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  1. I would imagine. I thought I heard them say that half of the finalists in the big ten were from either Pa or NJ.
  2. This is pretty cool something the Illinois coaches assoc. put together. Looks like they have 22 to our 11. That seems about right any idea how many Ohio and Pennsylvania have.
  3. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fplaymarchmatness.com%2F&h=AT3ERUgq75FwZTuruLtZtmHoeESsAgJMiWoKv-r6ui3vMbTB2hDgBct9HZoozs5Z7N0CXUNitGPqHzCnR4qs_U5Yn-olvgNfP_KGSLwvimOqKChWZ5QRSvsEAK0v&s=1 here's a fantasy wrestling site I came across on Facebook
  4. Skyler Lykins from Franklin qualifies @ 157 from the Colorado School of Mines.
  5. Wow, only 5 out of 80 place winners from 132 on up were frosh/soph. Come to think of it only 24 total. That seems low, I could be wrong maybe that’s typical. Do we just have an extremely deep jr/sr class or is this the norm?
  6. You have two state champions battling for a state title and you call a very questionable and very fast pin fall (IMO). Ruined what could’ve been an epic match. Fans lost that one.
  7. And how does Masconi have 19 points with 1 fall 1 major and 1 reg. dec while Slivka only has 18 points with 2 falls and a dec? I’m just trying to figure our the scoring as well.
  8. I’ve got 11/14 with 4 in the finals and 1 for third and 2 for fifth and 4 for seventh.
  9. I believe La Lumiere chooses not to be associated with the IHSAA so they are free to travel and play a national schedule
  10. lance Ellis had 151 pins in 177 matches and I'm sure some or most of those other 26 matches were forfeits
  11. Could have a 1 vs 2,3,4 or 5 on Friday night. Let’s hope NC doesn’t draw EV at that weight.
  12. All the weights are crazy difficult but 145 is insane! #2,3,4,5 all in the same SS. Somebody is going to have a rough Friday night next weekend
  13. Hopefully it starts at 25 and can come down to Parris again.
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