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Posts posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. 1 hour ago, nkraus said:

    Had a long talk with a couple pretty good wrestling minds...and college coaches...you can't take a kid who is a 5 and get him close to a 10 in 5 years.  They need to come in at a 7... also, most of the kids who are AA level have credentials that include Fargo or ELITE level national wins...Fargo matters!!! (international) 

    Also it helps when you get late bloomers that turn the corner in College. Willham at IU comes to mind for me.. Not saying he's Elite talent but he's one of those guys I've watched last 5 years make a huge jump in his game..If you would've told me 5 years ago he would beat A.Davison in college I would've been shocked! Not Hating on him but the total opposite, he's the poster child for hard work and great mind goes a long way . Just like Lydy showed as well.. I really hope IU keeps getting better and we some AAs soon..Asa beating down#17 Medley of michigan was fantastic! 


  2. 21 hours ago, MattM said:

    I read some people speculating he’s got a little bit of burn out due the prior years of none stop training and competing his last few years of HS.  But, adjusting to the weight could also still be an issue.   I know, similar to Moran, he was pretty light coming out of HS and it was believed he maybe need a few years to really get to a comfortable 125 level.     Having to adjust to college level wrestling including riding time is tough enough for the full size 125lber. Trying to push yourself to making it even close 125 weight limit all while having to adjust for the added weight and muscular difference of your opponent can’t be easy.  

    Plus being in a room full of elite talent after being The alpha for so long coming up might also be huge adjustment among with what you listed.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Matt Time said:

    Or perhaps the idea is by separating weight classes into "sessions," it actually allows MORE family member tickets per wrestler? That was the concept behind some of the pre-season tournaments we attended. You'd clear the facility out between sessions and the next group of competitors and fans would then be permitted in. Not saying it's a good or bad idea, but might be part of the thinking going on here . . .

    I hope you're right big dog!

  4. 6 hours ago, TeamGarcia said:



    Repost: lots of former Indiana HS wrestlers 


    Indiana vs. Michigan Bout Scores 

    165: #16 Cameron Amine (MICH) def. #26 Nick South (IU) 8-3 decision (IU 0, MICH 3)

    174: #2 Logan Massa (MICH) def. #28 Donnell Washington (IU) fall at 6:38 (IU 0, MICH 9)

    184: Jaden Bullock (MICH) def. Drayton Harris(IU) tech fall 16-0/3:48 (IU 0, MICH 14)

    197:  Nick Willham (IU) def. Andrew Davison (MICH) 4-2 decision (IU 3, MICH 14)

    285: #2 Mason Parris (MICH) def. Rudy Streck(IU) fall at 2:06 (IU 3, MICH 20)

    125: #10 Dylan Ragusin (MICH) def. Brock Hudkins (IU) 6-4 decision (IU 3, MICH 23)

    133: Asa Garcia (IU) def.  Jack Medley (MICH) 11-6 decision (IU 6, MICH 23)

    141: Drew Mattin (MICH) def. Kyle Luigs (IU) 11-6 decision (IU 6, MICH 26)

    149: #6 Kanen Storr (MICH) def. Luke Baughman(IU) 5-2 decision (IU 6, MICH 29)

    157: #8 Will Lewan (MICH) def. Matt Ortiz (IU) 8-3 decision (IU 6, MICH 32)
    Extra Matches
    157: Fidel Mayora (MICH) def. Jonathan Kervin(IU) 6-2 decision

    125: Jacob Moran (IU) def. Kurt McHenry (MICH) 4-1 decision

    141: Pat Nolan (MICH) def. Nico Bolivar (IU) 4-1 decision

    165: Layne Van Anrooy (MICH) def. Derek Gilcher(IU) 7-3 decision

    174: Max Maylor (MICH) def. Robert Deters (IU) 12-0 major decision

    285: Luke Ready (MICH) def. Jacob Bullock (IU) 5-3 decision

    157: Jonathan Kervin (IU) def. Ameen Hamdan (MICH) 5-2 decision




    Big wins for our IN boys and it's really awesome to see Indiana boys having other in state talent, this state has really stepped up pumping out Not only D1 studs but through every Level in college. Anybody know how the blubaugh vs Mason match was giving before the pin? I always liked Blubaugh and Mason is a D2 national champ..A pin didn't always mean the guy that came up short wasn't doing well and just fell victim to a big move.

