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  1. Decatur Central Wrestling Club is taking a team in the high school division to the NUWAY Nationals in Gatlinburg Tennessee on June 4th-6th. We have some open spots available. Weights Available are: 102 (102.9) 108 (108.9) 220 (220.9) Contact Coach Schlueter for more information (765) 404-2002 or DCHawksWrestling@gmail.com
  2. Decatur Central is currently adding to our wrestling coaching staff for 2021-2022 season and have openings for coaches to work in our township schools. Job openings can be found at https://www.decaturproud.org/hr/job-postings. Please contact our Head Coach Coach Schlueter (ASchlueter@decaturproud.org) or our Athletic Director Justin Dixson (JDixson@decaturproud.org) if you are interested in joining our staff. Current positions open at Decatur Central High School English Teacher Special Education Resource Teacher Social Studies Teacher Current positio
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  6. Decatur Central will be hosting our Girls Tournament again. We will be hosting it the first weekend of the season, Saturday Nov. 21st, 2020. Please contact Coach Schlueter (ASchlueter@decaturproud.org) for more information.
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