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  1. Actually, in a pinning situation, the second official should not be watching for a pin at all. His job is to watch the line if close to OB, or the top of the action to look for blood, illegal holds, eye gouging, choking, any penalties, and then let the #1 official know. The best officials leave egos out of it and worry about getting the call right. In the end, that's why there are two of them out there. I had a call overturned Saturday. After the match I thanked the #1 official, not for changing the call, but for being willing to listen to me first, then go and talk with the other official who had a better angle. That's how it should work. Get the call right, no matter what.
  2. You can find out which schools voted for you but not what they voted. The only person with this knowledge is RF.
  3. Ok, so now it begs the question. If 1A, 2A, and 3A all have around 80 schools in them, why does 1A and 2A get 12 and 3A 8? All the arguments you made for that being good for those programs remains the same for 3A. I know why you all are fighting to have more in those classes, it benefits YOUR team, I get it. But having 8 in each division is fair and makes for a better tourney.
  4. Love the idea. Makes for a much more competitive tourney at each level, easier to run with 8 man brackets. Two adjustments I would like to see. 1. Private schools are not "community based" teams and as such should be put in 4A automatically. 2. 3A cut off at 1,800. Puts a more reasonable number of teams in 4A. I commend the committee for listening and making a change to the previous format.
  5. Mt Vernon took a team for the first time, all MV kids. We forfeited 195 all tourney. Went 6-4, loosing 3 duals by 3 points and 1 by 6 I think. Had 2 8th graders and 5 freshmen in the lineup. After loosing all those heartbreakers in our pool, we bounced back and won the bronze bracket. Finished with 8 AA’s! Had a blast, learned a lot! We’ll be back!
  6. Indiana Maraurders looking for 195 to go to Disney. Transportation, lodging, with team. Call Coach Hayes at 317-678-0599 if interested. Coach Hayes
  7. Indiana Marauders need a 182 and a 195 for dual tourney at Delta this Saturday. 7 lbs weight allowance (in singlet and shoes). Call Coach Hayes 317-678-0599 if interested.
  8. How are these Indiana teams selected?
  9. Love the way you are promoting the sport! Keep up the good work Dave.
  10. The caution tape and sheets are done by coaches because they get in early. The arena staff should go in and take all of that stuff down as soon as it is put up.
  11. They are both freshmen but not related.
  12. That would be a 1 pound allowance, not 2, unless same school did not practice yesterday as well,
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