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  1. Thomas Dull competed in the Pembroke open at UNC Pembroke last Sunday out of the Campbell University wrestling room. In his first college tournament Thomas went 3-2 with his first collegiate win being a pin in :43 against last years North Carolina 182 pound 3A state champion. Nice start to his season by finishing 4th place at 174 pounds. Thomas is signed up for the Wolfpack open at NC State this weekend.
  2. From the parents side. One thing that I think is lost is the amount of money that can be poured into a "career". Most parents want the best that they can get for their child/children. I know that when we had both of our children in a sport (different sports of course. volleyball and wrestling) we spent almost $10,000 on team fees, travel for different events, entry fees and even flight tickets and hotel costs for several team coaches when we had to drive 950 miles as parents to get to a venue. With those types of costs parents do expect higher returns from their kids. One other thing I will say. I have been a hard ass on my kid when he was young, but after those hard ass sessions it was always followed by build up sessions. You can't tear a kid down and not build him back up. As WE both got older the tear down sessions became fewer and farther between, but the build up sessions continued after every match! Many parents forget the second part of the equation, which is an unfortunate cause to kids leaving the sport (not just wrestling). Just my two cents (probably only worth a penny though lol)!
  3. Congratulations to the Goering's! Great kid loved the time we got to spend with him!
  4. Ds Dad

    4 OVER 1'S

    Irick was 32-7 last year
  5. Ds Dad


    Yes he did. Was the first state champion from Delta I believe.
  6. Ds Dad


    Tim Klingensmith's Jay County Patriots in the 80's
  7. Tanner Christenberry seeded 6th at Bloomington North sectional. placed 4th at sectional and 3rd at regional yesterday at Bloomington South regional
  8. Thomas Dull vs Jacob Hendrich. These two have wrestled each other since grade school. Greg Stultz Invite, Sectional, Regional, Semi-State last year. Both same grade. Always a close match!
  9. Ds Dad

    Conference Indiana

  10. Conference Indiana this Saturday at Perry: Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Columbus North, Franklin Central, Perry Meridian, Southport, Terre Haute North and Terre Haute South
  11. Thanks to Fabio Jr. it was fun seeing the behind the scenes fun of semi state rankings. If any of you haven't sat through one of these, I think Joe should make it mandatory before you're allowed to complain about the rankings. Lol! In all seriousness get your results in if you want your (or any) kids looked at. It would really help these guys out!!
  12. Prayers going up from the Dull family for this young man and his family!
  13. Ds Dad

    2016 Evansville Reitz Hill Classic

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