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  1. Cowan High School before they dropped the program.................However, Tony Abbott is the new head coach there and just started the elementary program. His boys are 8 and 9 so you do the math when Cowan will have their first State qualifiers.
  2. UNSTER, Ind. (AP) — Parents at a summer Little League All-Star tournament will have to be much more careful of what they say or who they talk to. The same goes for parents of grade-school-athletes playing travel baseball, softball, soccer or basketball in the summer. For the first time in history, the Indiana High School Athletic Association’s bylaws on recruitment are no longer being applied to high school students alone. With the passing of Bylaw 20-2 this past summer, potential student-athletes as young as 10 could lose their high school eligibility if recruitment is found. IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox said the association in Indianapolis that governs high school sports in the state has heard reports of outside people influencing youngsters to attend a certain school to play sports. If found out, a fifth-grader could lose his or her high school athletic eligibility. “We’ve never discussed what happens before the ninth grade,” Cox said. Until now. The bylaw was authored by the IHSAA’s executive staff and approved April 30 by the Board of Directors by a 16-0 vote. Merrillville Athletic Director Janis Qualizza was at the meeting and agrees 100 percent with the new bylaw. She said a day doesn’t go by where one of her middle school coaches comes into the Pirates’ athletic office and tells stories about students being recruited to leave by an unaffiliated lay coach. “Ten years old, come on,” Qualizza said. “The recruiting has gone bonkers. We have middle school kids telling our coaches they should go to another school because of this or that. It’s crazy. “I don’t know the answer to stopping all of this. But we have to try.” This is the first school year where Bylaw 20-2 applies. Cox said no case has come up under 20-2 to date. Crown Point attorney Michael Jasaitis has taken on the IHSAA in many eligibility cases through the years. He expects Bylaw 20-2 will keep him and other attorneys busy once eligibility cases come to the forefront. “This new IHSAA bylaw appears to be a rule with terms so vague that reasonable persons would have to guess at its meaning and would apply the rule differently, which may render it invalid pursuant to the concepts of vagueness and overbreadth,” Jasaitis said. “Such a rule also could be overreaching, especially in light of the fact that a high school athletic association is attempting to punish 10-year-olds, which would seem to be outside of its jurisdictional authority. “Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what a court would do if this rule is challenged in the future.” Jasaitis pointed out one line in 20-2 that shows what he calls the vagueness of the rule. It reads, “A student with a history of athletic recruitment is a student who was, at any time after the student’s Tenth (10th) birthday, recruited by an individual or agency which has a reputation or history of recruiting students who have shown athletic talent, have shown potential athletic talent or whose physical appearance was consistent with those of an athlete ...” “What does that mean?” Jasaitis said. “We’re going to look at the physical appearance of a 10-year-old?” Marvin Rea, Bowman Academy athletic director and boys basketball coach, said also he is confused about how this will develop. His 2010 Class A state championship team had six players who played for him in AAU ball when they were 9. He was not associated with Bowman at that time. He was an engineer. “If this rule was written 10 years ago, I would’ve been in violation, or maybe not,” Rea said. “What is their definition of recruiting? Coaches have camps for grade-school and middle-school kids everywhere. Can you have clinics? Can you have camps? Can baseball or softball coaches give lessons or coach travel teams where they can influence kids to attend their schools?” Many local AAU programs use high school gyms for practice. Is that now a violation if the student is 10? Or 11 or 12? Cox knows his association’s move is historic. But he and his membership also believe that recruitment at the lowest levels has brought this about. “We’ve heard scenarios where sixth-graders are being identified as potential athletes by outside people,” Cox said. “We’re trying to combat that.”
  3. Past/Future doesn't matter. I suggest you seek out the same video that Bradley witnessed, especially the Abbott vs. Troupe match. I haven't seen anyone run a crossface cradle like Robby Reel of South or David Suits of Delta in the past 20 yrs. either. It doesn't matter how long ago either wrestler wrestled....talent is talent! Watch the video....you will quickly change your mind.
  4. I don't mean to offend anyone but you did open the door.....this would not be a close match. Tony was at a total different level than Bradley, not to mention the mean streak that he had. Tony still holds records at U of I. I don't say this because he is a very close friend of mine, because there was a a time when he was a freshman and I was a senior that our schools were rivals...Delta - South. If Bradley escaped Tony's opposite side-headlock, he would have lost by at least 8 points if not more. Having said that I think Bradley is a great kid\wrestler and I hope he repeats.
  5. Don Patton (Delta) Fred Ginther (Delta) Bud Palmer (Delta) Dennis Lewis (Delta, Northwood) Tony Abbott (Muncie South) Seriously, I don't see how the "best ever" discussion continues after those three. Please ... don't throw Don Patton's name out there. Coaching kids different & creative ways to stall should disqualify a guy from consideration, in my book.[/font] Don Patton was a special coach. All of us who wrestled for him would do anything to win for him. He was that kind of Coach. Don passed away several years ago and he is dearly missed by all who knew him. He never discussed stalling w/ us! There was 2 pretty good wrestlers that used the clock to their advantage, which was well w/in the rules back then. One place 4th in the state and one was a state champ. Whoever made those ridiculous statements about Coach Patton reference stalling must have had their lunch handed to them by one of those wrestlers. Having said that, I find it appalling that someone makes negative statements about a Coach that achieved so much. Not to mention saying negative things about someone that can't defend himself. Grow up.
  6. John Smith-Ball Sate 6th place...I believe 1971 or 72....D-1 Richard Conaway 5th place IU...state champ from Muncie Central...60's
  7. As a sophomore and a junior, Gable went undefeated as he wracked up an impressive list of records, awards, and other honors including two individual NCAA championships, an NCAA record for most consecutive pins (25), and the Most Outstanding Wrestler of the NCAA Tournament (during the first of two consecutive championships for Iowa State). He also won the Gorrarian Award for the most pins in the least time in the NCAA Tournament (he pinned five opponents in a total of 20 minutes, 59 seconds). Having set these records, Gable was described by the Amateur Wrestling News as "the greatest pinner in college history."1 During Gable's senior year, Washington sophomore Larry Owings set out to do one thing: Beat Dan Gable. Owings had very publicly stated his intentions, and had dropped weight so he could wrestle in Gable's weight class. The two grapplers met in what would be Gable's final collegiate match, the 1970 NCAA title bout. The match did not start well for Gable as Owings established an early 7-2 lead. Gable rallied back from that deficit to tie the match at 8-8 in the third period, but Owings pulled off a stunning 4 point move in overtime and won the match 13-11. The upset was shocking, but Gable got right back on the horse two weeks later when he won an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) tournament and was voted Outstanding Wrestler. Even today, he wonders about that loss: "One of the mind-boggling things for me in my profession and in my life so far has been why, how, did I ever end up losing that last match in college? I say that because I feel like there's no way I should've lost that match, and it shouldn't have happened. But then I look at what that match did to me, and I'm not so sure that I would change that either, because that match, that loss, probably drove me - even though it shouldn't have, a win should have done it - but I don't think it would have done it, to be honest with you." Dan Gable's record: As a Wrestler: High School Record: 64-0 College Record2: 118-1 Freshman : 17-0 Sophomore: 37-0 Junior : 30-0 Senior : 33-1 Total : 118-1
  8. Randal Hayes 87' Delta.......blew out his ankle at semi-state....wrestled 155.....was runner-up in 86' at 145.....was def. the favorite to win it. However, another friend of mine won it that year at 155, Paul Vioght. Mike Crowe 90' Delta.....was 160 I believe....def. picked to win....got staph the week before state.
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