches and the finals? It’d get the crowd more pumped up than just some music.
  8. 152 - Garrett Stuckman - Wawasee Undefeated (16-0) senior, semistate champ, faces another unranked Friday night then #5 Saturday morning. Probably a better situation than any other unranked guys.
  9. NCAA D1 uses an all blue mat for the finals because it looks the best on a video camera. Also, wouldn't our state set-up look great with 2 more mats for 56 extra wrestlers to get a chance to wrestle on them?
  10. From IHSAA.org about the track state finals: Advancement from State Meet Trials to Finals 1. 110 and 100 Hurdles, 100; 200 a. 3 heats with 9 b. 1st, 2nd from each heat plus next 3 best times. Now imagine that they just used the top 3 from each of the 3 heats. The track coaches would have a huge issue with who was in each heat. And the 4th best runner could easily be eliminated before the finals in a faster heat. The IHSAA has put in place a system to better allow the 9 best runners to advance. The difference is that track (and
  11. Basketball coaches recruit, swimming coaches change times for state cuts, etc. There are some unethical coaches in every sport that try to cheat the system. Those coaches should be punished individually. It's very petty for the IHSAA to punish the entire sport because of a few coaches. And I'm guessing that violates at least one of their bylaws.
  12. Here's what I remember the story being, which also explains how the IHSAA thinks... The coaches' association proposed not scoring the first round (pigtails) of SECTIONALS because not all teams had that match, and some close Sectional team scores/champions were determined by who had the most pigtail matches. The IHSAA took that and then decided that it should be consistent throughout the whole state series, so team scores don't start until the quarter finals at each stage. And since nobody at the IHSAA understands wrestling, they cannot fathom why Semi State and State would be any differ
  13. Having an IHSAA commissioner that understands wrestling would be very helpful. A lot of the rules/bylaws need to be able to apply to all sports, though. But it is irritating how old school / outdated / ancient some of the rules in Indiana are compared to the rest of the country. Until we can get a wrestler on the inside, we need to play by their rules and propose changes that have a chance to pass. And maybe lead to something better in the future. I think getting 5th place matches back for qualification could be a stepping stone to full wrestlebacks at Semi State.
  14. This topic has nothing to do with wrestlebacks at State. Let's fix Semi State first with a solution that will be hard for the IHSAA to dismiss.
  15. Maybe I didn't explain it enough. Saturday of State would be exactly the same. Friday would have a short round of 4v5 and then the normal Friday night round, leaving the usual 8 left per weight class. If they put 6 mats down for Friday night, they wouldn't need to start any earlier and could still finish around 10pm. Edit: Currently there are 112 matches on Friday night on 4 mats = 28 matches/mat New would be 168 matches on Friday night on 6 mats = 28 matches/mat Friday night of state would take the exact same amount of time to get through the 2 rounds.
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