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  1. Some predictions for your Friday entertainment.... 106 1st Round match - Reed v Smith Semi-Final - Ramsey v Zirkelbach Top 4 - Seng, Zirkelbach, Ramsey, Reed 113 1st Round Match - Wheeler v Mayes, Forler v Tillotson Semi-Final - Dunn v Forler Top 4 - Egli, Dunn, Wheeler, Forler 120 1st Round Match - Ellis v Weist Semi-Final - Ellis v Amento Top 4 - Ross, Amento, Fitts, Ellis 126 1st Round Match - Ante v Moore Semi-Final - Pierre v Boyd Top 4 - Williams, Pierre, Boyd, Traylor
  2. After quickly going through the brackets I have it at Central Sectional 39 Castle Sectional 17 +/- a couple. I don’t think it’s any secret that the Central sectional is the tougher of the two. When you have the best team in the state in it along with 2-3 other state caliber teams in their class it makes for a tough sectional.
  3. Placement definitely matters. Someone may know that they can’t beat the top 2 from the other sectional so they need to get 2nd in their own sectional to avoid seeing those two guys, so it’s smart to try to get to the bottom side of the bracket to try to get to the finals to make your first round regional match easier.
  4. 106 Ramsey, Smith, Byrd, Truitt 113 Forler, Robinson, Mayes, Adams 120 Ellis, Brantley, Lockyear, Keeton 126 Williams, Boyd, Hays, Beach 132 Ante, Heneisen, Whitsell, Dutlinger 138 Whitsell, Wuerth, Adkins, Chavez 145 Chew, Heim, Hettenbach, Scheberle 152 Mayes, Farmer, Hocking, Boerste 160 Fulks, Vaughn, Gerteisen, Coleman 170 Purdy, Tindle, Mueller, Tempel 182 Reff, Black, Schaefer, Victor 195 Palamarchuck, McKinley, Ford, Page 220 Farmer, Inzerello, Hines, Romero
  5. Great preview, always look forward to reading them. Mater Dei runs away with this, they probably could win it with their JV team. North Posey is no where close to being on the same radar as MD, but it’ll be an interesting race for 2nd between the Posey County rivals NP and MV, and I’ll even throw North into the mix. Should be a great day of wrestling, thankful the kids still have the opportunity to compete! Good luck to all!
  6. Not sure where you are seeing that information but Clay Will has been at 170 all year. North Posey didn’t even wrestle at the PAC tournament last weekend.
  7. The Evansville Central sectional brackets are out. Not sure why they are but not others?
  8. Predictions 106 Seng, Zirklebach, Anderson, Reed 113 Egli, Dunn, Tillotson, Bulkley 120 Ross, Amento, Fitts, Suits 126 Pierre, Traylor, Dye, Burnett 132 Freeman, Sutton, Lupfer, Durosier 138 Boarman, Bell, Gates, Goff 145 Hayhurst, Newman, Lehman, Elpers 152 Polen, Fitts, Lippe, Robards 160 Baumann, Bryant, Hollinger, Madden 170 Weidner, Will, Hook, Johnson 182 Sollars, Schmidt, Happe, Fauquher 195 Ritzert, Willman, Brickey, Martin 220 Huggins, Boots, Kyle, Belt 285 Ralph, Brievogel, Sales, Thacker
  9. 106 Byrd Fogle Brames Whitfield 113 Hammack Dunn Buckley Forler 120 Glenn Suits Menke Haug 126 Lain Beach Fuhrman Wirthwein 132 Andrews Niehaus Meunier Moore 138 Gates Whitsell DuPont Anderson 145 Newman Niehaus DuPont Cannon 152 Braunecker Mayes Lippe Laughlin 160 Fulks Braunecker Hollinger Vernon 170 Hook Kaiser Pennington Mueller 182 Schmidt Schroeder Stahly Miller 195 Ritzert McKinley Goeppner Wilgus 220 Romero Bell Vanegas Hines 285 Heuring Gray Bolin Light Autry Team race should come down to Tell City and Mt. V
  10. Well good for the other teams at least sending JV kids to compete rather than not sending anyone at all.
  11. Looking at the brackets and I noticed North Posey isn’t in any of the brackets???
  12. Looks like the SIAC could be wide open this year, brackets are out and Mater Dei has their JV team entered except Boarman. Looks like they are playing it safe right before Sectionals. Could their JV still pull it off?
  13. Taking out Union County, St X, and Belleview West are three big losses. What are the dates for this year?
  14. Any news on this tournament? Will all the teams still be able to come? Any good matchups?
  15. I believe they were having audio problems. Joe said brackets will be revealed at 7:00? Maybe check back then?
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