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Posts posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. On 10/20/2020 at 9:47 AM, MScholar said:

    Crown Point is back in the Triacoff, so we could be getting a Team State preview vs Cathedral that Saturday.


    Also Crown Point with be skipping Al Smith to go to Brecksville.  Some great Ohio team's there to challenge ourselves against.  Sounds like Ohio is optimistic about having no restrictions this season... While Illinois keeps running backwards.

    You know a tournament is loaded when Al Smith is not considered as tough.. I wonder if Avon and. Brownsburg are still going to Brecksville?

  2. On 8/30/2020 at 9:23 AM, Oldslicer said:

    Mark Scott was LaPorte High School's 1st modern day State Champ in 1980 at 132 lbs (in the op picture 1st row bottom right)


    As a sophomore was 6-10-1 and 2 years later finished 28-1-1 as a senior with 20 out of 30 opponents scoring only 2 points or less.


    He credits his Coach Chuck Ford with his success. 


    2 key moments for him in winning a state title were his loss in the DAC final which propelled him to working even harder each and every day and the Indianapolis Star Press who previewed the State Tournament in their newspaper.  Every weight class had several individuals listed who could possibly become state champions except the 132 lbs preview which only stated "Steve Hunter of Franklin Central should have smooth sailing." Challenge accepted!


    Wrestled for Ball State but injured knee requiring surgery freshman year...redshirted sophomore year and unfortunately Ball State cut the Wresting program the following year.


    After college Mark coached wrestling 31 years with 28 consecutive years as Head Coach of Muncie Central High School.


    Thanks to Coach Wadkins for starting this thread!


    Really really good guy and that sweet hair always ensured he never lost his power!

  3. 4 hours ago, blueandgold said:

    Branching off of my last topic, I've thought about a variety of ways we could continue to grow the sport of wrestling, and I noticed the youth in our state have an Indiana Wrestling League. It led me to wonder if this could happen for adults, and I concluded that it surely could. Indianapolis has a variety of rec leagues through CCA Sports, and there's no reason wrestling can't be one of them. It would be a good way to keep athletes in the sport post-high school or college who don't have Olympic ambitions, and it could also set the stage for dream match-ups from the state's past to now. It could operate as a spring or summer league and completely be entertaining with a good championship series. I don't have any concrete format or rules, but there's so many ways this could go. We could have a Greco league, a Freestyle league, and a Folkstyle league. Let's just say it's folkstyle for right now, though. Here's an idea of what I would do.



    $960.00 Per Team ($80 Per Starting Individual)

    Allowed up to 24 athletes per roster

    12 Weight Classes (116, 126, 132, 140, 148, 155, 167, 174, 184, 197, 235, 285)

    16 teams separated into two divisions (eight each)

    12-Week Regular Season competition (March-May; one dual meet per week)

    4-Week Team Championship Tournament Series (June; Top six teams in each division qualify, #1 and #2 teams receive first week bye)

    Individual Weight Class Championship (June; Top four wrestlers in each division at the conclusion of the regular season earn automatic berth for individual championship; non-qualifying wrestlers will be allowed to wrestle-in at qualifying tournament where top four placers will advance to individual championship tournament)


    Individuals earn ranking points based on record, type of win, and win streak. Point totals are as follows:

    • Every match won (1 point)
    • Win by fall (6 points), technical fall (5 points), major decision (4 points), decision (3 points)
    • Win streak (1 point)

    Example: Wrestler A concludes the regular season 11-1 (11 points), won four matches by fall (24 points), three by technical fall (15 points), a major decision (4 points), and three decisions (9 points) and had an eight match win streak (8 points). He finishes the season with 71 points and secures the top spot in the rankings.


    Layout and Match Scoring

    • Three periods (3-2-2)
    • Overtime periods (1 minute sudden victory; two 30-second tiebreaker periods; 30-second ultimate tiebreaker)
    • Takedown (2 points), Reversal (2 points), Escape (1 Point), Near Fall (2 Points/2 seconds; 4 Points/4 Seconds), Riding Time (1 Point), 2nd Stalling (1 Point), 3rd Stalling (2 Points), Penalty (1 Point)


    • Must be at least 18 years old
    • Must have proper physical
    • Must have a valid USA Wrestling membership


    If this were to be a thing, I wonder if we could conduct the tournament the way IHSAA used to do Team State at Center Grove under the spotlight and this could even give us a chance to experiment with wrestling outside on the fields or in the downtown areas of smaller cities such as Brownsburg, Carmel, Franklin, etc. This idea has a lot of potential and could serve as a great tune up for guys preparing for college sports, a great comeback for those who ultimately lost their careers to unforeseen circumstances, a potential launching pad for careers, and most of all, a way for people to stay in shape and have fun with the sport of wrestling. I could see so many matches come from this. Imagine a high school senior state champion facing off in the summer league against a collegiate national qualifier/All-American, or even something like a senior Jesse Mendez versus a past four-time state champion like Jason Tsirtsis. The potential is there.



    I gotta legend at 42 that would be 197 that is almost as yolked today as he was in college.. Nate Pickle doesn't age.. If this ever came into fruition I'm dragging him out of retirement 😂

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