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Posts posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. 2 hours ago, GenHeavyHandz said:

    They won’t be surprised. They are very aware.  Go back and do a side by side comparison of their accomplishments and on paper he is comparable to Parris at the same age.    But more seasoned. Secondly he has already beaten state qualifiers from Indiana who were graduating seniors at a higher weight class.  He hasn’t even started to lift yet.  I’ve seen him score on an NAIA National Champion at his weight multiple times.  Film won’t due it for you.  Come up and roll with him then tell me what you think. 5th? He’ll be ranked no lower than 3rd day one.

    All that is awesome, I'd love to get with him sometime and work with him...I totally believe he'll be at least a 2xer or better.. You're right film doesn't do him justice, I'm just saying top 5 because I don't wanna make seem as if I trying to put pressure on a kid I don't know personally not that my opinion matters just making a honest assessment.. I'm glad 5th seems far too low and love the belief you have in him....


    Parris didn't compete on a national stage hardly at his age, but he did beat a nationally ranked caliber stud in the ticket round his freshman year in a war with the legendary Ben Stewart from cathedral that blast doubled ppl to hell and back.. Parris was robbed in the state semis and easily could've been a 4xer undefeated state champ. You almost make seem as if you think I'm not giving him enough credit or am dogging him.. when you're being compared to Parris and Allred you're def getting your due! I even said he could surpass them and I hope he does, I will always root for any and every kid that I'm not coaching against at that very moment and even then I'm hoping the opponents are Wrestling their best in order to make my Wrestlers compete to their best ability..


    it does nothing but help elevate our states ever improving talent.. I'm old and fat now, the last thing I need is, a young Lion attacking me with a huge gas tank and technical prowess to boot..... I'll never root against any kid regardless their ties.. I look at everybody in this sport as extended family, unless someone bad mouths my ppl or tries big Timing me, I'm going to have everybody back in this sport..


    I just love combat sports more than life itself almost and will always do my best to give back to wrestling, because it saved my life..


    I got a good 2 minutes of hell in me and still tangle with my guys during live but more so coach them through situations and flurries as we wrestle and give them a suffice look so every time we finish a session they're better than when they walked in..


    . I'll take your word for it and what I've gathered watching King Capone, all love here, how about you post a video of you getting whooped on, 😂

  2. 30 minutes ago, GenHeavyHandz said:

    I’d argue he is already elite.  Ceiling is Uber high.  Mentality is solid and he talks to a vet like me the same way he talks to the seven year old who looks up to him: with respect.  No ego what so ever but definitely confident.  He is like a sponge and is self-aware.  Coachable is an understatement and he improves every match.  He also knows he has room to improve. Circle is extra tight. These next 4 years should be fun to watch.

    He's def elite in his age Division I was just referring to at HS and beyond.. Just like Parris and Allred we'll see how he does vs the older big men being a big guy coming in as a Freshman...In think he will place top 5 as a freshman and that's huge coming in at 182 or higher! Parris placed 3rd at 182 and Silas was upset in ticket round at 170..or he could even surpass them fellas.. Can't wait to see his journey and will be rooting for him as the way.

  3. On 6/5/2021 at 6:52 AM, Ahawkeye said:

    I had not heard about the passing of Silas' father, I' m glad his dad got to see his high school success. We all get to places by different paths, his was not your typical path but from way outside looking in I believe he did his best to make up for any missteps. 

    Good luck to Silas, I really enjoyed watching him wrestle. Silas really is 1 in a billion, hopefully he can continue to stay focused and achieve his goals.

    His father and myself became good friends after Silas and my guy Trizton Carson put on an instant classic at the first ever Freshman/sophmore state championships  5 years ago in a war.. after that We spent many nights talking about not only wrestling but life in general.. He was so passionate and educated in this this thing we call life.. He was without a doubt One the most reformed and thankful ppl I have ever known who was constantly working on being better then the day before..


    Never hid from his past and worked everyday to strengthen his faith and strive to give his family the best life possible.. He was so strong not only physically but mentally and spiritually.. He suffered really bad the last year he was on this earth but never once Griped or wanted pity.. He always wanted to help the next man and never wanted ppl to feel sorry for him..Big E was one of the greatest men I ever met and one of the best ppl this sport had lead me to..


    Loved that dude and he wants silas to not only be an elite wrestler but seen him becoming UFC champ one day after his wrestling days... Loved that dude and will always remember our bond and good times.. Just glad he's no longer suffering.

  4. This is crazy, I wonder if the "runner up" will now consider himself the Champ? The 3rd placer the runner up? I don't want to sound like a old timer, whipper snapper griping  but what has the world come to  when Feelings Trumping facts, Years later we have judges revoking state titles and in FS they award a winner after a tied match, Men in women's sports and worst of all, The Spartan bowl   can't get wifi to report The Spartan Classic... Crazy times we are living in.

  5. 20 hours ago, Jayruss said:

    Sparred Josh Shockman (UFC) and a former Bellator guy today at Nice Guy Submission Fighting, couple of killers. Man it was a great time, been 10 years since I’ve sparred and more than held my own. Loved every minute of it!

    That's awesome,I remember Shockley, there's actually two different Shockleys a HW and the one you're referring to.. Give it hell man and enjoy yourself.. You'll be sore next few days though😂

  6. 6 minutes ago, JORVILLE said:

    Yes that’s the one and was to watch. I was glad to see Ty there competing outside of Indiana and looks like he has a very successful weekend. 

    How did Evan finish? And team wise how did they do?

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