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  1. I believe everyone's problem with Boonville dates back to the past couple years around this time of year when Sectional, Regional, and Semi-State predictions are being thrown around and there guys weren't being picked and they were getting there feelings hurt over it. It is obvious though to the knowledgeable wrestling fan around our area that Boonville has been one of the better teams in the past couple years as your statistic shows with the number of Semi-State qualifiers. I went back as far as trackwrestling goes having our Semi-State results (2013 - 2020), and the numbers are..
  2. C'mon Joe! How do you not know all of these coaches career wins by heart? Do you know anything about Indiana High School wrestling? (sarcasm) (please don't come at me) PEOPLE/COACHES: we get that you or your coach may be left off the list, if they should be on it, THEN SEND IN YEAR BY YEAR BREAKDOWN OF THEIR RECORDS!!!
  3. Most likely yes, but not guaranteed. Rioux, Dalton, and Montgomery should go 1, 2, 3 in any order at the Mooresville Regional. Alstott wins the Bloomington South Regional. If Hayhurst can draw the #4 from Mooresville then he would avoid Rioux, Dalton, or Montgomery. But, either Hayhurst or Alstott will draw into one of those top 3 from Mooresville. Brutal ticket round match!
  4. While I agree 110% about the whole Boonville topic, I also believe Fulks could be the exception to this. He seems like one that could prove us wrong and punch his ticket this year. I don't believe he will major Fitts, I believe Fitts will win this match up, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Fulks win.
  5. Farmer is not a 1 seed. Farmer was a runner-up last weekend to Purdy. I know he is on top of the bracket so I can see where you might think he is the 1 seed.
  6. Yes, going off it being a 4 over 1 is an "upset", but I don't believe it to be an upset. Both are good wrestlers, the match could go either way IMO. Could be one of the better first round matches.
  7. So Dickens or Purdy will get beat Round 1?
  8. Only a couple of 1's who could get "upset" 145 Kemper over Schwindel 182 Willman over Reff
  9. I would hate to be the one to have to wrestle Brievogel first round after his loss to Ralph last week. I believe he will be on a mission this weekend.
  10. Is the 9:00 start time Eastern or Central time?
  11. I think you have to throw Mt. Vernon in the mix in the team standings. You have 5 getting out for Mt. Vernon, tied with CA, and more than Boonville and NP. I think it will go MV, NP, CA, Boonville. MV and NP could go either way.
  12. Some potential 1st Round and Semi-Final matches to watch for.... 106 Semi-Final: Egli v West 113 1st R: Hays v Fortune 120 1st R: Amento v Williams Semi-Final: Newman v Scott 126 1st R: Wuerth v Elpers Semi-Final: Boyd v Kelley 132 1st R: Gates v Whetsell Semi-Final: Polen v Heeke 138 145 Semi-Final: Martin v Kemper 152 1st R: Ramsey v Hollinger Semi-Final: Fulks v Bryant 160 1st R: Farmer v Ireland 170 1
  13. I don't believe there is a Martin at 138? Tristan Martin is at 145. He should be the favorite to get 2nd if he can get past Kemper again. Mayes should be the favorite at 138 to get 2nd.
  14. 106 West Zirklebach Egli Dunn 113 Ross Sutton Fortune Lupfer 120 Freeman Scott Newman Amento 126 Hayhurst Boyd Kelley Wuerth 132 Egli Polen Heeke Gates 138 Boarman Mayes Lehman Madden 145 Baumann Martin Kemper Bittner (Is Kemper hurt? Saw he injury defaulted his 3rd place match at Sectionals?) 152 Fitts Fulks Bryant Ramsey 160 Dicke
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