  5. 38 minutes ago, SWINfan said:

    In action on Saturday Jan 16.....

    - Both Carson Brewer and Jordan Slivka got decision wins in Ohio U's dual with VMI.

    - Ty Mills dropped an 8-0 decision to Luke Kemerer in an extra match in Duke's dual wi/ Pittsburgh.  Mills is wrestling 149


    - Drew Hughes split two matches in duals vs. Maryland and Minnesota.  Hughes beat Philip Spadafora of Maryland 4-2 and lost a 13-1 major to Jake Allar of Minnesota.
    - Brayton Lee beat Chase Saldate of Mich St. 5-4 and WBF over Lucas Cordio of Maryland, both at 157.

    More to come....


    Saldate trains with Khabib in the off season, that young man's a stud.. Great win for Lee.

  6. 10 hours ago, rdrodd1 said:

    That sounds like it would be just about as bad as walking into the Golden Ace on the east side of Indy and starting a fight.  Don't know which McGinley you're going to get.  Hell, I think there is a thousand of them.

    There are still some coming up as we speak.

  7. 1 hour ago, gsmith58 said:


    Yeah, I saw all three up close. That's a solid trio. And your thread earlier about Brevan's match with Keegan pretty much summed it up ;) He's a clearly going to be a handful for anyone.


    Good luck to your guys.



    Thanks broski, y'all had a big win over roncalli I seen.. Wish we wasn't FF 6 and 13 we could actually be in the running for the Sectional title and be a real solid dual team.. Good luck to y'all as well.

  8. 1 hour ago, gsmith58 said:

    That tilt is tough.


    Thank you. Maybe one of these days he'll get to wrestle a 106 from NC ;)  I thought maybe Whitehead would come in at around that weight. Turns out, he grew a bit.

    Our former SSQ 106 didn't come out and it sucks.. He lost to morton at SS last season.. Yes Gavyn def grew is undefeated so far along with 132 Thrine add 220 Taylor.. Your boy looked nails when they Wrestled at NC earlier this season.. Tall 106, was impressed big time.



  9. 1 hour ago, Cricket21 said:

    Baumann at 160 has been an animal all year for Mater Dei. Excited to see how he fares in February 

    Might be IN best chance at beating the IL move in Stud at Carmel Robert Major.. That young man has been beating very good guys handily all season with Law giving him his best match 7-4..Law one of those guys that makes adjustments for the better regardless of the match outcome..I think Wilson,Bauman,Law, Major and Boe will all have great tournaments.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Bigtoe19 said:

    Yes Sir , got some Family ties in that area and know the Pingleton Family!!  Yes he was a beast and Great Person!!! 

    He would take guys down, cut them, then walk back to the center anxiously waiting for his prey to wander back to the center just to do it all again.. He knew the rules state you have to force action to the center, so he made sure they had to come to him and didn't chase them or allow guys to use the boundary line as a weapon to flea or scramble their way out of bounds.. Very smart guy too.. Elkins legendary Whizzer helped win slow down Pingleton some and win 10-9.. Pingleton had him dead to rights or appeared to be  multiple times lifted over his head and Elkins used the Whizzer to create space and scramble his way to a huge state title and one the better matches I've seen in the finals.

  11. 40 minutes ago, gsmith58 said:



    40 minutes ago, gsmith58 said:


    I suspect you know that's my son in 2), but if not over the years he's wrestled probably 60% or more of the kids on ranking list. Donnie is as tough as anyone. I kid you not.


    The fact that Donnie isn't wrestling the top tier kids regularly is probably the reason he's not on the list. My guess is that he took a early loss to Schreck and hasn't had an opportunity to show himself since. At 106 practically anyone could beat anyone on a given day or even on the basis of the first takedown.


    Losing to Schreck is not a bad loss and probably resulted from a cross wrist ride. I've seen it happen.

    That dagestani handcuff and Tilts are money.. That cross wrist ride and Fairfax (thread the needle tilt) was my thing, Coach peck actually named it after me at NC during his tenure..I have noticed tilts and legs are big big nowadays..I seen your boy wrestle and he's a 🔨 and some! Best of luck to you and your son.




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