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  1. We can, and should expect kids to be able to weigh in moments before they wrestle. They should be adequately hydrated before competition and if we really are concerned about weight loss practices, mat side weighing may be a way to enforce better weight management issues.
  2. Yes, as opposed to having all the wrestlers gathered in the same locker room. For a duel meet, wrestlers weigh at the score table as they check in. For a multi-duel or tournament, weigh ins could be conducted as normal.
  3. Has anybody kicked around the thought of matside weigh-ins during this pandemic? Maybe +1 pound or so.
  4. I preach the rule to our coach and wrestlers. I beg them to make sure they have their qualifying weigh-ins. I'm beginning to wonder why.
  5. Can there be a green weigh-in that is a little high?
  6. Yes, you are correct. The interpretation by RF is 100% wrong. All wrestling coaches know that. Well, except for the stubborn ones who want the number seed. There should be no confusion. If A beat B, and no other opponents beat either one, then A is a higher seed than B. It really is that simple.
  7. So, not a fan of mat side weigh ins?
  8. This may have been discussed before, but coaches, what are your thoughts on mat side weigh ins for dual meets?
  9. I've been a proponent of mat-side weigh-ins for several years now.
  10. A wrestler only has to make scratch weight once. Otherwise, a weigh-in will count as one of the 6 qualifying weigh-ins any time the wrestler is at or above the weight as listed on his report.
  11. The 2% parent form is not available for wrestlers who have less than 7% body fat. The physician's note however is required. If a wrestler has less than 7% BF, that wrestler CANNOT go any lower than his alpha weight. Example: alpha weight = 120.1, BF = 6.9%, wrestler cannot go 120.
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