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  1. Chad Buntin 1996 knocked off #1 Redman of Mishawaka at Semi-State and never looked back. Virtually unranked at the time but, came back to Frankfort as our 1st Wrestling State Champion.
  2. We currently have 7 teams and are looking for 1 more team for Jan 25th. Please email Billy Birge at bbirge1027@gmail.com or birgeb@frankfort.k12.in.us
  3. Elijah Anthony......Boom Baby!! 10-5 easily advances to state. Congratulations, keep it up. Keep turning heads.
  4. Man o Man, I really think this class is wide open. With Webster cradling Irick with what seemed with ease, and Irick beating Webster 2X previously and win over Cornwell. It's tough! I don't know enough about Campbell but those other 3 wow, some would say Webster has to be the favorite with the last win.
  5. Anthony loses to Chundi in Sectional & Regional Championships whom is a legit top 4 guy and was in both matches but gave up late Takedowns both times. No way I would bet against this boy.
  6. 106: Cottey/Anthony/Perry/Chundi 113: Seltzer/White/Simone/Pierson 120: Eldred/Lowery/Owens/Moseley 126: Walendzak/Slivka/Ross/Wagner 132: Brown/Bailey/Viduya/Johnson 138: Wilkerson/Freije/Smith/Phillips 145: Warren//Graves/Hall/Mosconi 152: Rodgers/Fair/Noehre/Magnus 160: Lowe/Lohrey/Slivka/Davis 170: Saez/Mahan/Lowe/Klettheimer 182: Farrell/Sterrett/Bacon/Morgan 195: Heldt/Lane/Bynum/Allred 220: Cornwell/Irick/Webster/Campbel HWT: Harris/Keller/Kunkleman/Watts
  7. At North Montgomery, HWT Kolten Keller Clinton Central looked really good. Look for him to make nice run the next couple of weeks.
  8. Got beat in the Semis by Dylan Driver Westfield 10-0. Then lost the 3rd place match to Brac Hooper 4-1.
  9. At North Montgomery 113: #4 Bautista over #1 Hall. Bautista has beaten him 2x this year both in great back & forth matches. This will be another great meeting no doubt.
  10. What are some of the predictions for some 4's over 1's this weekend?
  11. Sagamore Conference has been moved to Friday Night at Frankfort with a 5PM Start Time.
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