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  1. 160 looking nasty. I would imagine 126 will end up being tough as nails too.
  2. Franklin Central High School JV is looking for a JV tournament over winter break. Please contact Coach Moore if you got any openings. kevin.moore@ftcsc.org
  3. We are a 6A school (3A wrestling). I have around 50 kids in my room. Anyone who has been in the FC room knows its tiny. We just utilize running tons of stuff off the whistle, splitting kids into groups, and having "full recovery" matches. Also helps to have "focus groups" or high intensity varsity stuff at different times of the day too.
  4. IU!!!! IF not this year definitely next year. Head coach is making some moves.
  5. KC battle gear does a great job. FC always uses them for Disney gear and team practice packs. Our compression 2 peices were nice and great priced.
  6. I'd like to think Nathon Walton from the Burg is definitely on that list. Runner-up senior year, takes third the year before. Loses a close match to Lucas Davidson in the semis that same year.
  7. Great tournament. It was great to see some gassed out of shape football players too. 😂 Laplace and Walker match was fun to watch.
  8. Franklin Central is looking for assistants to coach willing to help with all levels.. Varsity, JV, and or youth. We are a program looking to build! Please contact Coach Moore if interested kevin.moore@ftcsc.org 317-601-1191
  9. Franklin Central High School is looking for a dual preferably some time later in the season. We will have a full Jv line up as well. Please contact Kevin Moore if interested. kevin.moore@ftcsc.org
  10. Warren Central had 14 on the finals
  11. Franklin Central
  12. Franklin Central
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