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  1. Bad boys bad boys...whatcha gonna do?? I’m hearing from a reliable source that trouble is coming....should be fun.
  2. A quick update... Brute and Cliff Keen, Both are true WRESTLING SUPPLIERS and have been for many years. Both have supplied NCAA and HS teams across the country as long as any of us can remember. Both are producing singlets is the Good Ol USA. Cliff Keen in Michigan and Brute in Pennsylvania. At this time both are running 3 weeks MAX on uniform production. If your up for new uni's this season and want to get an American made product, at a great price, with a great lead time....Give E.I. Sports and Apparel a call. 812-474-1836 or eisports@sigecom.net.
  3. I wanted to reach out to all coaches in the state that I have coached in for 30 years, and supplied uniforms for for 20 years. This is not a topic to solicit business. This is simply advice from somebody who knows the business and wants all wrestling programs to have good experiences. If you need (or plan to buy) uniforms or any type of apparel this season, (whether you are purchasing from me or not), Please take my advice and be sure to ask where the items are being manufactured. Whether your vendor tells you the truth or not, the fact is that the "supply chain" is broken world wide due to COVID. We are seeing weird things happen that the manufacturers do not have control over. These issues WILL effect deliveries. Some cannot get raw material (the cloth used to produce your garments), some factories are running at less than 50% capacity due to not being able to bring back enough employees, and we have even seen huge disruption in the ability for Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL type companies to even get the product out of those countries and into the states. If you order from some companies you are taking a huge risk. You may or may not ever see your gear. It's a cruel hard fact in this crazy world right now. Be Careful coaches and now more than ever, ORDER EARLY and BUY AMERICAN!!
  4. Coach Duncan- email me at eisports@sigecom.net and I can help you size your warmups. Been doing it for 20 years. I know the cliff keen line very well. Glad to help.
  5. I have been asked recently by coaches, and have had some discussion with some officials about the new rule that went into effect this year about Headgear only having 1 manufacturers logo on them. The IHSAA recently told the officials that the new rule was going into effect despite the fact that Cliff Keen, Adidas, and Asics all had 2 logos on their headgear and that schools would have to mark logos out with a sharpie or cover them up with tape etc etc. Today I got word, through Adidas Wrestling, and saw a copy of a letter from the NFHS to Adidas Wrestling, that states the new rule would NOT be going into effect this season because the manufacturers of headgear have not had time to comply with the new rules. The information has been sent to the IHSAA. I assume they may notify everyone officially on this. If anybody has any questions, feel free to email me at eisports@sigecom.net Jeff Schaefer E.I. Sports and Apparel Asst Coach - Evansville Memorial HS
  6. E.I. Sports has decided to add another gift to our Fall Clinic booth giveaways. The first 100 coaches to visit our booth next Thursday will get this IHSWCA tee shirt.
  7. E.I. Sports and Apparel out of Evansville will be in attendance as a vendor for the 20th straight year and we have huge news! We are thrilled to announce that Cliff Keen Wrestling and a member of their management team will be in our booth this year. Be sure to register for this awesome clinic and then be sure to stop by and take a look at the samples and talk with us about one of the top wrestling brands in the world that supplies many of the best programs in the world. Cliff Keen has also announced that they are going to give away 14 of their new BEAST locker backpacks (see picture) with personalized sublimated team logos. These bags are all the rage in the wrestling world and some lucky program is going to get 14 of them for free. This prize is valued at $1260. E.I. Sports and Cliff Keen will also be teaming up on an unbelievable promotional offer that offers a free sublimated team gear bag free with every singlet ordered. That’s a $40 gear bag FREE with each singlet ordered for the upcoming season. We look forward to seeing everyone in a couple weeks as we continue our support of the IHSWCA!
  8. 19 years providing wrestling uniforms to Indiana High Schools and this is Our lowest price ever on Brute Singlets! Only $52 each from now until Sept 10th. if your gonna buy new Singlets this year, this is the deal for you. Brute is one of the original “wrestling” manufacturers. They have great quality and one of the quickest lead times in the industry. Made in the USA!! Top of the line quality at the price of the imported product lines. -6 pc minimum order. email eisports@sigecom.net for more info!
  9. Last Minute fill in needed!! The Indiana Renegades need a 113 for the upcoming USA Wrestling Scholastic Duals. The event is 4/4 - 4/6 at Wabash College. 5 lb allowance - 1 weigh in. 7 semi-state / state level dual meets. serious inquiries only please - email eisports@sigecom.net or call or text Jeff Schaefer at 812-589-9301. This is an underclassmen event - NO SENIORS per event rules.
  10. Evansville Memorial is looking for a tournament on January 12. We had to adjust our schedule due to our football success and we need to find an event. willing to travel and open to Duals or individual formats. Can anybody squeeze us in? call or text 812-589-9301 or email eisports@sigecom.net please
  12. The event is this week and we have some openings due to an injury and somebody who backed out. We are looking for a 126(131) and a 195(200). Please let us know right away if you are interested. NWCA Duals at Wabash on April 4-6. - 5lb allowance. 1 weigh in. 8 dual meets. No seniors. Only $125 to compete....includes gear! Need to be Semi State or State Level Wrestler to compete in this event. Very tough tournament. entry packet with cost etc etc can be emailed to you. If your interested please Email your “resume” to Eisports@sigecom.net and I will get in touch with you right away. Thanks Coach Jeff Schaefer
  13. NWCA Duals at Wabash on April 4-6. - We need Renegades at 138 and 195. 5lb allowance. 1 weigh in. No seniors. Need to be Semi State or State Level Wrestler to compete in this event. Very tough tournament. entry packet with cost etc etc can be emailed to you. If your interested please Email your “resume” to Eisports@sigecom.net
  14. E.I. Sports and Apparel, in Evansville, is looking to hire some part time / full time sales representatives to service areas throughout the state of Indiana. If you love wrestling, are a people person, have good communication skills, and have the time to add this workload to you life, you could earn some extra cash and we could be a great fit for each other. The right person would be somebody who is willing to call on coaches and youth program directors and provide them with unmatched hands on customer service while representing E.I. Sports. E.I. Sports and Apparel is a full line wrestling team dealer. We represent the best brands in our great sport. Brands like Brute, Cliff Keen, Adidas, Asics, and Matman. We also sell any and all other supplies needed to run a wrestling program and have a complete in house screen printing and embroidery. In the last 16 years, we have worked with close to 200 of the 330 IHSAA Wrestling programs in the state of Indiana and we are a proud supporter and supplier of the IHSWCA and the ISWA. If you have any interest in one of these positions, please email me a copy of a resume or any other information that tells me why you are a great fit for our team. Our customers deserve the best service possible, are you the person to help make that happen? Jeff Schaefer eisports@sigecom.net
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