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  1. Where can we see the teams?
  2. I thought Cottey was a lock at 106 this year, hadn’t seen or heard much about the Culver kid, Cernus. If Cottey stays at 106 and Cernus moves up to 113 or vice versa, I could see Cottey taking home a title in early 2020
  3. Great for him, especially considering he’s been wrestling a grand total of 18(ish) months. Saw him at NC SS and state. Truly gifted athlete.
  4. Simone also beat Perry
  5. Does anyone know when the draws for state are taking place and when that information will be available?
  6. Jake Simone @ 113 Moran would obviously be the worst of the 3 draws, but he’s Teusche’s only loss this year and has beaten Dalton in the past. His losses to Pierson and White were both much closer than the scores indicated After watching the action at New Castle this weekend, reading about the other SS’s and seeing some “locks” (even in my own eyes) losing in the 1st and ticket rounds I’m convinced anything can happen.
  7. At North Mont they use 4 for the 1st round and then 2 the rest of the way
  8. Are the bold names your predictions for winners? If so who’s your pick at 220, the only weight you didn’t bold a name
  9. Brackets are up for North Mont regional
  10. I wouldn’t sleep on Dylan Driver from Westfield, 2nd to Simone at Frankfort in a better match than the score indicated, with Harreld our due to a collarbone Driver should make it through to SS at New Castle
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