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  1. Coach Moore

    Franklin Central vs. Greenwood

    Franklin Central
  2. Coach Moore


    Gavin Keesee
  3. Coach Moore

    Franklin Central vs. New Palestine

    Franklin Central
  4. Coach Moore


    Antone Alexander
  5. Coach Moore


    Antone Alexander
  6. Coach Moore


    Antone Alexander
  7. Coach Moore

    Equipment question

    I have a visually impaired wrestler. We currently dont use any eye protection. He has a glass eye and always wrestles with it in. But we are looking into the same thing for him as well.
  8. Coach Moore

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    I remember coming out to my own intro song prior to the match (competing in a different state; NM & CO). That was half the fun. People tried to predict what you were coming out to. It got the crowd fired up. And when you have those matches boring matches (someone getting teched, etc.) it can help reset the room.
  9. Coach Moore

    Franklin Central vs. Culver Academies

    Franklin Central
  10. Coach Moore

    New Castle Semi-State Rankings #2

    I noticed AJ Black 113 wasnt on there either?
  11. Coach Moore

    New Castle Semi-State Rankings #2

    Looks like your missing Gavin Keesee at 195 from FC. He beat Nathon Bishop WC this past weekend. It even shows it on bishops ranking.
  12. Coach Moore


    "Our philosophy is 1-0!!!" 😂
  13. Coach Moore


    Did you guys sit Seymour after that last second takedown to Cael Sanderson!?

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