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  1. Yeah that will be a much better match on paper than the Stewart/Heuring.
  2. Looks like two that is the lineup? Micah Ervin at 182 and Matthias Ervin at 285.
  3. I have yet to see a Memorial or Union County lineup. But, matchup wise, nothing really sticks out to me. A few good individuals on each team. I'm sure I've skipped over maybe one or two, but nothing eye popping between two state ranked kids....please correct me if I am wrong. The only matchup that I can think of would be Heuring vs Stewart at 220? I think Stewart wins, I know Heuring took two losses last week to Jasper and Mt. Vernon. Union County should win this convincingly if they bring there best lineup.
  4. What was Mater Dei's lineup this past Saturday?
  5. If MD comes with their best lineup, NP should only win at maybe 195-285? NP has some talent mixed in but not enough to knock off anyone MD will throw out. MD 66 NP 3 NP wins with N Willman IF he is not in the same weight as Parkinson.
  6. Yes this will go into effect for the 2020-2021 season. The Big 8 will still have one more year. The PAC will now be a 13 team field!
  7. Evansville North goes 3 mats for first round, then down to 2 mats for Semi-Finals, and 3rd/4th place-Championship matches. When it was at Castle, they would run 3 mats for the first round, semi-finals, and 3rd/4th place matches. Then down to one mat for the finals.
  8. Another bracket buster at 160 could be Schank (Southridge), he is a two time SQ. Not sure if him and Deters have wrestled this year, but that could be a good ticket round match.
  9. Picks in order 106 - Freeman, Miller, Newman, Garcia 113 - Ross, Dalton, Nelson, Watson 120 - Littell, Montgomery, Boarman, Gardner 126 - Rioux, Lawhead, Egli, Clark 132 - Garcia, Boe, Campbell, Egli 138 - Rooks, Kreitzer, Mayer, Sego 145 - Lee, Burdon, Kervin, Koontz 152 - Dickens, Conley, Schoenegge, Ross 160 - Pruett, Deters, Ruhlman, Asbury 170 - South, Parkinson, Blubaugh, Jean-Baptist 182 - Bellemy, Brewer, Carson, Nix 195 - Willham, Wampler, Nunn, Kenny 220 - Bolte, Aiken, Williams, Howell 285 - Keys, Sidibe, Biddle, Gutierrez
  10. Welch brothers all qualified for State together as well.
  11. Definitely wasn’t knocking Fulks. This a public forum that IMO designed to discuss wrestling and matchups. This was a hyped up match not only on the board all week but the announcer today made sure everyone was aware it was two undefeated guys going at it. If you read my post again, I gave my opinion on the match that Lee controlled from start to finish, but also praised Fulks for his effort and giving Lee a tough battle and that he would be a tough draw next week at Semi State.
  12. Yeah that’s about all that went right for Fulks. Lee could’ve easily made that in to a takedown and cut and took him down at will.
  13. I’m surprised it hasn’t been asked yet... When should we expect these?
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