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  1. Relating to this, I still believe there should be a JV state tournament of some sort to keep JV wrestlers seasons extended as well as seeing who the best backups are, who to watch for in the future, etc.
  2. No matter what school, its always fun to see what kind of warm-ups, singlets, and other gear the wrestlers get to wear for State! Always fun to see what schools bring out the flashy shiny pants, but the old school gear is just as great!
  3. Cameron Jones from Lawrence North hit a spladle in 2015 on friday night against Brett Baker of Belmont in 19 seconds
  4. Predicting a few interesting upsets here 106: Brayden Curtis 113: Alec Viduya 120: Cayden Rooks 126: Graham Rooks 132: Jeremiah Reitz 138: Brendan Black 145: Brayton Lee 152: Joe Lee 160: Brad Laughlin 170: Burk Vanhorn 182: Alec Jessop 195: Andrew Davidson 220: Mason Parris 285: Evan Ellis
  5. I think Tyler Bowling can be brought into the conversation as well. He lost to Turner 7-6, a pretty decent wrestler in my opinion
  6. In the offseason, I believe HSE freshman Reece Luhmann (30-11) beat Perry Meridian Brayden Lowery (40-2)...should be an interesting first round matchup!
  7. There seems to be a lot of county championships this weekend, including Hamilton County, Hancock, City, and a few others I'm pretty sure.
  8. Nick has nothing to lose if he chases someone like Brayton, and would provide another stellar matchup next year in the state finals. If these two dodged each other in February I would be highly disappointed imo
  9. Gable would destroy Mason, nothing against him but the edge Gable has with international styles puts him on a different level.
  10. Well, you can't blame your own kids for not wrestling freestyle or greco. That's got to take some convincing from coaches for them to like it. Just because they say it's "boring" or "not fun" or "they don't know how to wrestle the style" is a bunch of bologna. The coaches need to push these styles more. Indiana is losing a competitive edge and hype surrounding these styles, and the people who wrestle the styles will do much better, because they got more mat time, and got better because of it. Who cares if a wrestler messes up or did something wrong. If they learned something from their mistake
  11. Football and Wrestling are very tough to balance, and the amount of kids that do it are at a relatively high number as well. A lot of times, the coaches have an issue with either sport and dislike it completely making the claim that "their sport is more important." This especially occurs in the summer when even the top kids are trying to balance offseason, and summer workouts including team camps, practices, etc. Its a tough decision to make.
  12. Deondre Wilson at the end of his career was an absolute killer. I could see him potentially pulling off an upset. 2 great athletes and wrestlers 1 v 1.
  13. This isn't just a location specific issue. I think this just needs to be a plea to all wrestling fans on take pride in the way you take care of where you are. Leaving trash on the ground or smoking on a smoke free campus is disrespectful of property whether it be just a small school or bankers life. There are people who work their tails off to clean the facilities we take for granted and the least we can do is make their job easier. Taking something outside of school property or throwing away trash is an easy task to perform, and there are many more things that could go on this list
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