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Posts posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Unreal that after a head 2 head result they can place the losing guy above the winner.. twilight zone sounding stuff to me.. almost as bad as my dream I would have where I drank the whole fridge of liquids and woke up not knowing if it was real...too bad this is real life and kids are getting messed over! 

  2. 1 minute ago, maligned said:

    Yeah, where I live, NCAAs start Thursday at 5pm and March Madness at 6pm. My wife has been incredibly generous to hang with our kids and I just hide out from like 5pm to 2am my time.

     usually have with few kids on Thursdays where I train them in their sweet wrestling set up In their pole barn .. looks like I'll def be turning on that TV they got during practice 🤣🤣

  3. 15 minutes ago, maligned said:

    Yeah, I'm not necessarily saying he's the 3rd best guy, but usually they basically disregard losses to guys above you. If that's the case, you disregard the Lewallen loss and see that Lee is 1-1 against Sasso and Lugo is 0-1. In my book, 1-1 is better than 0-1 and would usually put him higher. I think it's a bit of a situation where they just shifted Sasso up and didn't reconsider how the big picture now looks since it would mean re-slotting Lee up a couple spots after a loss.

    That's why we love the tournament because we'll find out exactly how good everybody is! So much better than that bcs crap! Plus March Madness is like my Christmas, my birthday always fall on the weekend of the NCAAs for wrestling (march 19th) and the bracket pools I'm in for basketball (I know the B word is a cuss word)  adds to the fun.. Never has indiana had so many College guys performing at such a high level EVERY LEVEL from NAIA TO D1 and i'm so excited.

  4. 6 hours ago, maligned said:

    It's possible a big part of why Brayton went out so hard early AND why he may have chosen neutral late was the fact that Minnesota were only 6 down in the dual and a fall would have tied it up. He may have taken one for the team with his tactics and position choice. If he hadn't invested so much energy into so many back-to-back attacks in the first couple minutes, he may have had some finishing juice left in the tank late. Interested to see how this one goes again if it happens at Big 10s. 


    With new rankings now out, Brayton has essentially only lost to #1 and #2. With the 1-1 record vs. #2, there's an argument he should be #3.


    If we're only considering this year's results, I'm not sure what wins by guys ranked #'s 3, 4 or 5 above him are pushing them up the ladder when he has the win over #2 and they all have at least a loss:

    #1 Lewallen undefeated, win over Lee

    #2 Sasso loss to Lee

    #3 Lugo loss to #2 Sasso, win over #4 O'Connor

    #4 O'Connor loss to Lugo

    #5 Mauller loss to unranked guy

    #6 Lee win over #2 Sasso, losses to #1 Lewallen and #2 Sasso


    If you only look at the above and value head to head at all, shouldn't Lee be 3rd?




    Good assessment..Imho lee should be 4th and lugo 3 only because he's only got 1 loss but your wrestling math is correct..Boo looks like the favorite 4sho especially after seeing how in control he ws in the Lee match.. That's gonna be a fun weight to watch unfold. 

  5. 13 hours ago, SteveECWrestling said:

    Great turnout.  Place was packed and loud.  Great wrestling, the match was back and forth.  East Central High School with many people helping put on a one of a kind show.  Being around and involved with the sport my entire life I can honestly say that this was the coolest thing I have witnessed. Probably best overall sporting event I have witnessed.  Thanks to all who came out or watched online.  EC won the dual as mentioned above in the final match but the big winner tonight was the sport of wrestling.  Results as follows:

    160: Thomas maj dec Carr 13-3 E 4 C 0
    170: Weber lost dec Rullman 7-3 E 4 C 3
    182: Klayman lost maj dec Viel 15-4 C 7 E 4
    195: Bryson lost pin Krummen 1:40 C 13 E 4
    220: Tucker pin Cox 1:52 C 13 E 10
    285: Tolbert pin Adams 0:52 E 16 C 13
    106: Magness dec Lengerrich 6-3 E 19 C 13
    113: Stahl lost pin Wolf 3:53 E 19 C 19
    120: J Roth lost dec Schneider 6-0 C 22 E 19
    126: Collins tech fall Searcy 15-0 E 24 C 22
    132: Kaimann pin Heinrich 5:33 E 30 C 22
    138: Williams lost dec Euson 2-0 E 30 C 25
    145: Barrett lost dec Wolf 7-6 E 30 C 28
    152: Lambers lost pin Hall 2:48

    Final score: East Central 34 Elder 30

    Was a damn good dual.. Very impressed with EC all the way around..Would've loved to see how they would've done at team state. 

  6. 47 minutes ago, Indysportsfan said:


    I am looking at his IndianaMat page and the only name I recognize is Dominic Skees (SQ - 2019).  113 at NCSS will be hotly contested with Cottey, Anthony, Wolf (same regional as Thrine), Wilburn, Carrender, Hooper, and Glithero all ranked.  Has he wrestled anyone ranked in the NCSS and maybe it is not listed on the website?  

    Not that I know of.. He's just gotta wrestle 1 match at a time.. you had to make it to SS to be in database.. just saying a freshman with 35 wins is darn good and I'm proud of him!  He's 120 the weight loaded more there than 113.. He's a 2x MS placer and iswa runner up and getting better... he is just another Horse in that NCSS that is gonna bring it every time! 

  7. On 1/24/2020 at 9:36 AM, SWINfan said:

    A kid I like is Keegan Williams at 120 for Ev. Memorial.  He's a freshman, isn't ranked and may not make it out of SS, depending on his ticket round draw.  But I could see him getting to State with a break or two and he's a guy not many people outside of Evansville have heard of.  

    Gave glithero a war so he's gotta be nails!

  8. 9 minutes ago, SteveECWrestling said:

    We are anticipating a packed house in the Performing Arts Center.  Enter through door #15.  Would also recommend showing up a little early.  Varsity starts at 7pm immediately following the JV at 6.

    This will be streaming on youtube correct?  I seen the video EC did as a preview on youtube.. looking 4ward to seeing it

  9. 39 minutes ago, DrunkJoeNamath said:

    Sorry, it’s the best bruce buffer I could do while pretending to not be on my phone at work. 😂 

    You got the Parents basement part wrong... You also forgot to list your former stand up comic accolades tisk tisk.

  10. 58 minutes ago, donniebaker said:

      1998 121 and and was a 103 5X JV state Champ. Now well I cant disclose my weight cause of my National Security Clarence. National Thumb wraslin tilte. And 2 Junior tiles in96 and 98. I also went to the Worlds in Indiana Leg wreslin lost to the eventual champ. Mastered to of the most lethal moves, they stated calling me Donnie Anfibius. Moved on now to nUmb chucks and well a Champ ins a Champ. And I fear everyone. Sware to God I do. Wait I  think I might be on the wrong thread. 

    Forgot about the See a boat buy a boat Championship as well. 

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