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  1. Totally misread that and thought you were saying he had 165 TDs in a season he went 11-12, was like HOW?!? Haha
  2. Hayden and Gage if I’m not mistaken
  3. At the end of the day Isaac Ruble is a great wrestler, will undoubtedly capture 1 if not 2 titles. Cottey scored big early and did what he needed to do to capture another state title. I’d venture to say that any wrestler in Cottey’s position would’ve wrestled the same. You’re under the lights with a 5-0 lead in the first. You’re gonna wrestle more defensive at that point, you’re gonna be cautious, you’re gonna hang out on the edge, you’re gonna take a stall call or 2. This is state, period. Cottey had proven himself, he’s got his letter signed, but he still had the hunger to win. Call it chipp
  4. Definitely “could’ve” done more, but didn’t have to. Alexander should’ve done more. Jones wrestled his match, continued upper body action trying to work in his trips off his ties. Alexander got up early and tried to kick it in cruise control. They can only wrestle it out if there’s 2 guys trying to actually wrestle.
  5. The screen going black for 5-10 seconds every time they switch cameras on mat 2 is killing me!
  6. Absolutely, that was a tough call, the bottom half of 126 are interchangeable 1A and 1B really
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